The Donald again sounding a lot like Mike Coffman, this time on debt limit

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coffmantrump3The Donald, whose trick to political success is never playing defense, continued his offensive stance (pun intended) this week telling Bloomberg TV that congressional Republicans should fight to stop an increase in the debt limit.

And in doing so, The Donald sounded almost exactly like … Rep. Mike Coffman.

You may recall that the last time Republicans fought an increase in the debt limit, the economy teetered and America’s credit rating was actually factually downgraded by Standard and Poor’s for the first time, mostly because of the political sparring, not the state of our economy.

But no mention of these little problems by Trump and Coffman:

First, The Donald this week:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday said he thought it was “worth the fight” for congressional Republicans to threaten not to raise the U.S. debt limit as a way to pressure the Obama administration to agree to spending cuts.

“I would say that it’s worth the fight,” Trump said on Bloomberg TV. “Honestly there is so much fat in Washington that if you had the right people in there you could cut it.”

Next Coffman in 2013, as reported by Fox 31’s Denver’s Eli Stokols at the time:

But Republicans, having agreed to put off decisions about spending cuts, now view the looming debt ceiling as leverage — and they’re promising to use it….

Coffman: “I don’t think going over the fiscal cliff would have been a huge deal. Temporarily, the markets would have been aggravated until the next Congress could have passed new tax cuts and ironed things out.

“But the real big deal is what’s upon us and going past the debt limit. I have to see a way out of this, real spending cuts, before I vote to raise the debt limit.”

Sounds a lot like Trump, doesn’t he? So did Sen. Cory Gardner.

As I reported before, the two sound a lot alike on immigration (here and here) as well.

I know reporters don’t have time to hook every national political development to our humble locale. But they should give it their best shot, because the stakes are so high.

Republicans and Democrats increased the debt limit over 100 times (Bush and Reagan did it) until 2011, when disaster struck.

Trump gives us a chance to air the issue out again, in advance of the crisis and in front of the public.

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  1. Davie says:

    Yikes — Coffman thinks that going over the fiscal cliff is no big deal (hey, it's not like the US economy is the engine driving the world's economy or anything, relying on the dollar as the bedrock currency, etc), and even more ridiculous, that cutting taxes will reduce the deficit. Just ask Brownback and Jindal how well that's working…

    But as far as Trump is concerned, other than leading the GOP and the other candidates down the primrose path, I have no worries that he’ll ever be in a position to implement his bizarre policies.

    I don't know Coffman, but I strongly suspect that in his time in the military, he probably spent time in the boxing ring, and that he's had his bell rung just a few times too many.

    • BlueCat says:

      From the looks of his push ups I doubt he was doing anything athletic much less boxing. Nope. I don't think he's suffered any cognitive losses. Pretty sure he was born that way.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    …and then he goes and says something sane:

    Trump Breaks With GOP Orthodoxy on Taxes


    The danger for any national Republican figure is that by calling for higher taxes on the rich, the party’s donor class will revolt, but Trump doesn’t care for one good reason: he’s already extraordinarily wealthy.


    As a result, when the Club for Growth complains bitterly about Trump’s approach to tax policy, as it did yesterday, the pushback seems largely inconsequential. The candidate isn’t swayed, and the kind of voters he’s appealing to aren’t listening to the Club for Growth anyway.


  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    I can understand why a serial bankrupt like Trump would be personally opposed to increasing any debt limit, or using other people's money (WTF????) …

    As for the Congressman, it must have something to do with his serial intellectual and moral bankruptcy, I suppose …

    (GOPworld is such a strange and curiouser place.)

  4. MapMaker says:

    This puts any Sizzler (word) salad bar to shame:

    Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump.

    I'm surprised that some R's are claiming that their leading presidential candidate is embarrassing, they weren't embarrassed by Palin.


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