“Trump The Dragon Slayer” Billboard Goes Up Near Junction


That’s the report from KREX NewsChannel 5 in Grand Junction, high-res art above to share with your friends:

Readers may recall another “edgy” billboard from 2010 in Grand Junction that made national news, featuring multiple President Barack Obamas dressed up as a terrorist, a gangster, an illegal immigrant, and a gay guy in formation. This latest billboard featuring Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump slaying a (presumably) liberal dragon–the dragon’s scales featuring acronyms from EPA to ISIS to GLBT are a heartwarming touch–appears to originate from the same concerned citizen.

So take that, RINOs and “libtards!” Donald Trump is comin’ to gitcha.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    IRS, DHS, ISIS! I knew they were all connected. Thanks, lunatics.

  2. Apparently Trump isn't out to slay the problem of Illegal Immigration according to this billboard.

  3. taterheaptom says:

    That's the West Slope I know and love!  Remember, bankruptcy is Constitutional, and anti-Libtard-RINO.  We love to elect the smartest among us out here.  

  4. BlueCat says:

    Why did they give him brown hair? It used to be alley cat orange. Lately it's been a really disturbing neon yellow on top, a slightly more found in nature color on the sides. This slim brown haired athletically built Trump is apparently a Trump from as long ago as his suit of armor would indicate. Which is fine for his target audience who can be counted on to see the naked Emperor resplendent in dazzling new clothes.  

  5. taterheaptom says:

    Why is The Donald gonna use the Constitution to slay South Carolina? 

  6. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Wonder who's paying the bill for the billboard.

    • taterheaptom says:

      A decent American.  Its about time a populist billionaire Bible-loving holy-biscuit-eating reality-TV star showed the world what true Republican conservatism looks like.  I say GO! TheDonald!  

      • The last time a Republican candidate caught this much popular enthusiasm he was a populist TV and movie star showing the world what true Republican conservatism looked like. I sense a theme.

        • BlueCat says:

          Except the Donald isn't a conservative, moderate, liberal, libertarian or anything else. He's just the Donald. He's all over the map and whether he's railing against rapist Mexicans, calling for an end to birthright citizenship or claiming that Planned Parenthood does mostly good stuff and he would not tear up the Iran deal, his 25% of the GOP primary voting crowd loves him to pieces. They'll applaud stuff from him that they would never tolerate from anyone else. It must be very frustrating for rest of the field trying to figure out what to say to compete. It doesn't matter what they say or don't say, whether they agree with him or challenge him. Nothing works. He's still the Donald. They're  still not.

  7. This story on the same day that David Duke endorsed Trump for President.

  8. Trump has Frank Luntz scared. Luntz wants the GOP to watch his focus groups on Trump – to see just what the grassroots wants and why Trump excites them.

    Hint: the billboard creator would fit right in.

  9. Moderatus says:

    This isn't a billboard, it's a printout on the side of a building. Why is this news?

  10. mamajama55 says:

    I just know some teens are going to school and claiming that Trump will wield the Constitution to defeat the liberal media, because they saw it on a billboard. I just started working in a very conservative district. and the things kids repeat from their parents opinions  are mind-numbing.

    I introduced what I thought was a simple topic – name some things you like and dislike about the government (relating to some literature we were reading),and got an earful about welfare cheats, the national debt, and no more gun laws. As long as they had a cogent argument and a piece of evidence, they got full points. To be fair, plenty still like the safety,  security, and helping the "genuinely needy" roles of our government. They are also fans of free public education, and free universities,  having visited countries where only the first eight years of school are free.

    Few of them have real knowledge of what the US Constitution is, although we are working on it.

    • BlueCat says:

      In my school district back in the stone age you couldn't graduate from Junior High (7th and 8th) without passing a test showing basic knowledge of the constitution and civics. We didn't have to memorize every detail but had to know the basics of how our form of government works…. what the three branches are and how they balance one another, length of terms for House,Senate, President, how many Senators, how many House members, how a bill gets passed, how the veto works and what it takes to overcome a veto, and, of course, our guaranteed rights. Enough to be responsible citizens or you couldn't move on to High School.

  11. Progressicat says:

    Of course, the billboard is ridiculous.  The Donald's sword and shield would clearly be emblazoned with his name, and the dragon should have Megyn Kelly's head on it.

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