#JebNoFilter Talks Sharknado, Because Why The Hell Not

It’s the summer of an off-year in American politics, a time when voters are about as tuned out to political subject matter as they ever are–which is always relatively tuned out, but even more so during vacation season 15 months from the next main event. But the political industrial complex remains fully staffed, and always looking for ways to bank-shot a moment of your attention. This chance to cleverly insert next year’s candidates’ names into the nonpolitical discussions of American voters going about their daily business in July of an off-year, so the theory goes, is of a high long-term value compared to the 24/7 barrage of paid political messaging we’ll all be subjected to in not too many months. The word “viral” is passé these days, it’s all about “authenticity.” Which makes it go viral. There are high-dollar seminars you can go to to learn about this.

The above should help explain Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush–excuse us, Jeb!–raving on camera about the Sharknado movie franchise. It’s #JebNoFilter, everybody! Watch out:

Here is the antidote to Donald Trump’s lunacy America is waiting for. The good news for Jeb! is that, unlike Trump’s every offending word, nobody will remember this Bush I-esque cornball stuff in the early primary states. Unless Saturday Night Live gets ahold of it, in which case they’ll remember the parody. That might honestly be a best-case scenario for the viral authenticity team.

Remember last year’s godawful Say Yes To The Dress Bob Beauprez ad? There’s a lot of, you know, experimentation in this business. Mistakes will be make.

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