As former talk-radio hosts tell all, KLZ set to announce new morning show host Monday

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WashPost-Scandal-71615-500KLZ 560-AM will install a new morning-show host this week, replacing Randy Corporon, who resigned in protest after station owner Don Crawford, Jr, temporarily banned former Rep. Tom Tancredo and (reportedly) GOP Chair Steve House from KLZ’s airwaves.

“Yes, our man, Rush, will announce and introduce him Monday during his show,” Crawford emailed me last week when asked if he’d decided which conservative would fill Corporon’s shoes. (In recent weeks, the station held on-air auditions for the job.)

Meanwhile, Corporon, along with KLZ’s other “liberty lineup” hosts Ken Clark and Kris Cook, who resigned along with Corporon, lit deeply into Crawford at a recent “Liberty Libations” event. Their presentation (below) to the libations folks illuminates not only their version of the events involved in the trio’s decision to resign from the radio station but also the angry divisions within the state GOP.

The videos were posted by GOP activist Marilyn Marks. It’s all interesting, if you’re a junkie and you want to pass some weekend down time in front of your computer.

But it gets especially good at about the 22-minute mark. The second video includes Tancredo talking off screen.


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  1. BlueCat says:

    Took your advice and checke in around the 22 minute mark. Nothing new but very encouraging for those of us who would love to see the drip drip drip continue. We've already read all about what Coffman said House told her about Harvey. But their assessment that Dems can sit on this and bring it all back next election was cheering. From things I'm hearing (and can't in good conscience repeat) from a rightie neighbor who has known Mike Coffman for decades, there are so a many intriguing possibilities for exactly what threats and counter threats may have been made in this whole curious (especially touching on AG Coffman's possible motivation) affair.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Observation 1:

    At 14:44, Ken Clark says, discussing the management decision to limit Tancredo and House, "He told me point blank that John Rush had sent him a ColoradoPols article….ColoradoPols, really? You've got to be kidding me. And a 9 news broadcast."

    Snerk. The non-stop OutHouse coverage had its effect.

    Observation 2: In the second video, at about 2:00, Tancredo starts talking and he can't shut up. The body language of the three former radio hosts changes radically when he starts talking. The two men go into "parade rest" with their hands clasped behind them,and Cook goes into "receptive-woman" pose with her hands clasped in front. It's wary, guarded body language, like "OMG what is this guy going to say or do?"

    And then  what Tancredo says is magic: He repeats, not once, but at least 3 times, the info that Steve Harvey was supposedly, per House, about to be divorced and in bankruptcy, and an embezzlement risk. Harvey, with friends like these……

    Observation 3: at about 7 minutes in, 2nd video. Lana Fore, gets very emotional and intense. This is soap-opera stuff. She is talking to defend "her friend Julie". She paints House as a terrible guy, who used and then dropped Julie, who "can't show her face around here anymore." Probably true, unfortunately. 

    So entertaining. Thank you, Jason Salzman for posting this, and so considerate of Ms. Marilyn Marks to videotape and post the video.



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