Talk-show hosts should release multi-page document outlining accusations against House

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Ted Harvey and Cynthia Coffman in House of Cards likeness.

Ted Harvey and Cynthia Coffman in House of Cards likeness.

Denver talk-radio hosts should release a multi-page document, apparently prepared for last week’s Republican executive committee meeting, detailing concerns about Republican State Party Chair, Steve House.

Tom Tancredo told KNUS 710-AM’s Peter Boyles Monday that House refused to let him or Pueblo Country GOP Chair Becky Mizel distribute the “three-to-four pages” to committee members, even though Mizel sits on the committee.

On Saturday, former KLZ 560-AM host Randy Corporon told KNUS 710-AM’s Craig Silverman that he’d emailed what sounded like the same document to Silverman prior to his interview on Silverman’s show.

Corporon told Silverma on air: I sent you a four-page letter of the problems. You probably haven’t had a chance to see it. Neither did the executive committee, by the way, because Steve House did not allow anyone to distribute the four-page letter of concerns about Steve House for the executive committee (at 56:40 Hour 3).

But neither Corporon nor Silverman responded immediately to my requests for the document.

In the name of transparency, Silverman should place the accusations on the KNUS website post haste.

Corporon should read the document on the KNUS airwaves Friday, when he is guest-hosting beginning at 5 a.m. Corporon, along with former KLZ hosts Kris Cook and Ken Clark, resigned after KLZ management refused, at least temporarily, to allow Tom Tancredo to appear on KLZ.

What’s a better topic for conservative talk radio than the airing of a secret document written by conservatives attacking fellow conservatives?

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  1. Republican 36 says:

    I agree with Jason the document should be released and made public but I doubt it even exists. This sounds like another ruse by the Three Amigos to make Mr. House look bad without producing any evidence. First, how could House possibly stop either Mr. Tancredo or Ms. Mizel from distributing the three or four page list of charges. He doesn't have any authority or the means to stop them from distributing it. Frankly, Mr. Tancredo's and Ms. Mizel's charge that House wouldn't let them circulate their list of charges appears to be another fabricated story.

    Second, since Attorney General Coffman was directly involved in the attempt to unseat Mr. House as Republican Party State Chair, surely she has a copy of the charges and can release them to the public. The media should ask her to produce it and if she won't, ask her why not.

    This story continues to be an amazing and silly episode for the Colorado Republican Party. Apparently, AG Coffman, Mr. Tancredo and Ms. Mizel wanted to unseat Mr. House as party chair but their list of charges, apparently in written form, and known only to them and a few conservative talk show hosts can't be released because Mr. House, the subject of their charges, won't allow them to release the document. Who are they trying to fool with that line of nonsense. All of them, especially Attorney General Coffman, need to develop a better set of talking points than what they have tried to sell us so far.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Right, R36. House set the agenda for the Exec Committee meeting – so he could have kept the review of their document off the agenda – but nobody can physically prevent someone from handing someone else a document.

      My guess – the 3-4 page document with the "grave, serious charges" consists of nothing more than petty political bs. “House said this to this person, but he said that to that person. Steve Harvey wasn't hired for ED. House wants to talk directly with election clerks instead of letting Marks continue to sue them in perpetuity. He had a mean look in his eye when he said ____, and someone's feelings got hurt.” Etc.

      But these folks are avid users of social media, and are not using it to spread the "charges" list. Their tame partisan media outlets   – Politichicks and the Pueblo Chieftain- likewise have no coverage of the "grave and serious charges". The Chieftain is still trying to keep Mizel's name out of its coverage of the GOP OutHouse disaster.

      The release of the "charges" will make these idiots look even more foolish than they do already. (That's probably exactly why it is not being released by the friendly talk show hosts).

      • BlueCat says:

        Or their dogs ate it. Yeah, that's the ticket.

      • Republican 36 says:

        I agree MJ but the number one item on the agenda was the alleged charges of malfeasance that Attorney General Coffman, Mr. Tancredo and Ms. Mizel had leveled against Steve House. Coffman, Tancredo, Mizel and anyone else who supports them on this are taking the position that they have pages and pages of written legitimate charges against Mr. House, but they can't share them publicly because Mr. House won't let them. Their position is preposterous and laughable.

        A reporter should ask Attorney General Coffman if she intends, while serving as attorney general, to prosecute people for crimes without submitting charges to the court and a jury, without producing evidence to prove her case, and then demand a guilty verdict. Coffman and her cohorts are telling the Republican Party executive committee and for that matter the entire state Republican Central Committee, to just "trust us," dump House based on our allegations that we can't divulge because House won't let us, and perhaps someday we'll let you know what we can't tell you right now. Really poor judgment on their part.

        • BlueCat says:

          They obviously just expected House to cave, never expected to be in the position they found themselves in and can't come up with anything better than this. Remember that before the meeting they already were claiming that they had great stuff but couldn't share it for reasons they never clarified.The inference was that it would come out. Wait for the big meeting.

          This latest sounds like them desperately latching on to the closest thing they can find to a plausible reason for their continuing failure to produce that clarification but they didn't think it through. Even if House wouldn't allow them to share their list with the committee, what's stopping them from making it public now? Even if just by third party leaking it? Concern for party unity? If that's it why don't they just shut up and stop, as little modster would say, stirring the pot?  

          They still won't produce because they've got nothing.  What's that other phrase modster is so fond of? Grasping at straws?

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