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MoreSmarterLogo-300x218The Denver Nuggets have hired Mike Malone to be their next head coach, which is very sad; Malone has just 39 more NBA wins under his belt than you do. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).



► Congressman Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) is standing behind his horribly-inappropriate comments in which he compared the Veterans Administration to ISIS. Colorado Pols first reported on Coffman’s absurd statements during an interview on KOA radio Friday morning, and the story has since been picked up by numerous national media outlets. If you missed it, here’s what Coffman said:

“Can you imagine if the VA was in charge of ISIS? They’d probably say, ‘Well, you know it wasn’t quite 2,000 that we beheaded – it was really 24…is the accurate number. We’re sorry that, in fact, they were all our own terrorists that were beheaded because they got misclassified in the system as Christians.’

“I mean, that would be the VA [chuckles]…that would be the VA in charge of ISIS. [Pols emphasis]”

This story was front-page material on Buzzfeed this morning, which included this response:

A Coffman spokesman said the comments were, “a controversy only with liberals and the Washington outrage machine. His sarcastic point was obvious – the VA is an organizational disaster.”

Don’t forget the context here — we’re talking about the same Mike Coffman who represents CD-6 (the home of the troubled hospital project) and also serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations for the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Construction on the Aurora VA Hospital will continue through September after Congress kicked the can down the road again on Friday.

► The Colorado Supreme Court ruled on Monday that you can be fired for using marijuana during your free time. The Aurora Sentinel says it’s time for Congress to step in on legal weed.

Nobody is more damaging to Sen. Ellen Roberts’ political future than Ellen Roberts herself.


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► The Colorado Independent breaks down the votes from Colorado’s Congressional delegation on President Obama’s international trade proposal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). According to the Denver Post, Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D-Jefferson County) voted against the proposal despite heavy lobbying pressure from the President himself.

► Jefferson County School Board President Ken Witt and Superintendent Dan McMinimee continue to defend themselves for apparently bullying a Jeffco student.

► Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will visit Denver on Saturday as part of his campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

► Democrat Hillary Clinton would be the first woman elected President in the U.S. if she is able to win in 2016. Her campaign is acknowledging this much more than it did in 2008, as “The Fix” notes:

Regardless of why they screwed it up last time, this version of the Clinton campaign appears to have figured out what had been staring them directly in the face for the last seven-plus years.  From the emphasis on her status as a grandmother to the centrality of her own mother’s struggles in her kickoff speech, Clinton is putting her gender at the core of this campaign.

That’s of critical import not solely because it shows she learned the right lessons from the 2008 campaign but also because her gender (and the historic nature of her candidacy) provides Clinton her best possible response to the already-underway Republican attack that she represents the past.

► Governor John Hickenlooper says he “would consider” an offer for a potential cabinet post should Democrats maintain control of the White House in 2016. We’re not sure why this is news, either.

► Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is getting ready to announce his candidacy for President (for reals this time). His campaign is hoping you will just remember the name “Jeb” and forget his last name.



► Hey, look at that: Breaking campaign finance laws really can lead to serious consequences!

► The Duggars are not coming to Colorado after all.

► The Senate is debating two different over-the-counter birth control bills, with Colorado Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet playing major roles. Gardner is having a difficult time trying to explain his version of OTC legislation.



► Former State Rep. John Buckner (D-Aurora) was laid to rest on Friday. Buckner died on May 28 after a battling a chronic respiratory illness.

A fourth juror has been dismissed from the Aurora Theater Shooting Trial.


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  1. BlueCat says:

    Would have been happy to keep Hunt but Malone is a good choice. Would have been very disappointed with a second go round with D'Antoni. 

    • BlueCat says:

      Seems like all the sports fans have left. 

      • JeffcoBlue says:

        Oh, this is SPORTS.


      • Colorado Pols says:

        Nuggets fans, anyway

        • BlueCat says:

          I get no response for Hockey either. Or my Chicago teams. Guess libruls are too busy watching Masterpiece Theater, drinking wine and eating quiche? I do those things too but I'm still watching Mozgov with the Cavs and my Blackhawks in the finals. Go Cavs! Go Blackhawks! Best of luck Rockies and Nuggets. You always need it but we love you anyway. I'm pretty much done with the Avs. 

      • Elijah Rock says:

        Missed the sports discussion yesterday, but excited for game 6 of the NBA Finals tonight. In my circle the Warriors seem to be the choice of most and several have commented, "Golden State built the team the right way."

        Pretty sure this is a slam at LeBron and I’m left reminding them that the Broncos did not draft Peyton Manning out of the Univ. of Tennessee. But when you've defending an all-time great and rooting for the City of Cleveland it always going to be tough.

        Nugs made a good hire in Malone. Seems like he has the potential to get his players to play hard, a key for this group of Nuggets.

  2. Zappatero says:

    Bennet trying to define himself. Is he going to repeat Mark Udall's historic campaign of one year ago? Are women's health and choice the only place he can differentiate himself from Gardner? Is he going to pretend that the issues bubbling up in the presidential race, international trade, income inequality, the environment, obscene levels of campaign cash, aren't the concern of a U.S. Senator? Or does he just simply want veep mentions?

    He'll play it safe until it's too late, or, he hopes, he's bailed out by Hillary.

  3. Canines says:

    New York Times report:

    But Colorado is one of the last places in the country where rainwater barrels are still largely illegal because of a complex system of water rights in which nearly every drop is spoken for…

    “It’s actually stealing,” said State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, a Republican from Sterling, a northeastern farming and ranching town on the plains, who voted against the rain barrel measure when it landed in the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee he leads. “You might say, it’s a little bit of water, just a barrelful, how much damage could that do to someone downstream?”

    But, he continued, “If it’s just a little bit, why wouldn’t we allow everyone go to into 7-Eleven and take just one bottle of water, just a little bit?”



    • BlueCat says:

      I do think it's taking senior water rights a bit far and also that the entire concept of senior water rights forever needs to be revisited.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      He's also the dude who thinks that wind energy mandates are a bad thing, even though his own home county of Logan has over a billion dollars of wind farm investment because of one. thing. Mandates.  His local economy benefits from millions of dollars in new property tax revenues and new jobs – and all of that is made possible because the evil liberals on the front range directly and solely support those new rural revenue streams via their utility bill. 

      But yes….let's talk about that 'War on Rural Colorado'…our local version of #Benghazi

      Their ideology is a sickness. 

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