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Hello all! For your edification, amusement, and commentary, I’m reposting from the Colorado Renewable Energy Society newsletter. CRES is a chapter-based membership org dedicated to the advancement of all forms of renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency (EE), and their synergy with sustainability and economic development.

We do a lot of awareness and public engagement, and one of the things we do is maintain a tracker of current and past activity at the Public Utilities Commission about renewable energy… more detail below….


CRES’ Colorado Legislative Tracker—Explained

By Rick Coen, CRES Policy Committee


The CRES Legislative Tracker is an interactive spreadsheet tool CRES members have access to (by request) which provides a simple review of the current session’s bills related to energy issues in our State. It covers all current and past legislative activity on bills related to renewables and fossils. You’ll find a link to the text of the bill, it’s sponsors, a summary of the what the bill would do, and when the next hearing or action is scheduled for so you can watch, listen, or run down to the Capitol and participate! Also, for ease of evaluation, there’s color coding indicating CRES support levels and a column just for Insider Information.

There are two ways to get access. One is at http://cres-energy.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/CRES-Legislative-Tracker-2015.pdf. Periodically, static versions of the Tracker are posted so you can see what has been happening. The other is to drop CRES an email requesting access permission. CRES members will have their email address added to the site permissions and will be sent a link so you can see and contribute to the live Tracker.

That’s right. This tool is meant to be interactive and participatory. Those who have access are encouraged to update the information as they have knowledge of ongoing activity.

So jump in, get involved and who knows, you might find yourself testifying before a Senate Committee. Anyone can do it. The door’s always open.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Just saw this….what a nifty and useful tool! Thanks, Hannah.

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