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The Colorado Pols Quadruple Doppler (with cheese) predicts anywhere from 2 inches to 17 feet of snow this weekend. It's time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here's a good example).


► The Denver Post editorial board thinks that Colorado Republican legislators are playing "a dangerous game that must stop" by using the budget process in an attempt to derail legislation they don't like but don't have the votes to defeat outright:

Republicans should keep in mind that history has a way of turning the tables, particularly when it comes to political power.

The tactics they are using to thwart policies they disagree with could well come back to haunt them.

Jefferson County students are not convinced that the conservative school board is really retreating on their attempts at rewriting history curriculums.

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► Congressman Jared Polis (D-Boulderish) is expected to be appointed to the House Natural Resources Committee next week, which should strengthen Colorado's voice on federal land issues.

Legislation that would make it a felony to repeatedly drive drunk is a priority for Gov. John Hickenlooper as it makes its way through the State Capitol. As Hickenlooper tells the Denver Post,"I think the basic principle of people having repeated DUIs and not having consequences — we are overdue at addressing that."

► Former State Sen. Steve King seems to be rather lost in addressing yet another ethics investigation regarding double triple-dipping with various state jobs. As the Grand Junction Sentinel reports, things are not looking good for "The Walking Ethics Violation." As we've noted in this space before, this story will likely only get worse for Republicans connected to Colorado Mesa University.

► The Colorado Springs Independent takes a look at the bizarre story surrounding the attempted recall of Colorado Springs City Council Member Helen Colins. If it involves Colorado Springs, Doug Bruce is connected somehow (of course he is):

First, there was the still-unsolved mystery about where money came from to pay out-of-state petition circulators. Then, early last week, an anonymous tipster delivered the Independent documents showing that Collins and anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce engaged in a land deal that neither will explain. Then, later in the week, an ex-con emerged as Collins' only potential replacement on the ballot — only to be disqualified because he's still on parole.

Speaking of Doug Bruce, he filed a campaign finance complaint that involves the wife of the Opinion Page Editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette.

► According to Politico, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is no longer a top-tier Republican Presidential candidate. Multiple news outlets are reporting that Christie is fading fast.

► Republican State Sen. Laura Waters Woods is widely considered the top target for Democrats as they look to take back control of the State Senate in 2016…but will the GOP get rid of her first?



Ernest Luning of the Colorado Statesman has the most detailed look yet at the campaign finance scandals surrounding the State Republican Party.

Steve House is challenging incumbent Ryan Call to become the new Chair of the State Republican Party, and the fact that the Coffmans are splitting their support has become a hot topic among Republicans. Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is backing House, while her husband, Rep. Mike Coffman, is standing behind Call. It's almost like Cynthia and Mike don't really talk to each other.

►Lawmakers in the Colorado State House passed legislation to make cyber-bullying a misdemeanor crime.

► At least one national conservative group considers former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush "unelectable" as a Republican candidate for President.



► The Colorado Secretary of State's office will be shutting down many of its online services this weekend in order to implement a complete system upgrade. Everything should be back online by 8:00 am on Monday.

► Jefferson County School Board Member Julie Williams thinks that it should be okay to carry concealed weapons in public schools. The other four board members disagree.

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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    EPIC takedown of that worthless, washed up, criminal-hiring, racist, scumbag, dress-wearing, draft-dodging teabagger wannabe Rude-E Julieannie, right here:

  2. BlueCat says:

    My fave part actually backs him up on one thing. Obama certainly wasn't raised the way Giuliani was. 

    Giuliani went so far as to rebuke the President for not being "brought up the way you were and the way I was brought up through love of this country," a bow no doubt to the parenting prowess of Harold Giuliani, who did time in Sing Sing for holding up a Harlem milkman and was the bat-wielding enforcer for the loan-sharking operation run out of a Brooklyn bar owned by Rudy's uncle.

    Though Rudy cited Harold throughout his public life as his model (without revealing any of his history), he and five Rudy uncles found ways to avoid service in World War II. Harold, whose robbery conviction was in the name of an alias, made sure the draft board knew he was a felon. On the other hand, Obama's grandfather and uncle served. His uncle helped liberate Buchenwald, which apparently affected him so deeply he stayed in the family attic for six months when he returned home.

    Let's see. My Dad and his brothers, pro-labor Dems like their folks, all served in WWII, none of them ever came close to serving time, I had a white mom (and dad) and my white grandparents were a big part of my upbringing. Sounds like a background pretty much like Obama's. On the other hand, Giuliani can leave me out of any "you and I". Thanks but no thanks. Just who was he talking to, anyway?

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Obama was not raised in a family where it was ok to marry one's cousin. Obama was not brought up to bang Judith Nathan while still married to Donna Hanover, the woman he married after divorcing the cousin. Obama was not brought up to ignore his children, and to bring his mistress into the house where his wife and children resided. Obama was not brought up to strut around like the crime busting prosecutor with perp pwalks only to find himself in business with the felonious Bernard Kerick.

      Very true……Obama was not brought up like Rudy Giuliani.

      • BlueCat says:

        Giuliani first married his second cousin (I don't think there's any religious objection to that among the many contradictory says on who can marry whom in the bible), then asked for an annulment, good Catholic that he is (except for the adultery  etc.), on the grounds that he was married to his cousin.  He announced his desire to divorce number 2  at a presser before he bothered to inform number 2. If his behavior is any indication, he might have been raised by wolves.   

    • Davie says:

      As a former registered Republican explains it:

      It is the behavior of a party that now routinely places its own partisan advantage, as well as its own unhinged hatred for its ideological opponents, ahead of the good of the country.

      But my revulsion at the Republicans doesn't begin and end with Iraq and Benghazi. It's spread to many other issues over the years. Frankly, the GOP increasingly looks like a party in the grip of some form of hyperpartisan madness that takes self-destructive delight in alienating everyone who isn't a far-right ideologue. What else can explain the up-is-down, black-is-white, counterintuitive perversity of the stances Republicans increasingly take in response to national news and trends?

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