Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch (Pay Equity Edition)


This week, the new Republican majority in the Colorado Senate flexed its plus-one-seat muscle in a number of ways, one of which was the effective killing of the Colorado Pay Equity Commission in the GOP-controlled Senate Business, Labor and Technology. The pay equity commission's work to develop best practices for the state and private industry was not finished, and state experts had recommended the commission's mandate be renewed to continue to address the problem. FOX 31's Eli Stokols reported this week:

Democrats, while ostensibly angry about the 5-4 party-line vote by the GOP-controlled Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee, are already returning to their oft-used narrative that the GOP is hostile to women by scrapping a body charged with rooting out gender discrimination in the workplace.

“Hard working women across Colorado deserve better than they got from the Republican Colorado Senate majority today,” said Amy Runyon-Harms, director of Progress Now. “We call on the General Assembly to immediately take up a new bill to continue the vital work of Pay Equity Commission to its conclusion. There is too much at stake for this short-sightedness.”

Republicans on the committee alternately argued that pay equity is not a problem, or a problem best solved "by the private sector"–consistent with the arguments made by the minority of witnesses testifying against continuing the commission's work. The 5-4 vote to "sunset" the pay equity commission was party line.

Perhaps not so well timed, the Denver Post's Aldo Svaldi reported late yesterday:

Women working full-time in Colorado earned a median weekly wage in 2013 that was 77.9 percent of what men received, according to a report Friday from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Colorado women reported a median weekly full-time wage of $762 versus a median weekly wage of $978 for men.

Back in 1997, when the bureau began tracking the wage gap by state, women made 74.6 cents on the dollar versus what men in Colorado made. The gap narrowed during the dot-com boom days to around 84 cents on the dollar in 2002 but has trended lower since then.

As you can see, no problem whatsoever! Good thing five Republicans state senators agreed it was time to kill the commission studying pay equity in Colorado. For all the complaints about Democratic overuse of the "oft-used" "War on Women" narrative, we still wonder a little whether Democrats might invoke the "War on Women" less if Republicans didn't validate it every chance they get.

Because, you know, they kind of do.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    It's why we can't have nice things until 2017.

  2. Andrew Carnegie says:

    The war on women again.  Now that Mark Uterus is out of the picture Pols needs to take up the fight.  Is the white house still paying its female staff less than the male staff.  Get back with me when that changes and you might be taken seriously.

    Speaking of wars, and no I am not talking about Obama's latest success story, Yemen, seems that the Dem state chairman gave himself a raise with out telling his bosses.  In some circles that would be a crime but not in these circles.  The Colorado Statesman has the story, I guess because pols is all happy, happy, joy, joy about local dem issues, we won't be seeing much of it here.

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Mark Udall was unfortunately one casualty in one battle in the GOP war on women but the war is not over. In fact given the House’s handling of the abortion bill last week, it could turn into a civil war between that which passes as “moderates” (and I use that term loosely) and the bat-shit crazies in the Party of Lincoln.

    • taterheaptom says:

      Would the P.o.S. care to help solve the GOP's 'definitional problem of rape'?  An which of the country-clubbers do you prefer: Jeb (Bush 3.0), Romney (Mitt 3.0), Scott Walker (tee-hee), or Christie the Obama-hugger?  

      Or do you, rather, favor one of the 'tea party' opportunists–Cruz, Paul, Rubio? Or, maybe media whore charlatan, batshit brain surgeon, or  'I love big hands' Rick Frothy Santorum, or 'I am here by God's will to spread Biblical law' bass-player beyonce-bugger Huckbee? 

    • bullshit! says:

      Wrong thread, AC. Wade Norris's obligatory trolling of Rick Palacio is top of homepage though!

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