Obama’s programs to halt deportations are “so repugnant,” Buck would shut down security agency to stop them

(Ken Buck is not what you'd call a "compassionate conservative" – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Rep. Ken Buck.

Rep. Ken Buck.

Would the Republican-controlled Congress shut down the Department of Homeland Security to halt Obama’s program delaying deportation of undocumented immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens?

Colorado’s own Rep. Ken Buck would do it.

KLZ radio host Randy Corporon gets a moment of respect for putting the question directly to Buck during an interview Jan.15 on his “Wake-Up” show. (Beginning at 1:50:30 here)

Corporon: Republicans in the past anyway have shown a willingness to cave in the face of public pressure and media assaults. When the President says, ‘Hey look, Congress is messing with the security of the United States,’ are you guys in Congress ready to make the case that we’ve put the bills on his desk…and are you going to have a message that keeps you guys standing together and actually lets this thing play out.

Buck: I can tell you this: Ken Buck will. I will make the case, and I will make sure that we are not funding those portions of his executive action that are so repugnant.

So repugnant? Keeping parents together with their American kids? Keeping our communities whole?

Obama has used his executive authority to temporarily halt deportations of young undocumented immigrants who came here illegally as children. He's also launched a program delaying the deportation of immigrants whose children are American citizens.

Buck told "Righty" Corporon the Republican-controlled House is ready to shut down the government to stop this repugnancy (not a word, but I used it anyway to highlight Buck's own grossness.)

“If [Obama] vetoes the appropriations bill, he is shutting down that segment of government. And that will be on the President,” Buck told Corporon. “He did his best to put that on Republicans last time when we wanted to de-fund parts of Obamacare. With a Republican Senate, this will clearly be on the President’s watch, that he will be shutting down the Department of Homeland Security. “

Buck: I can tell you, I don’t know what the Republicans in the United States Senate will do. And I’m not sure they can get the six votes that they need from the Democrats in the United States Senate to actually move a tough DHS appropriations bill forward. I do think there are the votes in the House to continue down this pathBuck is in a decent position to know. He’s not only the president of the freshman Republican class in the U.S. House, he’s also on the House immigration subcommittee.  (He got the assignment just after saying, “I don’t owe people who are here illegally anything.”)

Corporon set up the conversation by asking Buck how congressional Republicans could design a bill that would ensure no funds would go toward deferring deportation of select immigrants, while allowing the Department of Homeland Security to carry on its other work, like securing the border that causes Republicans such consternation.

Corporon: If this bill got through both houses of Congress, got on the President’s desk, how would that work to just de-fund only specific areas and activities and programs within the Department of Homeland Security? Don’t you just write them a check?

Buck: No, we don’t write them a check. They receive line-item authority, and the authority may be for a broad area, like processing the applications for work permits. But then Congress can put in that language that work permits cannot be granted to people who’ve lived in this country, or whatever language we want. And so really, the key is, this is an appropriations bill. And we’re arguing about language that will go in the appropriations bill.  When the Senate passes their version, and it will come back, we’ll work on it in conference, and we’ll send the appropriations bill to the President. 

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  1. Andrew Carnegie says:

    If there is a "government shut down", those essential services like homeland security are not shut down.  Like most of Jason's "work",it is based on a false premise.

  2. FrankUnderwood says:

    Would work on construction and maintenance on the Tancredo Fence. Continued If DHS is defunded?

  3. DawnPatrol says:

    Clearly Buck, like Gardner, was elected neither for his intellect nor his moral compass. Instant disqualifiers for aspiring Koch acolytes.

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Big difference between the two.  Gardner needs to maintain some appearance of moderation (hence, the flip flop on personhood, his fetish over contraceptives, his photo-ops with the wind farms) to remain politically viable both in and outside Colorado.  Yes, Cory has national aspirations.

      Buck, on the other hand, has settled into a niche from which he will never leave until he voluntarily retires or dies.  There is no room for upward mobility in his political career path.  He has carved out a place in Colorado politics as the new Tancredo.  He will say and do outlandish stuff to appeal to the bigots who are the base of his party.  The only way he loses in CD 4 is if the 2021 legislature or some judge does some really creative district boundary changes and puts Boulder or parts of Denver into CD 4.


      • DawnPatrol says:

        True, their political aspirations do differ. Still, as I said, neither's election was predicated upon a belief that either was particularly intelligent, or maintained any sort of moral compass. Neither of them is, or does, though Gardner does possess a sleazy, oily "cleverness" that any thoughtful human being paying even the slightest attention could readily discern.

        Your apt description of each bears that out.

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