What is Amendment 67?

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Amendment 67 (Colorado)
OFFICIAL TITLE: Definition of Person and Child
ALSO KNOWN AS: Personhood Measure


Official Ballot Language for Amendment 67:
"Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Constitution protecting pregnant women and unborn children by defining "person" and "child" in the Colorado Criminal Code and the Colorado wrongful death act to include unborn human beings?"

…In Other Words:
Amendment 67 would re-define the definition of “life” to give a fertilized egg the same “rights” as an actual human being. The point here is to ban all abortions – including for victims of rape and incest – and to allow women to drive alone in carpool lanes (we’re kidding, but this is among many weird legal loopholes that could emerge if the Personhood measure passes).

This is the Personhood ballot measure that has received significant media coverage throughout the 2014 Election Cycle. Similar measures were on the ballot in Colorado in 2010 and 2008, losing each time by a massive margin.

Who Supports Amendment 67?
People who believe that abortion should be outlawed in all forms, without exception. People who don’t see a problem with putting “manslaughter” on par with “miscarriage” in the eyes of the law. Statistically-speaking…people you probably don’t know.

Who Opposes Amendment 67?
Put it this way: If you are not already a Personhood supporter yourself, then it’s a fair bet that everyone you know also opposes this idea. This isn’t one of those issues where someone says, “I can see the argument on both sides.” Even the most strident “pro-life” conservative politicians don’t want anything to do with Personhood.

The Horse Race (Will Amendment 67 Pass or Fail?)
It would be one of the biggest surprises of the 2014 Election Cycle if Personhood passes in Colorado—particularly given the fact that it was absolutely crushed at the ballot in both 2008 (73% opposed) and 2010 (70% opposed). Personhood wasn’t on the ballot in 2012, but it’s a safe bet that 2014 will mark its third loss in as many tries.

No on 67 campaign site

Yes on 67 campaign site


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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    Admendment 67 *IS* — for all intents and purposes — Cory Gardner.

    He is it, and it is he, no matter how many times or in how many ways he tries to dodge and weave and lie about it.

  2. Andrew Carnegie says:

    This is funny.

    Desperation creeping into the Udall and Romanoff campaigns as they see things slipping away.  Don't worry in a couple weeks it will not even look close.

  3. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    Three words: Forensic vagina inspectors:


    There are other countries in the world that, like El Salvador, completely ban abortion, including Malta, Chile and Colombia. El Salvador, however, has not only a total ban on abortion but also an active law-enforcement apparatus — the police, investigators, medical spies, forensic vagina inspectors and a special division of the prosecutor's office responsible for Crimes Against Minors and Women, a unit charged with capturing, trying and incarcerating an unusual kind of criminal. Like the woman I was waiting to meet.


  4. denverco says:

    The need to reply to everyone of our posts makes you look like the more desperate poster. Trying to convince your self about the election? Poor pathetic troll – still have that rash?

  5. SocialisticatProgressicat says:

    And offered in the true spirit of the proposed amendment:

  6. ElliotFladenElliotFladen says:

    I know a lot of people that support it.  And yes, I still believe it will be resoundingly defeated at the ballot box. 

  7. Gypsy Chief says:

    Hello Colorado Pols,


    Thank you for publishing this.

  8. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    So this is what, Eggs are People IV? They did try, and fail to get this zombie amendment on the ballot in '12, but a whole bunch of their signatures were invalidated. I guess they're trying the battering ram approach; if they hit the state enough times it'll cave in.


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