Jeffco School Board Meeting Open Thread; Watch Live Stream Here

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Both of them showed up tonight.

Why does this get its own Open Thread, you say? From

A fight over how United States history is taught is coming to a head in Jefferson County on Thursday with students and teachers expected to pack a school board meeting where the controversial changes could face a vote…

…Turnout is expected to be so high that the teachers' union plans to stream video from the meeting room — which holds a couple hundred people — on a big screen in the parking lot outside. Students are making plans to start their protests early in the day.

Turnout is expected to be so high that they will be LIVE-STREAMING VIDEO TO THE PARKING LOT. That's…wow.

You can watch a Live Stream of the School Board Meeting after the jump below. Twitter users should follow the hashtag #JeffcoSchoolBoardHistory.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    The Titans of Teabaggery, the Dukes of Douchebaggery, make their final stand!

    Will there be enough Koch bucks and ALEC interference-running for them to survive?

    Or ultimately will they end up being recalled with extreme prejudice by JeffCo voters?

    The smackdown begins tonight!

  2. DaftPunk says:

    Barbara Bellows: " Jefferson City" TWICE!

  3. Gilpin Guy says:

    Hard to imagine any accommodation or compromise from this school board but you never know.



  4. The realist says:

    Some very eloquent statements – on the side of reason.


  5. DaftPunk says:

    That was entertaining.  Many in favor of the review committee seem to buy the RNC propaganda that since the curriculum is no longer a list of things to memorize that somehow those important things have been excised from the standards.

  6. DaftPunk says:

    Wonk heaven.  I think the board just opened themselves up to a lawsuit by violating their policies and adopting a motion at its first introduction.

    The crowd yells "Recall!"

    • ScottP says:

      What policy did they violate? I can't find it. I want to, but I can't.

      • DaftPunk says:

        Dahlkemper and Fellmam kept protesting that they had only received McMinimee’s proposal at 5:30 that morning and that the board usually delays votes to the second meeting after an item is introduced for consideration. I don’t know if this is a matter of policy or habit.

        • ScottP says:

          Found it! (Actually it was pointed out to me on FB, but I still take the credit.

          Board Policy GP-02: Governing Style & Philosophies at the very bottom, look at number 10 under "Accordingly" and it says

          The Board will not take a position on discussion agenda items the first time such items are placed on the agenda for Board consideration.

          • DaftPunk says:

            Witt was quite obnoxious in his haste to get this voted on.  It became quite clear that this board will use its majority to force its agenda against the public will.

            Trans mom Courtney Gray expressed concern that the committee would give the board carte blanche to change any curriculum to which it objected, including human sexuality.  She assumed that could include any teaching about alternative sexuality. She urged rejection of creation of the committee, and should it be adopted, volunteered to serve on it.

  7. BlueCat says:

    Wonder how shocked the board is that this isn't the cakewalk they thought their little take over plot would be.

  8. Meiner49er says:

    So glad to read Coordinated Campaign has been busy registering voters in the protest crowds!  A recall will take time, but 100s of fired up 18 year old Progressives may make a difference in the next month.

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