Conservation Colorado Endorses Gov. Hickenlooper

Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Gov. John Hickenlooper.

A press release this morning from leading environmental advocate group Conservation Colorado announces the endorsement of incumbent Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper for a second term:

Conservation Colorado Executive Director Pete Maysmith, released the following statement endorsing John Hickenlooper for Governor of Colorado today.  

“John Hickenlooper has played an important role in achieving several conservation gains during his time in the Governor’s office. He signed a number of important pieces of legislation into law including increasing Colorado’s renewable energy standard and championing first in the nation air protections to reduce ozone pollution and directly reduce methane pollution from oil and gas facilities. The Governor and his staff also engaged productively in discussions regarding protections of critical open space and wildlands like the Thompson Divide and sage grouse habitat in Northwest Colorado…

We have had disagreements with Governor Hickenlooper over policies of his which have put the interests of the oil and gas industry over the health and environment of Coloradans. Even given those differences, it is the case that under a Governor Hickenlooper administration, Colorado’s air, land, water, and our open spaces have a much greater chance of being protected than if Bob Beauprez were governor. [Pols emphasis] We also believe Governor Hickenlooper will do a significantly better job of promoting our State’s leadership in clean wind and solar energy than Beauprez would.

Conservation Colorado endorses Governor Hickenlooper and we look to the Governor to lead in his second term on the most pressing environmental issues of the day – climate change and safeguarding what we love about Colorado – clean air, water, scenic opens spaces and our unique quality of life.”

Though it's not unexpected, the endorsement of Conservation Colorado is very important to Hickenlooper for shoring up the Democratic base ahead of the November elections. It's no secret that Hickenlooper's relations with environmentalists have not been a strong point. With that said, Hickenlooper can credibly point to agreements like the Air Quality Control Commission's new emissions rules, and the compromise brokered with Rep. Jared Polis to work on legislation aimed at enhancing local control of oil and gas drilling. These and other examples from Hickenlooper's first term show a different side of the proverbial coin: when Hickenlooper's ability to bring opposing parties to the table was key to making any kind of progress.

Recognizing that this may not be quite enough for all of their constituents, Conservation Colorado invites you to consider the alternative:

Coloradans face a clear choice. The Governor’s opponent, Bob Beauprez, has returned to his extreme right wing roots promoting an anti-conservation, anti-clean renewable energy agenda. Beauprez has stated that climate change is a hoax, he has mocked efforts to address citizen concerns around drilling and fracking, and he supported a failed referendum to boost transmountain water projects that would have further damaged Colorado’s rivers and streams. Disturbingly, Beauprez has recently aligned himself with far right wing, anti-government ideologues who are calling for the state to seize control of America’s public lands. This is a costly proposition for the State and could fence off Coloradans from areas they have long enjoyed for camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking.

When the question is between someone who agrees with you 80% of the time or not at all, the answer is pretty simple.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Republicans are 100% behind Bob Beauprez.

    It seems Hickenlooper has some problems in that regard.

  2. dustpuppy says:


    A few Republicans I've spoken are NOT voting for Beauprez because they view him as a total nutjob, and are telling me they are voting for Hickenlooper as the lesser of the two evils because they view economic growth very important, and since Colorado is ranked one of the top 10 states economically, the Repubs I've already met told me they are fine with Hick even though they disagree politically. Know why? It's about getting the balance just perfect for both. And Colorado offers it, and we just proved that teaparty nutjobs is already making issues in GOP politics.



    • Moderatus says:

      Any Republican who would vote for four more years of Democrat control should leave the party right now. I will say it to anyone who asks.

      • denverco says:

        The word is Democratic control not Democrat.

      • BlueCat says:

        Your childish refusal to use the proper form, Democratic, is one of but certainly far from the most important reason no one here cares what you "will say to anyone who asks". I know a few Rs who are  supporting Romanoff.  Ken Salazar won with significant Republican support. So did my former House rep and it took a million and a half for one little House seat to kick him out in a close one in a district that had been pure red before he took it and retook it.  

        As far as leaving the party? Four of my neighbors in my once majority R neighborhood did just that in the GW era. I often get a shocked looked when canvassing from parents who didn't know their 18 year olds had registered Dem and that's why a Dem canvasser is showing up at their Republican door. 

        OK with us if all the Rs who have been voting for Dems but not bothering to change their registration are finally ready to give up and go U or D. Send 'em over. We're the only big tent party left.

        • MichaelBowman says:

          Moddy might take a history lesson and check on how many Repubs voted Dem in '06 in the Beauprez Ritter landslide…

          • BlueCat says:

            Dems who win statewide always do so with a significant chunk of R support. Ritter, like Salazar, had quite bit. They were both more conservative than the Dem base but you can still win a Dem primary from that position in a purple state. Same goes for Hick. Nobody anywhere near moderate can win a GOTP primary in any state anymore. Some Rs are willing to go for the moderate Dem when a nut case R is the alternative. They aren't all crazy.

          • Moderatus says:

            This isn't 2006. Hickenlooper's star has fallen very far. There will be no landslide this year, unless the Republican wave comes in as expected. Then WE get the wave, and Beauprez wins huge.

            • DawnPatrol says:

              "Republican wave comes in as expected"? From whence emanates this latest bullshit? Nobody worth listening to (including you) is expecting ANYTHING of the kind!

              You really are deluded-fool GOTP kool-aid swiller, aren't you? Yes, you are, you little dickens.

            • dustpuppy says:

              Moddy, that Republican wave?



              Watch the Dems hold the Senate, and capture the House. It's feasible.

              • BlueCat says:

                The two of you need to fight this out at the kiddie table. No one is predicting a wave though many are predicting the Rs will take the Senate. Others disagree. Nobody says wave. And nobody but nobody is predicting that the Dems are going to take back the House.  Grow up, guys.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        You don't need to ask.  I left four years ago.  Best decision ever.

        Now Moddy, would you answer my question?

      • Curmudgeon says:

        I'm sure you will, and you'll throw in a nice little click of your boot heels when you do.  GOP Uber Alles and all that…..

        • Davie says:


          Moddy has a picture of his heartthrob Congressman Lamebrain over his bed.

          Unlike cowardly traitors Coffman and Gardner, Moddy knows true Republicans agree with heroes like Lamebrain!

      • DawnPatrol says:

        What's a "Democrat control"? Is it like a button or a switch or something?

      • Old Time Dem says:

        You should acquaint yourself with the "no true Scotsman" fallacy.

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Moderatus: I've finally concluded that you are a liberal troll masquerading as a Republican in order to stir up passions here. 

        "Republicans are 100% behind Beauprez…..Any Republican who would vote for four more years of Democratic control should leave the party right now."

        What's missing here is why a conservationist Republican who cares about a healthy environment in Colorado would vote for Beauprez. You always criticize, but now perhaps you can give some solid reasons to vote for Beauprez so that a reasonable dialogue can occur.

        Regards,  C.H.B.

        • Duke Cox says:

          What's missing here is why a conservationist Republican who cares about a healthy environment in Colorado would vote for Beauprez.

          I, too, would sure be interested in hearing that.

          C'mon, Modster.. Answer C.H.B. s'  question….

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    The lesser of two evils, unfortunately.

    Apparently conservation ain't what it used to be?  Just sayin' . . . 


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