Big Line Updates: Democrats Appear to Have Slight Advantage

As Election Day gets closer and closer, we're updating The Big Line on a weekly basis. Remember: Percentages listed indicate our view of the win/loss outcome only (we are not attempting to guess margin of victory).

You can always access the full Big Line 2014, but below we provide a bit more detail about our thoughts on various races.

Mark Udall (62%)
Cory Gardner (38%)
Senator Mark Udall has seen his momentum slow down of late, but that probably has more to do with the natural tightening of this race as October draws near. Public polling in Colorado has become about as reliable as a Ouija Board, though if the final outcome is within the general margin of error of most voter surveys, the data is largely irrelevant anyway. For Congressman Cory Gardner, the one thing that has yet to change remains his biggest problem: He just has too many bad votes on too many important issues. Gardner's campaign also seems to have no idea how to go after Udall effectively; they've been changing tactics like the rest of us change socks.

When all is said and done (or insert cliche of your choice), we always come back to the same question: If you had to gamble everything you had on predicting the winner of this race, would you really choose Gardner?

Neither would we.


John Hickenlooper (60%)
Bob Beauprez (40%)

This race continues to be one of the stranger contests we can remember because of its relatively low profile. Republican Bob Beauprez hasn't run a particularly strong, or interesting, campaign thus far — but perhaps it's enough to ask that his campaign doesn't crater as completely as it did in 2006. Governor John Hickenlooper, meanwhile, has been largely invisible for the last few months. No matter how you look at the race, it's hard to envision Beauprez actually ending up in the Governor's Mansion.


Cynthia Coffman (51%)
Don Quick (49%)
We've had Quick at the top of the Line for a very long time, so what's different? Nothing, really. In fact, it will be hard (post-election) to explain the outcome of this race no matter what happens in November. If this race were taking place in a bubble, we'd give the edge to Quick. But if Democrats win seats for Senate and Governor, history suggests that voters will split their ballot and pick Republicans for other statewide spots.


Andrew Romanoff (55%)
Mike Coffman (45%)
There may still be a "Coffman" in elected office come January; for the first time in 25 years, we don't think it will be Mike. In their third debate of the campaign, Democrat Andrew Romanoff completely demolished Congressman Mike Coffman. One debate does not a campaign make (or something like that), but the momentum in this race is unmistakably on the side of Romanoff. Coffman's campaign has been insisting that their guy is ahead in internal polling numbers — just don't ask for proof.

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  1. Urban Snowshoer says:

    The governor can still win but he's long past the point where he can play "Mr. Nice Guy." He's going to have to do a better job hitting back–politics is a dirty business after all.

    • marklane1351 says:

      Bob Beauprez handed this race over as soon as he started blaming Hickenlooper for the murder of Tom Clemens. When Tom Clemens's widow cries foul you can't take Beauprez's side. Beuprez has been explaining and not apologizing for three news cycles now.

  2. OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

    I like my guy Udall and still believe he will put it out in the end, but objectively, Udall-Gardner is 50-50 at the moment. He better have a beast of a ground game prepared. 

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    I could imagine Gardner winning the Senate race but the idea of that duffus standing next to the horse's ass as governor is too much of a stretch.  I would give Gardner the 40% and Both Ways, the 38%.

    • DawnPatrol says:

      It looks tougher than I'd like (or thought it would be), but I still see no real reason to think Senator Udall won't pull it out in the end. And we still have five weeks and a lot of GOTV activities moving under the radar to pummel Con Man!

  4. DenverMom says:

    I agree that Gov. Hickenlooper and Sen. Udall will pull it out in the end.  No one is focusing on the down ballot races, which is too bad, because in every line, the D is substantially better than the R.  Walker Stapleton has been an absent Treasurer (his website still refers to him as a she in places because Cary Kennedy preceded him), Cynthia Coffman is not the brightest light who is proud of her sucess in defunding planned parenthood, and Wayne Williams has said he will keep on Scott Gessler's people and policies.  Need I say more?

  5. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    Joe Neguse was endorsed by the Denver Post today! They can occasionally do the right thing.

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