New Gardner Ad Critical of Udall Family Ties (VIDEO)

We've talked many times in this space about Republican Congressman Cory Gardner's campaign for U.S. Senate and their obvious confusion about finding the right message for attacking Sen. Mark Udall.

Apparently Gardner is still looking for that message. In his latest ad, revealed today, Gardner goes after Udall for having the audacity to have family members involved in politics. Here's what Gardner says about the Udall family, which you can watch for yourself below (after the jump):

CORY GARDNER: [Mark Udall] is the Senate. 18 years in politics, and he's got two cousins who are Senators, too. Mark Udall's dad even ran for President.

Gardner goes on to talk about how his father and grandfather both sell tractors, which is a "you think you're better than me?" message that might appeal to a Republican base but probably won't do much to excite the rest of Colorado voters. The timing of Gardner's ad is interesting as well; on Monday, Arizona Sen. John McCain said that he would not campaign against Udall because of a long history with both Mark and his father, "Mo" Udall

Oh, and about those Udall cousins in the Senate? Sen. Tom Udall is a Democrat from New Mexico, and Sen. Mike Lee is a REPUBLICAN from Utah. Mike Lee was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010 after a surprise defeat of longtime incumbent Republican Sen. Bob Bennett.


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  1. denverco says:

    Poor con man cory, after he loses in November he can join the family business and become a used tractor salesman.

  2. MooMooMoo0MooMooMoo0 says:

    …back in the Yeoman's paradise of Yuma.

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    Mark Udall's father was a class act who epitomized a time when politicians of opposite parties were adversaries, not blood enemies.  Just look at how he mentored John McCain, and McCain, to his credit, appreciated, and continues to appreciate, that.  (I know, the same old coot who gave us Sarah Palin.  Go figure…..)

    I knew Udall was related to former Senator Gordon Smith (RINO-OR).  The news about Mike Lee really is news to me……

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    When Udall first ran for the state legislature, probabvly 25 years ago, he was calling people in the conservation community for support. He called me one evening and I asked him if he really wanted support from a Goldwater Republican. He took time out for a few minutes to tell me what it was like growing up around Goldwater and his family. Even though Goldwater and the Udall patriarchs had different politics, they were always very close (I confimed that from other sources). I've been a contributor to Udall ever since.

    Udall is a conservationist; I'm a conservationist. Udall is a mountaineer; I'm a mountaineer. I wouldn't expect folks like Andrew C. or Moderatus; or even some of the libs who post here; to understand those kind of connections.

    Regards,   C.H.B.


  5. horseshit GOP front grouphorseshit GOP front group says:

    If he's so " darn proud " of Yuma and his familys tractor sales you think Cory will go back to Yuma and run the family business after he loses this race ?  Didn't think so.

    It's K street or bust for the phoney baloney asshole.

  6. DawnPatrol says:

    Whether peddling shameless political bullshirt to ignorant rubes or hustling tractors, it's all the same to Con Man Cory. He'd better start boning up on his private sector salesman pitch. He's gonna need it very shortly.

  7. DenverMom says:

    He is desperate.  His internal polls must show that he has to do something.  Since when iis it a bad thing to come from a family which believes in public service.  Gardner should watch "The Roosevelts" on PBS.

  8. DaninDenDaninDen says:

    Branon Rittiman "truth tests" this ad, except he doesn't other than scoffing  Dems response of asking for the ad to be pulled.

     Instead Brandi  ( Eddie Munster widows peak) pivots into Udall ad.pinning Cory over personhood bill as "debateable"  Will someone please debate Brandon ?  Remind him to stay on topic?

    further, more than one truth test by 2 diff stations are showing up  segements of  oppo attack ads by the Rwingers

  9. ModeratusModeratus says:

    There's nothing offensive in this ad. He calls Udall a nice guy. I'm sorry, but the fact that he comes from a political family is fair game. Mark Udall owes his seat to the family name…

    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

      He owes his seat to a series of democratic elections where a majority of the electorate found him to be the superior choice.  Last cycle he battled the man who visited sweatshops vacationed on the Marianna Islands with Jack Abramhoff; this time it's a Koch-stained ConMan who dines in Ireland on Congressional junkets and floats around in the Atlantic on good ship "The Good Life".

      I have little doubt the majority will once again see the Senator as the preferred option.

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