Dems Not “Shying Away From Guns” In SD-19

A new Democratic mailer hitting mailboxes in Colorado Senate District 19, where Rocky Mountain Gun Owners-endorsed arch-conservative Laura Waters Woods is facing off against Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, is noteworthy for its subject matter. Voters are getting lots of material from Republicans about the issue discussed in this mailer this election season. Here's one back at them in one of the state's most important legislative races:


Inside, the mailer calls out Waters Woods–not just for her opposition to the universal background checks on gun sales that are now law in Colorado, but her RMGO litmus-test opposition to all background checks for gun purchases. Anywhere.


One of the major criticisms of Democrats in the wake of last year's fierce debate over gun safety legislation passed by the Colorado General Assembly has been the perception that Democrats were unwilling to defend the bills they had passed. There is some validity to this criticism–not any unwillingness of individual elected Democrats like Sen. John Morse to go to the mat for these bills, which they were. Morse in particular, who was recalled by a very small margin after fighting valiantly to keep his seat, was and remains one of the most articulate and persuasive spokespeople for Democrats on gun safety. The problem was that political consultants early on had determined that the risk/benefit to "engaging the gun issue" wasn't worth it.

As those consultants discovered, pretending there's no 800-pound gorilla in the room is not a good strategy.

And the fact is, especially on closing the background check loophole, there was never a good reason to shy away from the issue. Polling on universal background checks is overwhelmingly in favor–above the 80th percentile in most surveys. Worse, the failure to respond to the avalanche of Republican misinformation about the gun bills has allowed it to gain a foothold in the public consciousness: to the point where, even as voters say they want universal background checks in overwhelming numbers, a majority say they "oppose gun control."

How can that cognitive dissonance be undone? The message in this mailer is a start.


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  1. Denver Yankee says:

    It's about damn time!

  2. DawnPatrol says:

    Hear! Hear! In memory of (among so many others) those six gun-slaughtered Florida children and their gun-slaughtered mom (thanks to a criminal felon who should never have had a gun), I say, GO SENATOR ZENZINGER!

  3. notaskinnycook says:

    I think Democratic candidates have to directly connect background checks to gun control. I know this sounds obvious, but a lot of people don't seem to relate the two. "Gun control" has been coopted by the ammosexuals as "taking away your rights", when it should mean "keeping guns away from people who are unhinged enough to shoot up schools and cinemas". That's the message Dem candidates need to hammer home. 

  4. Windsor_scott says:

    Responsible and sane gun owners don't oppose background checks.  Only the manufacturers and gun nuts have a problem with it.  Good for Rachel to run these ads.  Its about time for the sane people spoke up.  All I seem to get in the mail are crazy fliers for Con-man Cory saying Obama is coming after our guns.  

  5. BlueCat says:

    OK…. another weird thing just happened. I posted the above one word comment. Got a message that it was duplicate but it wasn't showing up. Now it is showing up. Every day it seems like a new wacky thing happens here. 

  6. FrankUnderwood says:

    I live in SD 22 where that other ammo-sexual, Tony Sanchez, is running. Been getting mailings about his anti-choice positions but nothing yet about his being a sock puppet for Dudley Brown.

  7. Moderatus says:

    Please do not shy away from your disastrous ineffective gun control laws. Fight to the end.

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