Klingenschmitt : ENDA Allows Bathroom-lurking Demons to Rape Females

(The "Dr. Chaps" crazy train rolls on – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Most people do not go into a public bathroom worrying about the history or habits of the person in the next stall. Most people use bathrooms for the usual purposes, and move on with their lives. Not Gordon Klingenschmitt, House District 15 candidate. Mr. Klingenschmitt seems to be obsessed with the demons lurking in bathrooms.

In yet another of Klingenschmitt's jaw-dropping videos, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Republican candidate for House District 15 in El Paso County, Colorado, claimed that ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) will provide an opportunity for demonic aliens to sexually assault females in bathrooms nationwide.

Here is a screenshot from one of  "Dr. Chaps" recent Pray in Jesus Name videos. At 8:11 in the video, the sinister graphic shows the familiar Girl Bathroom, Boy Bathroom, and E.T.'s Demon Cousin's bathroom.  Klingenschmitt gravely informs his viewers that ENDA is "really just a bathroom bill" that might mean that the next time you go to a public restaurant, your female relatives might have to share it with a transgendered person, who will possibly molest or rape them. At 7:22 in the video, Klingenschmitt labels Jared Polis as a "homosexual Congressman" whose "non-discrimination bathroom bill actually punishes Christians." Klingenschmitt is well-known for his over-the-top claims that equal rights for transgendered people will loose "demons of rape" upon the world.

However, as usual, Klingenschmitt is misinformed – and misinforming the public. ENDA is "A bill to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity." It has passed the US Senate with bipartisan support, (Including that of Senators Udall and Bennet), and is currently stranded in the wasteland of the US House of Representatives. ENDA specifically states: "Additional facilities not required. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to require the construction of new or additional facilities." Bathrooms are not mentioned at all in the Bill text.

 According to Jillian Weiss's legal blog on transgender issues in the workplace, the "bathroom issue" is actually a simple issue with simple, inexpensive solutions. Among these:  Gender-neutral single-occupant locking bathrooms, which double as  handicapped-accessible or "family" bathrooms. Private stalls in all bathrooms. And so on. Above all, Ms. Weiss reminds the public that the "potty problem" is not a reason to deny a transgendered person a job.  To reassure folks, Weiss states:

There are 13 states and a hundred cities with gender identity civil rights ordinances, beginning with Minneapolis in 1975. There are over 491,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S. There are over 270,000 sexual assaults per year in the U.S.

How many cases involving transgender people in bathrooms have there been in any year? Zero. How many false claims of gender identity transition have there been in order to commit sexual assault in any year? Zero.

Gordon Klingenschmitt's district, HD-15, like all of Colorado Springs, has a sizeable gay community, which may or may not be closeted, or vote Democratic. 10-15% of the general population will have or have had a same-sex relationship. An even larger percentage has family members or friends who are gay.  House District 15 has about 50,000 active and inactive voters. Of these, roughly 17,600 are Unaffiliated, 21,800 are Republican, and 9,800 are Democrats. Klingenschmitt's electoral strategy of peddling his homophobic conservative points of view may still please his base, but it may not go over as well with gay-friendly socially liberal Republican and unaffiliated voters as he might wish.  His Democratic opponent for HD15, Lois Fornander, supports the human rights provisions of ENDA.

For Gordon Klingenschmitt, the Demon lurking in the bathroom may be the man in the mirror.


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  1. ct says:

    Colorado's Republicans and Republican leadership need to accept reality, step up to the plate and acknowledge that a large portion of their base agrees with this, and answer a simple question: Are Colorado GOP rank and file wrong OR are the GOP leaders doing the old wink-and-nod "I don't really not support personhood gambit," like at the top of their ticket?  

  2. SocialisticatProgressicat says:

    I have to back up Chapsy on this one.  I've been in some public restrooms where it's clear that a demon of explosive incontinence was in residence.

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    Under current law, there is nothing that prevents wide-stance family values conservative senators from trolling around in airport restrooms. Or Republican congressmen who sit on the missing and abused children’s caucus from sexting teenagers. Where is Chaps’ outrage over that?

  4. Curmudgeon says:

    So, for our resident trolls and GOP defenders (who. of course, won't show their faces in this thread, but we all know they're watching):

    This is what you're so nobly standing up for. These are the people you want to put in power. Lying, vile propagandists who twist the Word of God (if you even claim to believe that sort of thing) to preach a doctrine of hate.  

    I'd say you should be ashamed, but we all know that's likely.


  5. FrankUnderwood says:

         I actually watched the first 10 minutes of this freak show.  (I had never seen Chaps in action before.)  He spent a good amount of time commiserating about the right wing's glory days back in the '80's with photos of Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms taking on the NEA for the Maplethorpe artwork.  Then he prayed that there would be no blasphemy in the arts.  Then he segued into the ENDA bill.

         Where is that photo of Chaps wearing that propeller hat I saw on Pols a couple of weeks ago.

  6. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    I see neither modster nor piss ant want to touch this.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      No, but they'll support the GOP candidate, and bleat about him "representing the voters of his district". 

      Think about that for a moment. They're admitting that this twisted, perverted viewpoint is representative of the GOP voters in Dr. Chaps' district.

  7. horseshit GOP front grouphorseshit GOP front group says:

    It used to be funny to hear about what kind of crazy shit Chaps would say next, but now its just kind of disturbing.  The man is a lunatic. The bar for state rep is now set even lower – sanity isn't even required. 

  8. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    Great piece by Pam Zubeck in the Colorado Independent on Chaps.

     "At some point, the people in this county are going to have to ask themselves, 'What do we want?'" she says. "Are we serious about bringing jobs and economic development, or are we OK with being called the capital of crazy?"

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