All Brown People Look Alike To Conservative Blogs

UPDATE: Colorado Peak Politics attempts to correct their post:

CORRECTION: This post has been corrected to reflect that JulieMarie Shepherd is not of Hispanic decent. [Pols emphasis]

Perhaps she is of Hispanic in-"decent?" Kidding aside, there's still no explanation as to why Peak Politics decided Shepherd is "Hispanic" for the purposes of this blog post about "Hispanic" Republican House candidates, so…it must have been the photo?

Not the local conservative blogosphere's finest hour, safe to say.


JulieMarie Shepherd.

JulieMarie Shepherd.

On the conservative blog Colorado Peak Politics today, a fascinating post, and by that we mean incredibly embarrassing, about Colorado Republican legislative candidates who represent the state's "diverse heritage." Here's what they have to say about one JulieMarie Shepherd, running against Rep. John Buckner in Aurora's House District 40:

Two of Colorado’s top targeted legislative races both feature Hispanic GOP candidates [Pols emphasis] and have made the list of “14 in ’14 Races to Watch” put out by the Republican State Leadership Committee:

Beth Martinez Humenik, Colorado Senate District 24

JulieMarie Shepherd, Colorado House District 40

…JulieMarie Shepherd is challenging Democrat Rep. John Buckner for his Aurora-based seat.  She has already distinguished herself in the community and is an at-large member of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education.  Shepherd is young, energetic and hungry to make a difference.

Just one problem: Shepherd isn't Hispanic. Wrong continent, in fact:

While she was born in Calcutta, India, [Pols emphasis] Shepherd considers herself an "almost" native of Aurora. As an infant, she was adopted and came to live in Aurora with her mom, a retired United States Army Officer.

As you can see from the photo above, Ms. Shepherd is brown. Apparently, to our local conservative bloggers, brown skin tone is enough to be considered "Hispanic," even though there are in fact many ethnicities where brown skin tone is commonplace. For example, people from India.

If anyone would like to explain to us how this isn't every bit as bad as it looks, we're all ears…

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  1. Ralphie says:

    Waiting for one or both of our local freepers to explain why this isn't a problem.

  2. Progressicat says:

    She considers herself an "almost" native of Aurora.  Perhaps the peakers think India is "almost" Mexico.  They do share a similar latitude, although on opposite sides of the planet.

    • ct says:

      Columbus thought Central America was India too, the story books say.  And I am pretty sure he was one of the Founding Fathers along with Lincoln and Reagan.  So its a simple mistake, and kind of patriotic too.  

      • BlueCat says:

        Saw a quote on TV. Some guy carrying on against immigrants and how their kids don't learn English and they're a threat to our way of life and even to the government. It was fom Ben Franklin. I suppose he was probably carryng on about Germans. The more things change….

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      The "peakers" would never understand how that could be possible.  Wouldn't the people on the opposite side of the planet fall off?

    • marklane1351 says:

      Can we just refer to white people and other people. It I would be easier for anyone who is simple minded a lazy thinker, ignorant or racist? You know the people who believe they are Real 'mericans. Fake Americans like myself can believe that we can all have are own identities and still be Americans. People like myself think it is okay that President Obama calls himself African American rather than Half-white. His mom was white remember. She was from Kansas not Kenya.

  3. Progressicat says:

    The inevitable:

    CORRECTION: This post has been corrected to reflect that JulieMarie Shepherd is not of Hispanic decent.

    But is she of Hispanic indecent?

  4. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Harry Reid claimed Justice Thomas was white last week (5 white men decided the Hoby Lobby case), so what's a little mistake between friends.:)


    • Curmudgeon says:

      Ralphie, you're a damn psychic.

    • Progressicat says:

      Right.  So both of them acted the idiot.  Reid introduced race into a discussion where the problem is patriarchy.  No reason to discuss race.  Stupid to do so.

      Peak wrote a story where the entire fucking purpose of the story was to point out minority candidates as rising stars in the party and identified 50% of them as belonging to the wrong ethnicity.  So, also idiotic

      What makes the Peak article worse, however, is that the accusation they're trying to rebut is that the GOP is tone-deaf to the needs of minorities and the value of "difference" in the party.  The proceed to do that by saying "Hey, you all look brown to us!"

      • Andrew Carnegie says:


        Both made a mistake.

        If the point in the Peak article was to show the diversity of Republican candidates, an Indian-American would have worked too.

        The difference to me is that Reid's comment was not a mistake.  He didn't care that Thomas was black because most of the people he is appealing to with the race card would not notice.

        • BlueCat says:

          He probably just forgot about the guy. He never says or contributes or asks anything. It's easy to forget he even exists except as one of the numbers on every one of the worst 5/4 decisions.

        • Ralphie says:

          You're a fucking idiot, AC.  And a complete failure as a political operative. But you already knew that.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          What Reid should have said Andrew is that helth care decisions relating to woman were made by five old Catholic males who don't have any balls between them and who are simply politicians in robes who love Big Government when it can benefit the rich.  He should used the religious extremist analogy which would have been spot on the money instead of gender identification.

          Either way you still suck as a human being who defends the feeble attempts by Republicans to portray themselves as NOT racist while calling for the lynching of Obama.  Fuck you and this disingenous power play for Hispanic votes from people that you hate.  Fuck you and your party of racists.

          • ct says:

            Its almost like ignoring and rejecting the 'gay' Rpublican group until you can get them to do something for you in attacking that gay Congressman who won't toe the (bipartisan) line that fracking Colorado is the bestest future we can have.   Its so transperant, but I am still unconvinced AC is actually astute enough to understand any of that.  Autotron that pukes back the latest talking point, incapable of riginal thought, and with the self-perception of an algae.  

    • BlueCat says:

      Look who's baa-aack. 

      • Curmudgeon says:

        He's honor-bound to render assistance when anyone lights the Right Wing Racism Defense beacon (which is really just a cross doused in gasoline, but, old ways are the best ways, huh?).

  5. Curmudgeon says:

    You've got to love the GOP, those scamps….

    They can't even do their "minority outreach" without showing they're stupid bigots. Go with your strengths, I guess….

  6. exlurker19 says:

    I have been insanely busy, too busy for most of Pols even.  But I needed a laugh this morning and I want to thank everybody (especially our resident idiot, AC) for a great belly chuckle.  Ducking out again, must get back to work.

  7. hsabin says:

    When I was in high school, a teacher once said that with in 500 years, there will be NO pure white, black, hispanic or etc person in the world due to all the intermarrying tht is being done.   I think he was wrong…withint 100 years if my guess.  

    And what is wrong with being HISPANIC?  And who cares if she is Hispanic or not?  

  8. Duke Cox says:

    Tom Tancredo…for one.

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