Beauprez tries to “manufacture” economic issue

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“Both Ways” Bob Beauprez (right).

According to the Denver Post this morning, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez said one thing during the primary campaign and is just now attempting to verify his unfounded statements. In spite of Colorado's booming economy, like 2006, Beauprez has launched his campaign based on a message that rules and regulations promulgated by state agencies plus state taxes have held back Colorado's economy. Last week the reporter on Colorado Public Radio asked him which regulations he is talking about. His responded by saying Utah's governor had reduced the number of state regulations by 300+. Of course that didn't answer the question which Colorado regulations is he talking about. For taxes he doesn't have any better answer except he would eliminate the personal property tax which of course will be a financial disaster for county governments in places like Routt (Steamboat Springs) and Moffat (Craig) counties.

Now this morning,via the Post it is clear Beauprez doesn't have a clue about which tax policy or regulations to repeal. He's made these statements about both before having any evidence to back them up. Do we really want someone as our governor who paints himself into a corner before having the facts.

Beauprez told the Post his meetings with entrepreneurs and captains of industry will be private.In other words, after the meetings, he will craft a general statement about all the bad regulations and taxes we have but he'd better be ready to talk about the consequences of cutting taxes, especially on higher education tuition and transportation projects, both of which are key drivers of our long term economic health. Also, and just as importantly, he'd better be ready to speak to the consequences and trade-offs if a regulation is repealed. So far his campaign boils down to this: He shoots off his mouth first and then tries to find evidence to support his unfounded statements. An inauspicious beginning for his general election campaign. 

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  1. horseshit GOP front group says:

    Bob's " phantom regulations " that are strangling the economic vitality of our state.  IIRC this was a vague theme of his last gubernatorial campaign, and we all know how that went.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      BWB, and his TV-ad partner there, have been, um, "manufacturing" the same stuff together ever since that first campaign . . . 

      . . . SOS . . . (and that's not an international distress signal). 

  2. Davie says:

    The Post's lead paragraph contradicted the headline:

    Bob Beauprez said he will draft his economic strategy for the campaign trail with the advice of those most directly involved in creating jobs and expanding the economy.

    I thought, "Really, is he going to talk to Colorado consumers?"

    Since the "regulations" implemented by state and local government tend to be for protecting consumers, our land, water, air, and the bottomline, our shared future, I'm not sure I understand why the captains of industry should hold such sway, since they are more focussed on next quarter's profits and how many stock options they can convince their boards to award them.

    What will their recommendations be?  Lower the minimum wage, lower the age limit for hiring cheap workers? Eliminate rules and regulations concerning dumping toxic waste on our land or water?  Stop measuring air pollution? Lower the corporate tax rate? Raise the sales tax to replace the lost revenue?

    Somehow, I don't think the real job creators will have any say on Beauprez "economic strategy", nor will they like the probable outcomes.


  3. DenverMom says:

    It seems like Beauprez doesn't understand how regulations are promulgated.  There is an administrative process, set forth in statute.  Regulations are generally approved by bipartisan boards and commissions, or by executive agencies.  There are public comment periods.  The General Assembly staff also reviews the regulations to make sure they conform to the statutory authority of the agencies.  The Governor does not have the authority to eliminate regulations and rules on his or her own.


  4. bullshit! says:

    I don't know how anyone can stand by Beauprez as he makes these absurd promises and not bust up laughing. The man is such a joke, and yet the media takes him seriously…

  5. MichaelBowman says:

    Good lord, Bob.  Grow a brain.  Your proposed tax policy, as already implemented in Kansas, will make it impossible to tell when we've crossed the border from Dump huckistan to the Land of Oz. 

    "Kansas is the story of the next decade"

    ~Patrick Gleason, Americans for Tax Reform

    Uh…yeah.  But not for the reasons you thought…


    • Republican 36 says:

      Michael, thank you for posting the article about Kansas. It is unbelievable that any Republican would still look to Arthur Laffer and his infamous "curve" as a viable policy model. Reagan, George W. Bush, Gov. Christie and now Gov. Brownback have all tried it and failed. You'd think Republican leaders would get the message this is a failed policy option. 

    • BlueCat says:

      Notice that when things were going well in the wake of former Dem Guv's policies he thanked God for favoring his state. Any word on where he thinks God stands on his own policies now that Kansas is in the toilet?

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