Running for Election Clerk, Head Violates Election Law

Victor Head, running for County Clerk in Pueblo, is raising funds through some creative means. A machine gun shoot. T-shirts advertising that "Everyone Loves Head".  A raffle of a unique motorcycle. Say what?

Perhaps someone should let Mr. Head know that, according to the Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII, Section 2 (2013), also known as "bingo and raffle law", an organization has to be a nonprofit, veterans, volunteer firefighters, or bona fide charity to conduct a lottery, bingo, or raffle. And those organizations have to apply to the Sec State for a license. So far, no license is on file for Mr. Head's raffle of the motorcycle. They are calling it a chance for a door prize, but that is the definition of a raffle.

Someone running for the office which will supervise elections in Pueblo County should at least know of and follow the relevant statutes.


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