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March 12, 2014 01:54 PM UTC

Beauprez: "I've Lived Off The Land All My Life"

  • by: Colorado Pols

Chateau d'Beauprez, Lafayette, CO.

Here's a clip of audio from 2006 2014 GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez's interview with radio host Jimmy Sengenberger that had us blowing soda out our nose when we got it yesterday evening:

Transcript–this clip comes just after Beauprez decries new emission standards passed by Gov. John Hickenlooper's Air Quality Control Commission. If you like, listen to the whole interview here.

BEAUPREZ: Everybody wants clean air, they want a safe environment, they want to be good stewards of the environment, and I'm certainly in that category. As a guy who's lived off the land all of his life, I want to protect that land and that environment. [Pols emphasis]

"Lived off the land all of his life?" It's true that Beauprez's parents were dairy farmers, but the reality is, Beauprez sold off the family farm. The Beauprez family farm is now an upper middle class suburban neighborhood. Beauprez's wealth derives not from farming, but from banking. Now, maybe the beautiful subdivision and golf course that sits on Beauprez's former farm is what he meant by "living off the land," but that's not what will come to mind for most people. As Todd Hartman reported in the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News back in 2006:

[Beauprez] went on to sell the cows along with the family farm, converting it to a shiny 1,350-home golf course community in Lafayette. He took the profits from that deal and poured them into a failing hometown bank, building it into a 13-branch showcase that recently sold for $72 million. Beauprez's share: $16.5 million.

You bet Bob Beauprez "lives off the land"–by selling it!

If that's not bad enough: Beauprez made this statement while attacking regulations on oil and gas drilling (listen to the whole interview for context). The land Beauprez "lives on," literally and figuratively, is located in Lafayette.

The same Lafayette that passed a ban on "fracking" last fall.

Could it get any more ridiculous, folks? We're inclined to think not.


27 thoughts on “Beauprez: “I’ve Lived Off The Land All My Life”

  1. A champion steward of the environment if ever there was one. Oh brother. Good thing a tin ear isn't a terminal condition. Well, it probably is as far as politics are concerned for this moron.

    1. LOL!    Of course he is, . . . and he's (still) the absolute best (only) (no) chance your gaggle's got!!!!

      BWB — gotta' love a guy who can step in it even when he's nowhere near the back end of his BFF stable buddy

  2. "Some of my best friends are environmentalists. I just never allow anyone to see us in public. No, really. Just like all my Negro friends…"

    Yet another craven GOP coward with no scruples and a hard-wired inability to tell the truth, ever.

  3. Alright Colorado Pols, if you're going to cite me and my radio show, let's get the name right: it's SENGENberger, not Sensengberger.  Unfortunately for you, I'm not a member of Congress yet.  But if you want me to run, that's cool – let's just learn the name first 🙂

    So let's all say it together now: Sang-en-bur-ger.

    In the meantime, thanks for listening!

    1. Where's the incorrect spelling?

      While you're here, care to back up the both wayed one on his claim to be a live off the land guy?

      jimmy, you made the mess. Clean it up.

      1. The name was fixed after I had a little fun at Pols' expense.  All good now.

        As for Bob's assertion, you can interpret it however you want.  It doesn't make a difference to me one way or another what you guys think.  All I know is, Bob's a good and a decent man.  We'll see how the voters decide on the merits of his candidacy by the petition deadline.

        1. I don't think you're going to get a direct answer from Jimmy Sensodyne. If he can't get his own name right, how can you expect him to answer a straight question?


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