Video: Hick, Hancock Put The Sell on The RNC For 2016

Democrats Michael Hancock and John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver and former Denver Mayor-turned Governor of Colorado respectively, reach across the aisle in hope of bringing home the lucrative economic boost offered by the Republican National Convention in 2016.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    Hope we get it. Protesting in the streets will make me feel young again.

  2. Canines says:

    Here's a great selling point: 73% of Denver's population voted for the Democrat in the last presidental election. (Even Charlotte, where the 2012 DNC took place, voted for Obama, even if he couldn't win the state.)

    Go where you're loved, I say.


  3. Canines says:

    Hmmm. Bob Beauprez is trying to sweeten the pot. According to the Denver Post's The Cannabist:

    “There’s an easy political case to be made,” said Beauprez, who is a Republican and the chair of the Denver RNC 2016 bid committee. “Other governors and mayors will want to come here and see how (legal pot is) working out.”


    • Canines says:

      “It’s like promoting gambling,” [Hickenlooper] said [to fellow governors, about promoting marijuana]. “It always makes you nervous when you see government promoting gambling or any of those sin trades. They are revenue sources. … We know people are not going to be better off smoking pot. It doesn’t mean they should be arrested … but we know it doesn’t make you smarter.”

      Read more:


      It's like a game: Count how many times there's the image of a beer or a mention of the word "microbrew" in the video.

      Go figure.

      • OrangeFree says:

        It is asinine, and always has been, to compare marijuana to alochol (specifically beer). There's an underlying message when you promote a brewery tour, distillery tour, pub crawl, winery tour, Oktoberfest, ect – a festive atmosphere for nightlife/gatherings of people, even if you're not imbibbing. 

        You don't see North Carolina out there going "come to our tobacco fields!" so why should Colorado promote marijuana in the same way?

        What draws you in more? A lively outing with people lifting their glasses, or a smoke filled room with people passing a joint? 

        • Canines says:

          I've had pleasant experiences in both. And there are people presently taking Colorado-based cannabis tours, perhaps some not even imbibing, for similar reasons to what you point out. So your equation of "marijuana = tobacco" doesn't resonate with me.

          Frankly, I don't care if Colorado, the state itself, ever promotes marijuana tourism. But I do personally think it's hypocritical for the Governor to say that we shouldn't be promoting "sin" industries — and then doing just that.


          • mamajama55 says:

            Colorado's recreational cannabis status will be a helluva draw for the Republican convention, whatever saintly public positions they claim to hold.

            "Sin" is so much more enticing when it's secretive, especially if it's legal, and so not ending a public career.

          • Canines says:

            I, also, find it funny that we've been told by officials on high that recreational marijuana is terrible for the state's image. Yet, now it's one of the selling points for having the RNC in Denver, according to Bob Beauprez!

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