“Standing with Evie”: Supporter Pics and Updates

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These friends of mine are Jefferson County patriots, standing up for the democratic process, and for an effective state legislator, Senator Evie Hudak. Hudak is being threatened with a recall election, and recallhudaktoo is gathering signatures for this effort. They'll need 18,400 valid signatures by December 3 in order to force an expensive recall election. On the Peter Boyles show,  recall organizers said that they had around half of the signatures they needed as of  November 8.

As in the previous recall election attempts,  groups of recallers, who are gathering signatures,  compete with supporters of the elected legislator, who ask the public to "Decline to Sign".

Some of my Jeffco friends gave me permission to post their photos of supporters waving signs and "Standing with Evie" over the last two weekends. One long time activist wrote," Just call us all brownshirted Nazi goon thugs – no, I mean, protesters!"

A source close to the Standing with Evie campaign said that  "Volunteers have been pretty evenly matched. Police have done their best to enforce a consistent set of rules."

He also confirmed that it's likely that the recall forces are in fact halfway to their goal of collecting over 20,000 signatures.  

A heartfelt thanks to these patriotic volunteers – and don't forget to sign up to volunteer or donate at StandwithEvie.com

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