GOP Chairman Call Rains On Hudak Recall Parade


FOX 31's Eli Stokols reports–the apostasy! The betrayal! Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call reasons with his flock:

Last week, a day after the two Republicans elected to succeed the two Democrats ousted in recall elections last month, a few conservative activists announced a new effort to recall a third Democratic state senator.

But, with Democrats now clinging to just a one-seat senate majority, the proposed recall election targeting Sen. Evie Hudak of Westminster isn’t about her gun votes or anything else she’s done — activists already tried and failed to gather enough signatures to recall her earlier this year.

It’s about political power, pure and simple.

And it risks blunting the political headwinds that many Republicans, following the recalls, finally feel building at their backs on the cusp of another big election year.

“The job of the Republican Party is to get Republicans elected when there are regular elections,” said Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call. “And there are already a lot of things competing for our time, attention and resources.

“This recall election would undermine our efforts in the governor’s race, the U.S. Senate race and to win a senate majority if voters perceive that Republicans are trying to win a majority through recalls.” [Pols emphasis]

Call's reasoning is quite valid, and just one of a number of reasons that have been expressed to us that the latest campaign to recall Sen. Evie Hudak may, as attractive as it may seem on the surface, amounts to a "bridge too far" for Colorado Republicans. After the gun lobby extracted their pound of flesh from Democrats by successfully ousting Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron, another recall would be about the partisan power play of retaking the state Senate rather than a legitimate grassroots issue-based campaign. Moreover, the biggest advantage Republicans enjoyed in the recent recall elections, and would again in any future recall process as it exists today in Colorado is the ability to prevent the normal delivery of mail ballots. This is due, as the state just came to understand, to a 1912 constitutional provision for recalls that gives much more time for candidates to petition on to the ballot than other elections. This makes delivery of mail ballots logistically impossible.

In short, that means Republicans are gaming the system to suppress the vote in every one of these recalls, and that looks bad. It's more than Call's suggestion that it would be bad for voters to "perceive" that Republicans are "trying to win a majority through recalls." It's at least as dubious that they would be doing so by taking advantage of an arcane state constitutional loophole to reduce turnout.

Call is washing his hands of this recall because it looks bad. It looks gratuitous, blatantly partisan, and manipulative. Now, it may be that Republicans will decide not to care about the optics. But, and we'll leave it to our readers to discuss why, that will be over the objections of their party's state chairman.

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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    I'm anxiously awaiting a statement from the Brophy gubernatorial campaign as to their position on this particular recall…

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Pols, you're right. Recall proponents could totally use the same fricking strategy to deny mail ballots on a "Recall Hudak", or "Recall ______Dem"  election, should they be able to gather enough sigs on petitions to mandate a recall. 

    I would like to believe that Chairman Call doesn't want to be, in your words," blatantly partisan and manipulative." 

    The recall people believe that they are on a roll. They are trying to use their momentum to put the fear into politicians of all denominations. Can Call resist, when they're calling for his recall, as well?  More drama to come, for sure.

    • BlueCat says:

      And I would like to believe that Call has some influence over the all recall all the time wing but I don't think he does. The number of base Rs who care what their Chair thinks seems to be dwindling fast. They probably haven't forgiven him for apologizing and then un-apologizing over all that fried chicken that was/wasn't intended to make statement. Does anyone care what he thinks and is their any point to reasoning with these people? 

      If Call is right, they go ahead and it helps us kick out more Rs then scratch my opening. I'm fine with Call having no influence. Maybe the best way to kill the GOPT is to get them to eat all the grownups left first.

    • gertie97 says:

      The wingnuts want very simple solutions and they want them now. Just like ice cream. Remember when term limits was the magic wand? Not good enough. So now it's recall anybody who doesn't do it their way, and do it now. Just like toddlers.

  3. nota33 says:

    This is not a surprise. Republicans are radical extremists that have a hard time winning in regular elections where turnout is much higher and mail in ballots are used. If this recall does not fail, I hope Hudak resigns because we cannot take a chance with this recall. Remember, Hudak won in 2012 and if a republican extremist takes her seat, that republican will have her seat for years to come. 

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Either you stand for something or you are nothing.  The best thing Evie can do is stand by her record with no apologies for her votes.  That was Betsy Markey's cowardly moment refusing to take credit for voting for the Affordable Care Act.  If we are to build a more peaceful and prosporous society than people have to stand up for what they believe in.  She should be proud of her votes and just read them the riot act over their lies of conflating gun regulations with gun confiscation.  People respect a fighter and if she wins then it blows up their strategy and makes it easier for Hickenlooper to run on his record.  I hope she comes out swinging if it gets to that point.  If it drags out into the new year then maybe Dems. can find a way to fix the mail in ballor loophole.

  4. n3b says:

    What the hell?! Is Ryan Call the head of the Republican Party, or the Democrats?!!

    This is the last straw. Ryan Call needs to resign, and we'll take back the Senate without him.

  5. Miss Jane says:

    Another round for Mr. Call and the anarchist wing of his most interesting party.  We'll see what he says later in the week.

  6. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    I've never felt sorrier for a Republican state chairman. He's totally lost control of his party to wingnuts who don't care how much damage they do to their future in exchange for getting their teeth into any Democratic throat they can reach. 

    • Curmudgeon says:

      I'd like to feel sorry for Ryan Call, I really would. He's trying to speak reason in the face of hateful, deluded people. But when the GOP sacrificed reason for the energy and assumed loyalty of the Tea Party, they got what they deserved. They didn't care what kind of damage the crazies did, as long as it gave them some victories; now, it's coming back to bite them in the ass.   

    • n3b says:

      Yeah, those terrible "wingnuts" who are about to flip the Colorado Senate. You're not fooling anybody, libtards.

  7. Duke Cox says:

    and so it begins in earnest…Ted Milosavic,,…I mean Cruz, and co. know exactly what they want out of this… political cleansing… doing such bold and outrageous shit that only the true believers, the truly sociopathic will want to wear the colors. They know where the fear, and thus, the motivation lies.

    When the government is crippled,  organized criminals thrive…have we forgotten this simple fact? These criminals are shutting down the government for many reasons, all of them having to do with personal gain and dominance of our society by commerce, not compassion.

    I would like to see a thread featuring Republican 36, Craig, littletonian, Michael Bowman, and some of our other conservative contributors telling us how they are taking this fundamental schism in their party, and what do they see as a path forward. I would not post and encourage all who don't consider themselves to just enjoy reading the conversation.  It would be great to hear personally from Ryan Call and see what he might say to the neeb and his inanity.

    Mr. Chairman, the floor is yours.

  8. DavidThi808 says:

    What if th wingnuts are right? What if every time they run a recall they win because fewer Dems vote? What if come the '14 election the voters don't care they played these games?

    We all love to wax indignant over these recalls. But what if the majority of voters don't care?

    • Well, then I'd say we're screwed and we can kiss every inch of progress made since Teddy Roosevelt goodbye – and probably a few predating him, too.

      It's the job of the Democratic Party and its candidates to convince people it's worth voting for them. It's the goal of Republicans to convince most people it's not worth voting for anyone – and if that doesn't work, erecting barriers to voting works, too.

      Are we willing to fight for it?

      • Gilpin Guy says:

        I think it all gets down to how Obama handles this Lincoln moment.  If he mans up and takes the casualties including all of our 401K's when they take us over the cliff than you are going to see a lot of motivated Dems.  man the barricades.  If he buckles and gives them the Affordable Care Act on a platter than disillusioned Dems. won't support weak politicians.  The next three weeks will determine the future of the Democratic Party.  I'm guessing he will pass this Lincoln moment even though it will result in a fiscal disaster for our country and millions of Americans.  It's on him that he is going to have to endure having so man lives ruined to preserve the constitution.  You can't run a country on recalls and black mail. 

        • MichaelBowman says:


        • BlueCat says:

          You may be a little off subject since we're talking recalls here but you're absolutely right about the the larger question of government by blackmail. And the threat of recalls hanging over our elected legislators heads over legislative decisions are another form of that blackmail.

          Obama absolutely can't back down and neither can the Senate. I think they know that. If they hand over power to a bullying minority under threat we no longer have a government that has anything to do with the way the majority voted. 

          The majority voted for the Obama whose name is the nickname for ACA, not for the guy who promised to repeal it and for a Senate majority who support him. They owe it to us not to betray our trust by caving to threats from a minority who couldn't repeal the law they dislike through the legislative process and couldn't get it struck down by the Supreme Court so are now saying destroy your own law for us or else.

          This is life or death stuff for the role of orderly democratic process in the American way of government. Nothing is perfect and that goes for our constitution which may prove inadequate in the face of a minority determined to extort what they can't get through the normal channels and a majority too frightened to stand up to them.

          The founding fathers envisioned those who found themselves in the minority on legislative issues that had passed through the constitutional process as loyal opposition who would accept the results of that process, not as a minority of thugs who would stop at nothing to get their way.

          The constitution alone can't protect is from these thugs. We can only rely on our President and the Democratic majority we elected to the Senate to do that now.

          • Gilpin Guy says:

            Tabby.  I was responding to Concern Troll David's comment that Dems. are cowards who don't care.  If Obama stands firm even if it means the economic ruin of millions of people than it will embolden Democrats at all levels to stand up too which will effect this recall election.  Lincoln didn't want seccesion but had to do the 'bloody math' and commit hundreds of thousands of young men to their deaths to preserve something more important than an individual life.  What terrible decisions he had to make but he didn't shirk his tasks and our multi-racial country is a better nation because of them.  Thank God, the destruction this time will be globally economic instead of dead flesh but Obama has to make some hard decisions that sacrifices individuals otherwise our nation will become ungovernable.

        • roccoprahn says:

          Absolutely. And I completely agree with your term "Lincoln moment". It's exactly correct and appropriate.

          "The next three weeks will determine the future of the Democratic Party" could not be more to the point.


  9. davebarnes says:

    As a registered member of The Party of Hate®, I say it is time to replace that Commie Bastard, Ryan Call.
    Let's bring in a TRUE™ Republican who will lead the party to its death.

    • Miss Jane says:

      You do make me smile davebarnes.  We'll see if they actually hoist themselves on their own figurative petard.  Eventually it will happen, I most sincerely hope.  People will get tired of the crazy and just want things to work for out them.         

  10. n3b says:

    I don't know what Call's problem is, but I know Democrats are afraid. And you should be.

  11. Negev says:

    The Republicans are not in control of the recalls. They did very little to help and more to hinder the Morse/Giron recalls until the dirty work was done, then they came in to position a replacement. Both parties should be afraid of recalls. 

    • roccoprahn says:

      You're basically saying what all of us know.

      redlegs don't want to claim your ilk. While they want your votes every two years,  your anti government "git offa mah land"," "he ain't no citizen", "that ther (o)bama's negoiatin' with feriners", "keep yer mitts offa mah M60", "whah shuld we have to pay fer background checks?" spouting country hayseed "kin" are, in actuality, an embarrassment to the standard corrupt pinko elite.

      Oh yeah, they're ecstatic the rigged recalls netted 2 Senate seats, and are thrilled the no mail in ballot's becoming the new reality, but actually endorsing you coonskin cappers' extremist methods and letting you and the goon ilk sit at the trough is a bridge too far.

      You have the unique sense of purpose in knowing you're advancing a radical corporate conserve ideology that doesn't care about you while not being "pure" enough to even be acknowledged for it.

      Way to go. Talk about being had!

      • Negev says:

        Thats funny. You sound pissed. You forgot the overcompensation for a small penis bit. The tolorance is so refreshing. I would hate to see those backass country fucks hand you another one of your own on a skewer… that would be tragic.

        I've said it before and I will say it again. Your marginalizing the people you need most. You have all the left wing fanatics your gonna get, and you'll never get all the right wing fanatics, so your target group that will swing the difference are listening closely at this point. Your rants make it very easy to turn the other direction.

        So please, go on…. 

        • roccoprahn says:


          Your ilk votes red. Every time. You don't know why. You just know reagan loved guns and made war movies. While the gunny ilk never served, you love yor country via PS3. You over inflate your importance, and without the ban on mail in ballots, recall election hopes in SD19 are dreams not realized.

          The "swing" voters actually know how benign the 5 Bills were. They're gun owners, like me. But anyone but the truly delusional knows that first of all, the 5 bills weren't even a pebble hitting a lake on "gun rights", and second of all, there are actually really important things going on right now. The goon agenda's going to have to go back burner for a while.

          But, please, hand out petitions. Looking forward to embarrassing you at the KS parking lot. Hint to negev…………learn the legislation in time for any debate with me.  

          • Negev says:

            I have never voted red in my life. Not until next election that is. I think you were looking forward to embarrassing me after Morse won… oh wait….

            I do hope your right with that mail in ballot thing….if you did not have voter suppression as an excuse for last time around, what would use this time? 

            I do know how benign the 5 bills were. They are so benign that I question if it was worth the loss of 2 legislators, possibly 3, for such a small contribution to public safety. At this point taking a bite of the shit sandwich you were handed has just made you amplify the message that got you where your at. So again… keep it up… your making this easy…




            • roccoprahn says:

              So if they're that benign, why the temper tantrum?

              And bullshit on your not voting red. 

              • Negev says:

                Rocco, Bush senior banned the importation of assault weapons in 1989. Fuck them. Your hubris has failed you in the past….

                No temper tantrum here bud. Its just getting amusing that your willing to lose majority over a bills that do, uh, nothing whatsover to curb violence, and you still tow party line and call it reasonable. If you came up with something, anything really  that would have related to the issue at hand, I do believe you would have seen less resistance. But you didn't. And here we are. 

                So I ask, was it worth it?

                • roccoprahn says:

                  What was your point re: bush/Automatic/assault weapons?

                  And you're avoiding my question. 

                  Simply put, goonies were asked for the first time since I can remember to be part of the adult population. To be responsible. To accept ownership in lethal weapons as a responsibility as well as a right.

                  The goon culture has responded to this mild request so violently because of the bullshit the nra and rmgo have passed out and you've gullibly bought. I see thier motivation, not yours.

                  Again, if these Bills did nothing, why do you waste time and money, recall good people?

                  What's the end game?

                  What do you want?

                  Why'd your "kin" do it?



                  • Negev says:

                    My point is why would I vote for reps when they did more for gun control than the Dems?

                    I am not avoiding your question. Your avoiding the answer: We were not asked to be responsible. We were told we were not responsible, and cannot be trusted with inanimate objects. Quite the opposite of your assessment. 

                    The left has you thinking that this somehow is effective, and you, sir, are the gullible one, in believing it. 

                    The bills did do something – perhaps an unintended consequence – they made a lot of responsible people feel attacked – I urge you to provide the NRA number of a mass shooter.

                    Bottom line is your barking up the wrong tree, and it makes you look stupid. To moderates even.  More stupid than a toothless redneck with an AK, which is tough to do. 

                    Can you get a mental health bill on table? The one and only common trait of all mass shooters has been completely ignored – to chase magazine capacity restrictions –  

                    Reasonable restrictions are sensible, logical, and fair. Perhaps thats where the "violent" response came from…

  12. GallopinPaul says:

    Gosh, it is so nice to see that the liberal rag DP has a comrade in Colorado Pols….and so refreshing to see so many idiot libtards residing here… Y'all could use a lot of education.

    THIS recall is not about guns… It may have started originally, as did the very successful Giron and Morse recalls, with gun control as a basis, but over time these liberals exposed more of their true selves and how little they truly cared about their constituents, the people who they were "supposed" to represent! Their arrogance and outright disrespect for the PEOPLE was their ultimate downfall, as it will be Hudak's. She sits in session tweeting, surfing the net whilst paying little to no attention to the ongoing proceedings. Asked later, she remarks she can multitask but seems to have no memory of tweeting or surfing…. Very strange for a multitasker!

    As far as being a Republican effort, there is no support from Weasel Call or the party for this recall. For that matter, we'd rather they stay as far away from this as possible so it CAN be successful. This IS a very GRASSROOTS effort, supported by a lot of very aware and passionate people willing to make a DIFFERENCE in a time when few will even get off the couch to support themselves or their families.

    RECOGNIZE NOW PEOPLE, WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT! Put people in who support us, our hopes, our goals, our way of life and turn this country back into a proud nation! Give people something to live for, rather than eternal debt. Allow people to be proud and willing to work for what they receive!

    Give us back our NATION!

    • mamajama55 says:

      Paul, I have to work so I'll make this quick.

      Senator Hudak uses her Facebook page as a communication medium with constituents. I've posted several of the legislative updates and community meeting notices she shares. We don't live in the 1950s anymore, Paul. People can communicate instantaneously,  and we expect that.  Hudak doesn't use her FB or Twitter frivolously – it's a legitimate means of communication with her constituents.

      You say this isn't about guns. Yet we both know that those are the people with the most intensity, tend to be low information voters, who aren't skilled at looking facts up. That's why on your recall page, and in any forum with "shooter" "fire" "range" , etc in the title, you are recruiting petition signers and locations at gun shows, gun stores, ranges, etc.

      You say Hudak "doesn't listen" to her constituents, and list this as a reason to recall her. So you're willing to cost the taxpayers of your county upwards of $150,000 , taken away from other county needs such as roads and personnel, to deal with your need to be "listened" to. Bullshit.

      This is about control of the Senate, pure and simple. We do both know it isn't about guns, really. You'd like to force your extreme conservative agenda and "take back your NATION@!!!" down the throats of moderate Colorado voters everywhere. We understand that Bjorkland, who signed your recall committee papers, has already done an anti-Mesa county election action with Marilyn Marks.

      If you get enough signatures (and you'll need to be getting 3000 legit ones a week), Marks will do what she does, which is to recruit some half-baked third party candidates to screw up the recall election deadlines so that mail in ballots can't be used.

      Since I'm proud and willing to work for what I receive, I have to go now. Hope your buddy didn't get an aneurysm from all of that caps-locked typing. Enjoy your time on here, but don't expect that the "libs" you have such contempt for will let your lies and half-truths slide.

    • BlueCat says:

      The government we have is the government we voted in. In fact, more Americans voted for Dem Reps than for R Reps but, thanks to massive gerrymandering efforts over the last decade or so, we still got stuck with too many safe R districts in big states like Texas.  Otherwise Dems would hold both Houses. 

      Since the dark days of the last GOP administration, marked by needless war, a flip from erased deficit to huge deficit and the economic havoc of the the Great Recession, we the people have been doing our best to take back the government from the conservatives who still believe in their discredited, destructive policies but it's been tough. Right now, it looks like you wackos are giving us a hand and a chance to return to grown up government in a big way in 2014.  Read any good polls lately?

      And, by the way, libtard is so yesterday's stale old insult. Quaint that you think it has any power to rile. 

    • Duke Cox says:

      Of all the things that piss me off about you Tea Party types, it is the unmitigated arrogance of you constantly referring to your selves as "THE PEOPLE" and all the bullshit about "OUR GOVERNMENT" that irritates me most..

      Fuck you, you obnoxious twerp. We are "people", too. And it isn't "your" government. It belongs to the most left-leaning, dark-skinned, gay, gun-hating, female , abortion doctor as much as it belongs to you. And just so you know…I am a white, male, Anglo-saxon, Christian, gun-owning, businessman.

      And you are jack-ass.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      Remember Paul, eggs are people too! 

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