Checking in on Key 2014 Legislative Races: Q2 2013

We've scrolled through the fundraising reports for state legislative candidates, and after the jump you can see how some of the top races are playing out thus far. The top fundraiser in Colorado (among legislative candidates) is Democrat Alec Garnett, whose HD-2 warchest has grown to $35,467.

As of today, Democrats hold a 37-28 advantage in the State House and a 20-15 advantage in the State Senate. We have not included candidates for the 2013 recall elections in SD-3 (Giron) and SD-11 (Morse). We also did not include races where there are not at least two candidates who have reported fundraising figures, with the exception of SD-5 (where Democrat Kerry Donovan just filed his candidacy papers in July).

(Click here to our post analyzing the Q1 reports)

State House (HD-2)
Denver, Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D) termed

Seat will be decided in Democratic Primary
Alec Garnett (D) $17,359 $35,467
Owen Perkins (D) $18,571 $9,200*
Aaron Silverstein (D) $13,145** $13,083
  *Perkins' campaign spent $11,549 in Q2
**Includes $7,750 candidate contribution
State House (HD-35)
Adams County, Rep. Cherilyn Peniston (D) termed
Faith Winter (D) $22,206 $21,151
Brian Vande Krol (R) $754.29 $10,406
State House (HD-37)
Arapahoe County, Rep. Spencer Swalm (R) termed.
Marlo Alston (D) $1,950 $2,245
Michael Fields (R) $4,170 $8,625
State Senate (SD-5)
Snowmass/Glenwood Springs, Sen. Gail Schwartz (D) termed.
Don Suppes (R) $3,226 $1,104
Kerry Donovan (D) n/a***  
  ***Donovan filed as candidate on 7/1/13
State Senate (SD-11)
Colorado Springs, Sen. John Morse (D) termed
. Note that the names listed here are candidates for the 2014 election, not the 2013 recall election.
Mike Maday (D) $7,380 $11,162
Mike Merrifield (D) $9,235 $8,637
State Senate (SD-16)
West Jefferson County. Neville was drawn out of old seat in redistricting.
Sen. Jeanne Nicholson (D) $4,910 $7,667
Tim Neville (R) $9,072 $26,872
State Senate (SD-22)
Central Jefferson County. Andy Kerr was elected to newly-drawn SD-22 in 2012, but must run for full term in 2014.
Sen. Andy Kerr (D) $12,125 $15,390
Mario Nicolais (R) $10,982 $6,274
  Tony Sanchez (R) $1,124 $412.24

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  1. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    Don't forget Edgar Antillon in House District 32! Will 2014 be the Year of the Luchador?

  2. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    The times are a-changing! Fascinating that HD-37 which currently has reactionary Spencer Swalm as its rep now has two African-Americans vying for the House: Democrat Marlo Alston and Republican Michael Fields. Right now Alston has a much better web presence and a more compelling life story. Hope to see more about this race as a microcosm of modern-day politics.

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