Live Stream of the Dreamer 8 at the Border

PCG note: The live stream of the attempted re-entry has ended, but the post contains some helpful numbers to call to advocate for the DREAMers' safe re-entry. 

Several days back 8 DREAMers left the country to bring attention to the CIR bill's failure to provide adequate opportunities to allow those who have been deported under Obama to come back to the country.  They are at the border now and trying to re-enter.  Here is the livestream (now ended).

Updates:  This was posted on Twitter:

CBP spokesperson: DREAMers aren't detained, they're being processed for reentry- via @DRMAction. @PresenteOrg @americasvoice #BringThemHome

Additional Update:
I received this in my inbox:

Updated phone numbers of who to call.

"We need phone calls, phone calls, phone calls!"

~ Mohammad Abdollahi

Call Peter Vincent @ 202-732-5000

Call Patricia M. Vroom, Chief Counsel @ 602-744-2412

Ask them to grant parole:

"Hi, I was calling to ask that you release the DREAM 8 into the U.S. by granting their request for humanitarian parole. This is their home. Re-unite them with their family. Why is the Port Authority planning on arresting and deporting all of them?

Call Senator Durbin @ (312) 353-4952 or (202) 224-2152

"Hi, I am calling to ask Senator Durbin to give a statement and letter in support of Dreamers coming back home.

Call Rep. Grijalva @ (202) 225-2435 or (520) 622-6788

Call your Representative:

"Hi, I was calling to find out why the member is going to just sit by and watch as the DREAMers, crossing the border in Nogales, are being arrested and deported. Does the member support undocumented immigrants or not?"

After you call hang-up and call back again and again and again until you get word that the DREAM 8 are safe and sound."

I've called up the numbers above and stressed that if the Dreamer 8 are verified to be neither burdens nor threats, that I'd hope the recipient of the call would use any available legal means to allow them to enter the country.  

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    I've had several students who were deported, or their family members were deported. It's a tragic situation.

    I wasn't aware of what these eight students were doing. Can you provide a link to the organization's website?

  2. bullshit! says:

    Nothing but respect for this cause. I hope they're safe and sound.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    Thanks for the post, Elliot. This is a very good thing…I will make the calls, as should we all.

  4. ElliotFladen says:

    In my inbox:

    A big THANK YOU to everyone. 

    Update: DHS denied the DREAM 9 and they are being moved to the immigration detention facility at Florence, AZ. They will begin organizing there just as they did in FL and MI. Meanwhile we need to keep calling and encouraging others to do the same.


    Updated phone numbers of who to call and the message for each.

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