Beauprez Pumps Tancredo For 2014–And Himself, “Humbly”

“Both Ways” Bob Beauprez (right).

A fresh report from the Christian right-wing American Family Association's One News Now:

Bob Beauprez, the former 7th District representative, spoke to OneNewsNow about Tom Tancredo, the former congressman who announced in May he is running for governor. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, is currently serving his first term as Colorado governor.

Beauprez recalls that Tancredo performed well in the 2010 gubernatorial race, when he ran as a third-party candidate.

"Now if Tom can get 36 percent in a three-way race [as he did in 2010], I don't think you have to think too hard," says Beauprez, [Pols emphasis] "especially when you realize our Governor Hickenlooper's favorability rating is dropping like a rock out here."

As for "Both Ways" Bob Beauprez's own intentions for 2014?

Beauprez also says Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall is vulnerable in light of all the scandals in Washington, and the struggling economy. So who does he think might challenge Udall?

"I guess humbly some of the focus is now on me and whatever I decide to do," he says. Beauprez says he plans to make that decision in the next several months.

With a shallow bench and would-be contenders like Rep. Cory Gardner announcing they won't be challenging incumbent Sen. Mark Udall next year, it could really fall to Beauprez to carry the party's standard in this race. We don't think there is any responsible observer who would tell you that Beauprez has any chance in this race, especially since Sen. Udall has emerged as a champion of civil liberties in the recent NSA phone records scandal. But they have to run somebody, and the absence of a candidate is becoming a glaring problem.

More notable here is the praise for 2010 gubernatorial candidate and anti-immigrant hard liner Tom Tancredo. Some might suggest that the GOP brass in this state would be better served to oppose Tancredo's bid for the 2014 GOP gubernatorial nomination at all costs, and opt for a less "risky" candidate like Scott Gessler. The downticket risks of the frequently-embarrassing Tancredo as the party's nominee for Governor are easy to see.

But like we said before, Tancredo has relatively high name ID, and a reputation sufficiently polarizing that he's arguably offended just about everyone he can. It's possible that, as a placeholder in a race nobody rational expects Republicans to win, Tancredo really is the best choice they have.

Let that burn in real good, folks. Bob Beauprez. Tom Tancredo. The best they have.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    Please do run Mr. Beauprez. It was so much fun for us last time.

  2. OrangeFree says:

    "especially when you realize our Governor Hickenlooper's favorability rating is dropping like a rock out here."

    Dropping like a rock? from 55% to 53% even AFTER all the supposed career ending legislation? 2% is dropping like a rock?

    The speaker can convince himself of almost anything I guess…

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