Rosario C. de Baca to Challenge Andrea Merida

When the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) announced an early list of endorsed candidates for Denver School Board in late May, notably absent was controversial incumbent Andrea Merida. At the time, Ed News Colorado noted that DCTA might be waiting to see if other candidates emerged before backing Merida again.

The rumored candidacy of Rosario C. de Baca became official last week, which is bad news for Merida. While some candidates can get elected to the Denver School Board without the help of the DCTA, Merida is not one of them; if DCTA backs de Baca, Merida will have trouble finding the resources and financing needed to win re-election.

Full press release after the jump.

Rosario C. de Baca, a lifelong activist and community organizer, announced today that she is running for the DPS Board of Education in District 2 in Southwest Denver.  “I am running to put the community first,” said C. de Baca.  “Southwest Denver endures chronic neglect by this district.  Our community needs someone who can both stand up for our neighborhoods and work with others to bring about positive changes. This public school district must respond to a democratic society with accountability and transparency.”

Rosario’s parents immigrated to this county when she was a toddler.  Community engagement defines her life.  Rosario began to volunteer while in high school, to help elect RFK, at the community health center and when Cesar Chavez was organizing for workers’ safety.

Rosario developed and supported community health programs for Denver involving residents in planning and delivery of disease prevention and health promotion education.  In 2003, the U.S. Department of Human Service, Region VIII awarded her The Distinguished Public Service Award for “Strong and tireless advocacy on issues related to public health, mental health, substance abuse and issues of access to quality education.” She has been a member of civic groups in Denver and Colorado and coordinated campaigns to register and mobilize women and Latino voters.

Rosario is married to Vincent a 17th generation resident of the US Southwest, 3rd generation Marine and professor at Metro State University.  Their 5 children are graduates of Denver Public Schools.  Rosario collaborated with DPS parents, teachers, school administrators and community advocates to find community driven solutions that fulfill the diverse and special needs of students in our neighborhood public schools and for equal access to magnet programs.

Knowing her to be a longtime champion of the community, many community leaders have already endorsed C. de Baca.  “Rosario is exactly the person we need representing our community on the school board,” said Margaret Atencio.  “Her passion for improving our schools will help make sure every child in Southwest Denver receives the education they deserve.”

Rosario C. de Baca will be having a campaign kickoff on Saturday, June 15th at The Mean Bean 4300 W. Alameda at 11:30am.

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  1. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    Good news.

    And folks: Please, pay attention to your own school board election. And your Colorado HD representative, And county commissioners. And dog catcher. and….

    DC isn't the real center of the political universe. Nor is Denver. But your home town, your neighborhood, your schools are currently important battlefields (unfortunately) where you are needed.


  2. OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

    Our community needs someone who can both stand up for our neighborhoods and work with others to bring about positive changes.

    Oh snap! Let this be a lesson to ol' Myopic Merida – you can be an advocate for your cause AND play nice with others at the same time. You can't play nice, you will lose, and thankfully your seat will now go to someone with your views but can also work with others. 

    • positivedirection says:

      I totally agree with OrangeFree. The community needs someone who will support neighborhoods while working with others to bring positive change. I would call attention to the word 'positive.' Rosario C. de Baca, thank you for running and I really celebrate the hope of having someone on board who is more positive and aproachable. The DPS community in general is not being served by Andrea Merida. She is horribly unprofessional in her comments towards others, seems to  enjoy political mud-slinging as a past-time, and poorly represents the board of education. It is embarrassing. Rosario, your passion and positivity will be appreciated and will get a lot more accomplished.

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