Some Familiar Faces Make WaPo’s Best Political Reporters List

Washington Post political blog The Fix has released a list, generated from nominations through the blog, Twitter, and Facebook, of the best, most-read political reporters in all 50 states. Some of our favorites here made Colorado's list:


Congrats to the few, the proud, the over-caffeinated, exhausted, and still enthusiastic, Colorado's best political reporters! 

Special shout-out to Peter Marcus, the only Colorado reporter to make the list while working for a niche publication not owned and operated by a giant media conglomerate. That's hustle. But where is Ernest? Oh, well, I guess even The Fix misses a beat sometimes. 

One more thing: Is it just me, or is Colorado producing especially good journalistic talent lately? I think anyone on this list could go toe to toe with the national big-name journos and come out with her or his head held high. If it weren't for the voodoo doll in my desk–I mean, his deep attachment to Colorado and passionate dedication to his network–I'm sure Stokols would have been snatched up by a national network already. (I'd take him over Wolf Blitzer, but shift Anderson Cooper off my screen at your peril…) We seem to grow 'em talented around here, especially the last few years.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    You mean Wolf Blitzer's werewolf-like drab gray facial hair and drap gray monotone drone delivery aren't your cup of tea?  wink 

    On the plus, I think you're right about our top quality journalists and several people have made it to the larger stage out of Colorado.  On the minus side, considering the quality of our average what-me-worry-about-fact-checking journalists, if we're so great, that's pretty pathetic. Which, as we all know, the state of contemporary journalism pretty much is.

  2. yameniye says:

    "Where's Ernst?" was my first thought too.  I even briefly wondered about dead govs and decided they know their place.

  3. ArapaGOP says:

    Locally based Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times does great work.

  4. Duke Cox says:

    They left out Joe Hanel from Durango.

  5. Moderatus says:

    Kyle Clark from 9NEWS.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      You mean the reporter that swallowed the made-up bullshit about the dead guy getting arrested that was being pushed by Dave Kopel?  Yeah, some top notch reportage there Libby-like one. 

      • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

        Personally, I think Kyle is pretty good for a TV journalist, although Stokols is the best. That was enough of a low point it probably did keep him off the list, however.

    • ArapaGOP says:

      +1 Clark didn't buy Pols' gun spin. Kopel and the sheriffs know more about guns than anonymous bloggers. Sorry!

      • ClubTwitty says:

        Absolutely.  I heard that Kopel spotted Teddy Roosevelt, yes old Bull Moose himself–down on Colfax, near the liquor store over there by the 7-11 (you know)–and he (Teddy, I mean President Roosevelt) was saying he (Pres. Teddy) never would have done none of the stuff that Gov. Hickenlooper did…except then the DPD came by and arrested the President for riding his horse in the wrong lane.  It was a mess.  But that's what I heard. 

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