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April 12, 2012 12:53 AM UTC

Poll: Who Do You Want to Win the HD-1 Primary?

  • by: Colorado Pols

At last week’s assembly, Denver Democrats Corrie Houck and Jeanne Labuda both qualified for the June HD-1 primary ballot — Labuda scoring topline with 58 percent of the delegates, leaving Houck with 42 percent.

While we’ve previously asked which candidate is most likely to win that primary, we’re doing things a little bit differently today. Instead, we’re asking which candidate you want to win in June. In other words, if you were casting a ballot in the HD-1 primary (as many of our readers are) who would get your vote: Jeanne Labuda or Corrie Houck?

Who Would You Vote for in HD-1?

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14 thoughts on “Poll: Who Do You Want to Win the HD-1 Primary?

  1. I think House District 1 deserves competent representation. Current representation does not understand (or care?) about her constituents.

  2. and I get that technically she doesn’t represent the area until the Nov election is over.  

    But after understanding that she didn’t want the increased area to be added to Dist 1 and that she has yet to return a call or attend a meeting she herself scheduled…it’s clear that she only serves a few.  

  3. Which “she” did not return your calls? I’m betting it was Labuda. She “loses” phone numbers, accidentally erases phone messages…and checks her email occasionally (she is so busy). These are comments she has made in person to me.

    She initiates fluff bills. The only meatier bills are ones she has signed on later as a co-sponsor.

    HD1 is a majority minority district. Labuda refused to print bilingual literature in the last election. Inclusive and thoughtful action, don’t you think?

    Corrie Houck visits & listens to the ENTIRE district, north & south. Corrie Houck has energy. She can handle a computer (besides turn it on). She listens. She asks questions for clarification. She stays on topic in conversations and when speaking publically. She returns phone calls and emails.

    We deserve a responsive, responsible, accountable HD1 representative! We need a change. Go to the websites of each candidate. See where you find the most coherent info…

  4. It is true that many of the active Dems in hd1 are disappoined in Labuda’s lack of energy, effort and interest in HD1 when the legislature is not in session. She appears quick to beleive the lobbyists and support thier causes yet is invisible to the rank and file as well as the active Dems during the summer and fall.

      Meanwhile there are several former activists who would like to have the power to name the next House member from HD1 – but not Houck!  So they set about telling inane tales about sour grapes and revenge that are far from the minds of those HD1 voters who have come out in support of Houck.

      Anyone who represents HD1 at the Capitol should earn that right by connecting with the voters and addressing thier concerns.  Has Labuda really done that?  


    1. I am proud to call Jeanne Labuda a friend.If I have an issue that needs a sympathetic ear,shes a phone call away.Her timely Town Hall meetings impart information to her constituents.I was honored to canvass 14 precincts more than once during the 2010 cycle to get out the vote for Jeanne.When some pundits in our house district wrote Jeanne off and were convinced that Dan Stroud would be swept into office with the Tea Party tide, that made my work as co-captain to work even harder to re-elect Jeanne.It saddens me that persons I worked shoulder to shoulder with to re-elect Jeanne have turned against her.Ah,some say thats just politics.But in this topsy turvy world of political intrigue,I stand with Jeanne.Friendship transcends politics.

  5. Sorry, Corrie totally turned me off at the caucus and assembly.  Asking what Labuda had done “to increase jobs in your neighborhood?”…come on!  I doubt Houck has idea one of what a legislator really has to do, or can accomplish.  My e-mails have always been promptly returned. I am a senior, as are most of my neighbors.  Jean has been solid for us.  Corrie certainly offered us nothing at the events I attended,

  6. The (R)’s have a primary runoff too in the State House District 1 race.  Republican Candidate and local business owner John Kidd, was able to get 53% of the delegate votes and top line for the June 26th Primary at the Republican HD1 Assembly on Friday the 13th.  James Wildt was able to get  47% of the vote.  Fortunately, both candidates are focused on meeting with HD1 voters and not on trying to destroy each other’s creditability.  Interestingly, this is the only Colorado House race that will have a primary for the Dems and Reps. Kind of speaks volumes to the dissatisfaction of current representation in HD1!

  7. Houck has the experience and work ethic necessary to ensure HD1 is a safe D seat.  

    The Rs are banking on Labuda’s unwillingness to knock doors, and to win nearly all of the U’s (just not possible).  The Rs are unaware of just how experienced and hard working of a campaigner Houck really is.

    If Houck’s track record is any indication, HD1 is a safe seat for Ds.

  8. If current representation is such an asset, why is there no support for her among her colleagues at the State Capitol? This primary challenge speaks to the unhappiness of House District 1 constituents that are educated about what really goes on under the Gold Dome. And the lack of support from under the Gold Dome speaks volumes.

    And until February, Fran Coleman was trying to drum up support for her own primary run against the current Representative. And now, she is her biggest supporter. How can Fran Coleman support someone who has a history of bias against her own community. I guess idiots and hypocrites like to work together. At least in this case.

  9. April 11th Facebook Post from John Kidd (R- HD1)

    “As Rome burns… (Queen Jeanne and Corrie Houck) do more damage to their own campaigns than I ever could! The Citizens of House District One (Independents, Republicans, and Democrats) are watching how unprofessional and embarrasing [sic] this is to our district. We deserve better than this! The time for change is now!”

    John Kidd appears ignorant of how hypocritical, and frankly, ironic it is to call a robust primary challenge “unprofessional and embarrasing” [sic] when he refers to Rep. Laduda in a derogatory manner “Queen Jeanne” and can’t spell “embarrassing” correctly.

    To me, Kidd’s public display of hypocrisy and ignorance is  “unprofessional and ’embarrassing'”, not for HD1, but for himself.

  10. The comment regarding embarrassing and unprofessional behavior strikes at the very reason the educated activists in House District 1 are upset with current representation.

    However, we live in a Republic that allows for citizens to remove incompetent representation and replace it with a strong voice that is more in line with the constituency of House District 1.

    The activists supporting Corrie Houck believes she is that voice. Corrie will work hard to represent the best interests of the children in our public schools to make sure that we give all children the education they deserve. She will listen and work hard to represent the best interests of the Latino community that makes up over 50% of the constituency of House District 1. And she has the political courage lacking in current representation to speak up for the voiceless in our community.

    I don’t believe that waging a primary against incompetent representation is either embarrassing or unprofessional. It is an exercise of our constitutional rights. And I know that the minority of Republicans in House District 1 will not speak for the majority of the constituents. I will, like the majority of Democrats in House District 1, support the winner of the Primary in the General Election in November.

  11. I am surprised at the number of people who simply say “I don’t care who is running, I’m going to vote Rep/Dem”. With all of the information we have at our fingertips it would seem that people would research the background, voting history (when available), views and overall qualifications. Then vote based upon careful thought and conscience. That is one of the great advantages of the secret ballot. Do your research and take it from there. No one said democracy was easy, but look at the number of countries where people are being killed just trying to vote. Here we simply have to mail it in. Look at the candidates and decide accordingly.

    Yes, I am James Wildt who is in the Republican primary.  

  12. I received a letter last week from about 30 HD-1 community leaders who are fed up with the Houck campaign’s attacks on Labuda’s character.  I asked about the attacks, and I join the City Councilmen, State Reps. and many others who are convinced the attacks are false and distorted.  As a Democrat, I feel violated that a candidate in my party would stoop to such tactics as Houck is doing.

    This blog is repeating those attacks with no apparent attempt to verify them. Why?  More checking — I understand that a paid Houck campaigner is linked to this blog.  Then there are the nasty, even cruel, follow-up comments against Rep. Labuda by the same handful of core Houck supporters.  This is destructive propaganda, not responsible journalism.

    Our community leaders are right-these orchestrated character attacks are no credit to our democracy.   The potential legacy of Houck’s mudslinging — tearing apart the Democratic Party in SW Denver.  

    It’s very likely Rep. Labuda will be re-elected, as she deserves to be.  Labuda has been a hard worker here for many years.  Houck’s contribution to HD-1 is limited to a handful of tasks over the last 2 years-appreciated, but no comparison to Rep. Labuda’s work ethic.   The growing local opinion on Houck is that she has no grasp of the issues important to Colorado or to House District 1.  

    If this blog were to cease being partisan, it could start by printing a copy of the letter from the 30 leaders.  Wouldn’t “30 community leaders speaking out” be more newsworthy than repeating fabricated “rumors” and character attacks?  

    1. I signed that letter not because I support one candidate over the other (I don’t at this point), rather I want to see this be a clean campaign.

      I understand Houck wanted to get on the ballot and she had to point out Labuda’s obvious flaws. However, the point of the letter you reference is to keep the gloves on; no one wants this to be a nasty primary.  

      After speaking with both candidates I am hopeful it will not be.

      So “30 community leaders” aren’t supporting Jeanne, ua777, as you allude. They are merely supporting a clean campaign.

      Now, I feel used.

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