Michael Hancock, Tim Tebow, and the Terrible Towel

As part of today’s “Orange Friday” proclamation – fresh on the heels of yesterday’s “Dress Western Day” – Denver Mayor Michael Hancock proves that he’s just about as confident in the Broncos as he can get:

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today proclaimed Friday, Jan. 6 “Orange Friday” in the City and County of Denver in support of the Denver Broncos and their return to the NFL playoffs.

“It’s great to see the Broncos back in the postseason,” said Mayor Hancock, a stalwart Broncos fan. “It’s now up to fans – the Broncos’ 12th Man – to come together, show support for our team and give them the energy to make it all the way.”

The Mayor also reached out to Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today to make a friendly wager over the home playoff game this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The two mayors agreed:

Denver Broncos Win: Mayor Ravenstahl will wear a Broncos jersey and “Tebow” in front of an iconic Pittsburgh location.

Pittsburgh Steelers Win: Mayor Hancock will wear a Steelers jersey and sport a Terrible Towel during one of his public events.
[Pols Emphasis]

“I’m sure Pittsburgh fans will appreciate Mayor Hancock decked out in Steelers gear,” said Mayor Ravenstahl. “I encourage him to keep the jersey so he has something to wear while watching us in the divisional playoff game.”

“Denver is excited to host the Steelers for this playoff game and confident in our Broncos,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said. “We’re looking forward to seeing that photo of Mayor Ravenstahl “Tebowing”… say at Heinz Field?”

Broncos fans throughout the Denver area and state are encouraged to wear orange on Friday in advance of the team’s Sunday game. This will be the first postseason for the Broncos since last appearing in the playoffs in 2005.

“Celebrating Orange” is a Denver tradition that dates back to 1973 when then-Mayor Bill McNichols recognized Orange Monday, honoring the Denver Broncos.

Go Broncos!

The Steelers are the definite favorite to win Sunday’s wild-card match at Sports Authority Field, but we’re pretty sure most everyone in Colorado would be thrilled to see Luke Ravenstahl “Tebow.”

And even if Hancock is forced to don a Terrible Towel during some press conference, this quirky bet with Pittsburgh’s Mayor is in line with Hancock’s efforts to raise his national profile. Considering that Tim Tebow is Denver’s most notable resident of late, even if the Broncos lose, Hancock wins – Denver’s mayor will get a couple mentions on ESPN no matter how Sunday’s game plays out.

Here’s hoping for a win, though.  

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