Brian Schweitzer Stumping for Sirota

DPS District 1 candidate Emily Sirota is no stranger to politics. Her husband David Sirota has a national profile in the progressive movement; besides hosting AM-760’s three hour morning block locally, Sirota’s pretty well-known to liberals across the country. Before he wrote mildly well-received books on populist rage, Sirota was also largely credited with getting Brian Schweitzer elected to the Montana Governorship in 2004.

Needless to say, Sirota and Schweitzer have a pretty friendly relationship. Case in point, this e-mail we received from the Sirota for Schools campaign:

Please join Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher, Rep. Joe Miklosi & City Councilwoman Deb Ortega  at a fundraising dinner on October 13th at 6pm for School Board Candidate Emily Sirota featuring a keynote speech by

Montana Governor

Brian Schweitzer

Thursday, October 13th from 6pm-8pm at Beau Jo’s

2710 S. Colorado Blvd (Colorado & Yale)

This is a huge get for Sirota. It’s a testament to the relationship that Emily and her husband have with the governor, sure, but even then, this is a pretty big deal for a school board race. It’d be amazing for almost any race, but for the DPS School Board? It’s so big that it’s unheard of. The sitting Governor of Montana – and one of the most popular governors in America – is stumping and fundraising for a local election.

It’s this kind of event that will give Sirota an edge over opponent Anne Rowe. Sure, Rowe can make a big deal about “out-of-state” influence impacting the race, but that’s a moot point. This event is going to raise a ton of cash for Sirota and get her news coverage in the Denver newspaper and pretty much every evening broadcast on the 13th. We could even see it getting some national news. It’s a game changer.

Schweitzer’s endorsement and appearance also raises questions about the prescience of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s endorsement of Anne Rowe over Sirota so early on. Normally, we’d say that the endorsement of the mayor of the city in which you’re running for school board is a pretty big deal. When you compare the endorsement of a four-month-old mayor with that of a twice-elected governor of national renown, though, Sirota’s the hands-down winner.

If we were Michael Hancock, we’d be questioning whether or not getting behind Anne Rowe was the savviest move. It’s certainly not a good idea for a western Democratic mayor to be on the opposite side of Brian Schweitzer. It’s definitely not something John Hickenlooper would do.

If anything, this is evidence that Hancock still needs to take it easy in the early days of his administration. He’s not a national figure, yet, as much as it seems that he’d like to be. And in a DPS proxy fight with someone like Schweitzer, it’s hard to see how Hancock could possibly come out on top.  

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  1. DaftPunk says:

    Like the diary below, this reads like some wishful thinking posing as transparent shilling.

    Do you really have any data to support the notion that Schweitzer has some national aura of invincibility?  When I think of governors with national reputation, names like Christie, Daniels, Walker, Perry and perhaps Jindal ring out.  Google supports that notion, with those R guvs hitting in the multi-millions, while Schweitzer is ~800K between Gregoire and Granholm.

    I can’t wait for the local news on 10/13 to see if your prediction of massive press coverage comes true.

    • Denver Pols says:

      “Aura of invincibility?” Those are your words, not ours. Schweitzer is very popular among Democrats. And what does Schweitzer’s campaign warchest have to do with anything? He’s in his second term — why would he be raising a lot of money?

      We’re sorry that this all makes you so very angry, but the fact that a national political figure is coming to Denver just to support a candidate for a local school board is pretty damn interesting. This doesn’t happen very often. In fact, we’ve never seen it here.

      • DaftPunk says:

        “Huge”, “Amazing”, “Ton of cash”, “twice-elected governor of national renown”, “Sirota’s the hands-down winner.”  And I never mentioned anyone’s war chest, but how many Google hits their name produces, and Jennifer Granholm type numbers don’t support the kind of game changing popularity you ascribe to him.

        Do you think the average Denver school board voter knows who Schweitzer is?  Of the small minority that do, don’t you think a lot of them know about the previous personal relationship the Sirota’s have with him?

        Interesting story or not, your front page is fawning all over a candidate best known for having a husband with a well-known public persona as a douchebag, and a campaign based on smearing her opponent with lies.  Expect the backlash you invite.

        • undisco_kidd says:

          so this is really more about your disgust of david sirota and, likely, liberals in general. i doubt you really care a rat’s turd about this race, but rather found another forum to engage in childish name calling, just like a good whittle con. your vitriol is littered all over this site, aimed acutely at the sirotas…. interesting, n’est pas?    

          • DaftPunk says:

            Defender of all things liberal.  Puh-lease!  By your logic, anyone who disagrees with/dislikes David Sirota doesn’t like liberals.  That doesn’t pass the smell test.  It’s exactly the sort of logic Sirota himself would employ, because it’s the only possible reason one could have to disagree with him, right?

            FYI This is my school district, I will be voting in this election and have a child who will attend DPS.  Do you have any evidence at all to suggest I’m a conservative?  Any credibility to back up your claims you just had to register to post?  Any reason to think that you’re not David Sirota himself got up early to do his lame-ass radio show and couldn’t let the chance at a dig go by?

    • GalapagoLarry says:

      (to the point of nearly wetting their pants!) your response is equally over the top, especially that “national aura of invinicibility” leap. Pols asserted nowhere that Schweitzer is the most well known governer, just that he’s well known. And he is. (Anybody know the governor of Wyoming? Idaho?) So why the comparison with the others? You’d have a point if Rowe brought in one of them.

      And, frankly, I question any direct correlation between Google hits and the American knowledge base. It seems that Google reflects the breadth of writers’ reference, rather than peoople’s recognition.

      All that said, I doubt if Schweitzer’s appearance has much affect on the eventual vote, unless it prompts well known local politicos to jump in and endorse her. At the school board level I’d rather have the local mayor’s endorsement than an out-of-state governor’s.

      Pols, this is nice for Sirota. But it’s not “huge”.

  2. insv2011 says:

    look at all that media coming in from the fundraiser…

  3. DaftPunk says:

    This event is going to raise a ton of cash for Sirota and get her news coverage in the Denver newspaper and pretty much every evening broadcast on the 13th. We could even see it getting some national news. It’s a game changer.

    Or not.

    You searched for: sirota

    Did you mean scrota?…

    • insv2011 says:

      the Governor’s “fundraiser” for Sirota reminded me of ol’ Romanoff fundraisers…full of confirmed supporters who had already given all they could, and who show up for every event.  “suggested donations” of $200 or whatever only bring in the freeloaders.  Besides the out-of-state money that the Governor brought with him in his pocket, I would be shocked if she raised more than $5k, which would be a pathetic number itself this late in the race.  I mean, I hope I’m wrong and all, but when will my fellow idealistic progressives learn to play a little smarter…an enthusiastic vote counts as much as an apathetic one.  

  4. denverteacher1970 says:

    I’m a DPS teacher and I was going to vote for Emily until I got home today and read her direct mailer with a major misspelling.  Doesn’t Emily even know that she might be serving the DPS not the DSP!?  

  5. DaftPunk says:

    Hey, at least Sirota is more popular than the Personhood initiative!

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