Why is the Gun Debate so Pointless?

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All the comments and hype and most of the media coverage are crazy.

There are things most of us agree on.

– Assaulting a legislator that you disagree with is inappropriate. And illegal.
– Death threats against someone you disagree with are very inappropriate and probably should be illegal
– Death threats against the family of someone you disagree with is illegal
– The US Constitution says we the people have the right to keep and bear arms
– The US Supreme Court has ruled (more than once) that right is not unlimited
– Hardly anyone believes that the right to keep and bear arms should be unlimited

So the necessary public discussion should be about what limitations are appropriate. 

We should agree that no one has the right to own a nuclear weapon, a mortar, a fighter jet, a functioning tank, and other obviously military grade, offensive weapons. At least the law doesn't allow it now.

We should agree that the (government) state has the authority to decide wheather or not someone may own weapons and who may or may not obtain a concealed carry permit.  At least the state has that authority now.

The current legislation under consideration in Colorado has to do with background checks, certain accessories and the new one has to do with liability.

Agree. Disagree. Or settle into your Barcalounger and let the cable tv wash over you.

But it is pointless to suggest that it is unconstitutional for a legislator to propose legislation you oppose.

Understand that legislation with the word gun in it is not a seizure of your gun (s) nor an elimination of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms – unless it is and so far it is not.

Please understand that when legislation that you oppose is passed anyway, it was not jammed down anyone's throat.  Elections have consequences and you may work to support your preferred candidate next time.  

(Ps- Colorado R's: you had a majority last session and did whatever you wanted – you were not complaining about jamming and throats.  And not for nothing if most voters agreed with what you did and were going to do, you would have held your majorities. In short- suck it.This is hardball and it hurts and if you don't like it- do something else. )

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  1. You are a closed-minded communist who is unwilling to compromise with Republicans, MADCO. You will never understand, which is why no-one other than those truly self-sacrificing truthseekers – like Libertad and Arap GOP on Colorado Pols – ever try getting through to you.

    We will pray for your soul, that you may one day understand; only through Jesus will you obtain the wealth and gun ownership that all good people are ordained by God to benefit from.

  2. Gray in Mountains says:

    I really, really wish that the feds and/or CO would go for universal registration. Several states already have it and though folks bitch and moan and predict confiscation tomorrow or someday….Seems like the one step that is really missing that could contribute to prosecuting meaningful offenses, particularly trafficking

    • roccoprahn says:

      Probably the biggest positive from universal registration Would be the curtailing of trafficking. At least that's how I see it.

      Nothing's ever as effective as action that puts everybody's skin in the game. The blind sales of firearms to people the owner doesn't know are wrought with public peril. Universal registration coupled with felony charges when the firearm is used in a crime would cool off that seller's ass off but good, as now he's not washing his hands of the gun, but rather knows he's directly and legally responsible for what happens with that gun from now on. Indefinitely. For the duration. 'Till death do us part.  Gun gets sold 3 more times and then is used to kill somebody? Everybody goes down. Oh yeah, even the most rabid nra/rmgo gun goon turns into a productive, principled and conscientious citizen real quick when he knows his ass is on the line. Fear, even if he's lacking common sense, is that great motivator. Guaranteed. He'll think real long and hard before sellin' that gat now.

      Senator Morse's Gun Liability Law, introduced I believe yesterday, would hold the manufacturer or private seller accountable if an assault weapon they or he/she sold is used to shoot somebody or in the act of a crime of any kind. Great legislation if they can get it, but this is a tough climb. Whether or not they do, universal registration is a great idea, much needed, long overdue.

  3. BlueCat says:

    Madco said it all, said it better, said it shorter. 

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