Sen. Owen Hill’s Pro-Gun Letter Goes Comically Awry

Forwarded to us yesterday, here's a letter sent from freshman Colorado Sen. Owen Hill "on behalf" of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners organization. Let us count the problems:


1. Freshman Sen. Owen Hill represents Colorado Senate District 10, not Colorado Senate District 37. Leading to the next problem, and overall the biggest problem, which is

2. There is no Colorado Senate District 37. Colorado has only 35 state Senate districts.

So, the questions that present themselves seem pretty obvious: did Sen. Hill actually write the letter above? Did Sen. Hill even see this letter written in his name before it was mailed statewide to members of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners? Is that even Sen. Hill's signature? We're only asking that last question because if you visit the RMGO's website, you see can director Dudley Brown's signature:

DWBsignature (compare to) hillsig

You tell us, folks! We wouldn't even be asking if so much else about this letter didn't look like a bad forgery.

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  1. ElliotFladen says:

    Oh – that is funny.

  2. Duke Cox says:

    There's my chuckle for the day.

  3. coob says:

    The letter head is also wrong! However, the signature on Owen Hill's own website looks pretty darn similar (from:

  4. Theo says:

    Has anyone ever seen Owen Hill and Dudley Brown together?

  5. cybersoul says:

    I'm sick of Dudley! His gun-give-away emails to supporters are full of lies and the farthest thing from his sanctimonious guest editorials (although they are full of lies, too) in the <i>Paper that shall not be named</i>.

    It's Dudley, through and through. He missed an apostrophe, again: "…your firearm<em>'</em>s freedoms…"

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