Dave Williams, Part Three: Gays No, Sex Offenders Yes

Dave WilliamsEarlier today, I posted about Dave Williams' extreme hostility toward the GBLT community, and the anti-gay bullying which led to Dave's impeachment as UCCS student body president. Yesterday, we covered Dave's disturbing, quasi-violent response to a request for an apology to the gay Army colonel he booed at the 2012 Republican state convention. Because Dave is so deeply committed to opposing homosexuality, one might assume he'd be even more intolerant of deviant sexual behavior that actually harms others, right?


The evidence below will show that Dave Williams has repeatedly gone to bat for the rights of registered sex offenders, while he's unwilling to extend the same courtesy to gays.

Let's take a look. 

First, Dave is employed by his father-in-law, Doyle McAlister, a sex offender who pleaded guilty to sexual crimes against a minor [1]. Second, his adviser and attack dog, Andy Colon, is also a sex offender who pleaded guilty to crimes against a minor [2]. Third, Williams spoke out to defend the “rights” of a third sex offender, including apparently the right to speak on a public school campus without notifying organizers of his past sex crimes against children [3].

An argument can be made for forgiveness, privacy, and freedom of speech, even where sex offenders are concerned. I can see how a person might believe that sex crimes should be punished in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. But why extend that kind of tolerance to sex offenders, while despising gays so vehemently that you boo a gay man who served his country honorably in the Army, just for saying a few words at the Republican state convention? How could a homosexual addressing a Republican delegation be wholly unacceptable and justification for shouting down a veteran, while a convicted pedophile addressing a Republican delegation is just exercising his rights?

I can understand being forgiving toward even the most despicable of criminals. In fact, I deeply respect those individuals so committed to living in the footsteps of Christ that they can find it in their hearts to forgive the worst of men, leaving judgment on sin to God. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" is actually a pretty good principle, when you get right down to it.

What I can't understand, or explain, is why someone running a campaign ostensibly based on inclusion [4] can forgive, and even vehemently defend, multiple sex offenders convicted of sex crimes against children, while actively bullying gays. How can a person invite sex criminals into their most intimate personal circles, even working for someone convicted of sexually assaulting a minor, but consider homosexuality so offensive that he jeopardizes his position as student body president just to oppose funding a National Coming Out Day observance? If a student organization had applied for funding for a Coming Out As a Pedophile Day, would Dave have opposed it as strongly as he opposed observing a day devoted to GBLT acceptance?

Why tolerate the sexual assault of non-consenting children, while aggressively opposing consensual gay sex? Why extend forgiveness and speaking opportunities to sexual criminals who harm minors, but deny even a few moments of quiet, respectful tolerance to a gay veteran?

That may be a question only Freud can answer.

After the jump, plenty of evidence.

[1.] Dave Williams' Employment and Sex Offender #1

If you look at Dave Williams' official campaign page, campaign Twitter, or personal Twitter, you won't find any reference to his employment. On LinkedIn, he doesn't list a single paying job. In a January 7th, 2013, endorsement email, Senator Owen Hill called Williams a "Vice President of a logistics company." Williams has described himself to others as employed by his father-in-law, and reliable sources state that Dave has declared that his company works on imports for China.

Who is Dave's father-in-law?

Dave Williams and Doyle McAlisterThis guy, Doyle Baker McAlister, shown here with Dave in an area with architecture typical of Chinese metropoli. McAlister is CEO of MKW Global Sourcing in Colorado Springs, according to the Colorado Secretary of State's website, and is registered at 4971 Marrieta Ct., Colorado Springs. MKW Global Sourcing appears to be exclusively in the business of importing products from China.

Colorado court records turned up the following for McAlister: Four charges of Aggravated Incest (dismissed), one charge of sexual assault on a child with a pattern of abuse (dismissed), one count of sexual assault on a child under 15 (amended), and one count of sexual assault on a child aged 15-18 by a person in a position of trust. According to cocourts.com, this charge was plead down to a lesser charge, to which McAlister plead guilty. He paid various fines, served five years' probation, and remains a registered sex offender. Oddly enough, fresh activity in this case was noted in 2010–I'm no legal expert, but it's an interesting occurrence. 


[2.] Sex Offender #2, Williams' Adviser and Attack Dog, Andy Colon

Andy Colon doesn't care for current El Paso County GOP chairman Eli Bremer, or for Dave Williams' opponent in the chair's race. In fact, he thinks Bremer can't be trusted to run a fair election in said race. He sent a letter to that effect to numbers El Paso County Republicans:

Andy Colon Envelope

So, who is Andy Colon? I checked out HIS criminal record and found: One charge, circa 2011, of sexual contact with a helpless victim. On the same date, one charge of sexual contact with a victim incapable of consent. (Both dismissed.) On the same date, there is one charge of sexual contact without consent, to which Colon plead guilty, along with one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, to which Colon also plead guilty. I did not find Colon as a currently registered sex offender in Colorado, but his criminal record indicates up to five years of sex offender probation, which would place him as a sex offender today, in 2013. Andy Colon is also a member of a Republican strategy group which meets every Wednesday morning with Dave Williams.

[3.] "The Republican Party Should Defend the Rights of Sex Offenders"

At the 2012 El Paso County Republican assembly, registered sex offender Dwight Dorty, convicted in 1995 and 1986 of sexual assault on a child (in 1995, a position of trust modifier was added), spoke on behalf of a Republican candidate. As recorded in the minutes of the May, 2012 El Paso County Executive Committee Meeting, concerns were raised about Dorty's failure to inform event organizers that a sex offender would be present, along with general questions on how to protect children when a sex offender is present on a school campus used for a Republican party meeting, where children may be present for extracurricular activities or to participate in the meeting itself.

Guess who stood up to defend Dorty?

That's right: Dave Williams. 

Although an exact quote is not present in the minutes, Williams allegedly stipulated that the GOP should "defend the rights of sex offenders," and further stated that it is parents' responsibility to protect their children, rather than the party's responsibility to notify parents if a sex offender convicted of crimes against minors will be invited to speak at a GOP event. I was unable to find any connection between Dorty and Williams. It appears that Williams defended Dorty not out of friendship, but on principle.

[4.] Dave Williams' Campaign of "Principle, Credibility, and Outreach"

From Williams' official campaign page:

Dave Williams' priorities:

– Bring Back Credibility – Our party can win again if we can bring back disillusioned voters and convince swing voters that we stand by our principles and that our only interest is their best interests. 

– Outreach to New Voters – As a young professional and half-Hispanic Republican, I will reach out to anyone regardless of gender, age, religion, or race. We must go out into our community personally and promote our Republican values if we are to get swing voters to trust us again.

– Communication & Transparency – Our leaders need to serve you and that starts by actually communicating with you whether it is by phone, mail, email, or in person. Open and honest communication will be paramount to me as Chairman.

– Tighter Accountability – One of my main priorities is also to stop party corruption, be it cronyism, deceiving voters, or thwarting grassroots leadership. One thing that conservatives are unified about is ending the corrupt culture of privilege and power among out-of-touch party officials who consider themselves superior, and view elected office as their right to hold.

I'd like to highlight a couple of specific statements.

First, let's talk about "standing by our principles." With Dave Williams as chair, one could be excused for assuming that the "principles" the GOP is expected to stand by include defending the rights of pedophiles, while opposing the rights of gays. This, apparently, will bring back "disillusioned voters," because there are presumably lots and lots of disillusioned voters just waiting to be represented by a pro-pedophile, anti-gay party.

Next, let's highlight "regardless of… religion." Oh yeah, Dave?

After being presented with much information and conducting my own meticulous research I have decided that I cannot, in good conscience, attend the Reagan Gala on November 12th, 2011. I say this not to condemn our local party, but rather to affirm my own personal integrity. At best, Grover Norquist has too many leftist, radical Islamic ties that make him a poor choice to be honored at one of our events. In my opinion, his associations and dealings bring into question his commitment to our conservative ideals and beliefs. 

This quote appears in a personal email from David Williams, dated 11/10/2011. 

Tell me again, Dave Williams, how you'll reach out to new voters, regardless of their religion?


(Because this is an exceptionally long and vituperative post, I will repeat my disclaimer: I have no affiliation to any candidate for El Paso County Republican Party Chairman. All of the information in this post can easily be confirmed by anyone who wishes to check my facts using records that are either already public or can be obtained through CORA. I am not a lawyer and I do not encourage any party to take my interpretation of court records as a legal opinion. Once again, my interest is in exposing a scumbag, while highlighting an extreme example of the choice the Republican Party must make in Colorado and across America: Will Republicans remain a 20th-century party where GBLT voters can expect outright hostility and disrespect, or will the GOP evolve to embrace, if not full equality, at least the voices and participation of GBLT people in politics? If anyone wishes to present evidence either substantiating or disputing any fact stated in this post, they are welcome to contact me by email. As an additional sidenote, I have made several changes to this live post based on stylistic sensibilities–this is a long post and deserves careful editing for best readability. I have not altered or removed factual information or evidence. Cowgirl, out.)

Appended: Scanned letter from Andy Colon, bearing his signature, regarding fair elections in El Paso County.

Page 2 of Andy Colon email.

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  1. nancycronk says:

    Kudos on the investigative reporting, as well as the use of the word, "vituperative". (I had to look it up.)

  2. Gray in Mountains says:

    great diary. I have long wondered about some of the motivation of those wishing to redefine rape. I have posted here pondering if they have some donors or potential candidates that want records expunged or the like. These guys sound like an iceberg's tip

  3. Sir Robin says:

    Thanks for bringing light to this issue. In my mind, this is another example of a typical modern Republican. Outrageous and dangerous.

  4. The realist says:

    Minimizing the danger of sex offenders is not new among Republicans with political ambitions —


    Not only did Baumgardner win his primary he won the general and now represents northwest Colorado in the state Senate. But you know, the unregistered sex offender in his home was always “respectful,” and we all make mistakes when we’re young . . .

  5. roccoprahn says:

    Not to get too over the top dramatic here, but this is some of the best work from somebody not named Bob Woodward I've seen in a long time. Your research came first, you detailed the slimy activities of these very reprehensible individuals, you obviously vetted it, you presented actual evidence, and you did it in a really organized way.

    I don't know if you're an investigative journalist, but you should be.

    Nice job PCG, just the idea of this skintag Williams shouting down a United States Military veteran shows that lack of class, that "pissy" attitude these young college teabaggers……really the whole teabag subspecies……..operate with.

    My God, pal'n around with sex offenders, deriding other people, running his mouth about "takin' care of business" with a military designate M-16, no matter what the pinko shootists call an AR15, this shitstick is worthy of any scorn heaped upon him now.

    That's great work, PCG. It's professional grade.


  6. exlurker19 says:

    Yeah, what Rocco said.

    (Thanks for saving me all the typing.)

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