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June 27, 2024 05:47 PM UTC

First 2024 Presidential Debate Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols


28 thoughts on “First 2024 Presidential Debate Open Thread

  1. I want to cry. This is a fucking disaster. Biden is tenative, unsure, and often speaking to his base.

    Trump is coming across as presidential, authoratative, and knowledgable.

    Trump is lying his ass off at times and Biden has been ineffective most often on calling him on it. And then Trump calls Biden the liar and many will accept it because of how it's delivered.

    And something I think is a biggie that probably won't get reported much – Trump uses his body language and facil expressions when Biden talks to express his thoughts about what Biden is saying. Biden is either writing or expressionless when Trump talks.

    I stopped watching and took the dog for a walk.

    1. …to express his thoughts about what Biden is saying."

      Is that important? Couldn't we guess that without even watching?

      I'm thinking it is a bit early to be clutching our pearls, David. I am no stranger to debate…it is harder than it looks.

      Within his limitations (life long stutterer, a little long in the tooth) he mostly did OK. I guess it depends upon your expectations.


      1. We should wait until October before clutching our pearls. That would also be the right time to put in a substitute candidate.

  2. Biden looked cadaverous. This was the worst physical appearance by a candidate since Nixon came from the hospital to the debate with Kennedy. The hoarsed voice made it all the worse.

    They both seemed easily confused but Biden much more than Trump.

    Trump was still full of shit spewing out lies, but his demeanor and presentation was restrained and almost dignified.


      1. What, and yield one of those senate seats to the GOP? 

        Brown and Tester both have challenging races but I'm fairly certain that only they stand a chance of holding those two seats. In fact, I can't think of who might be a plausible substitute for Brown or Tester.

        Besides, the identify politics people on the left will scream bloody murder if there are two white people on the Democratic ticket.

        Michelle Obama would make an excellent candidate if only she could be enticed to run. With Michelle Obama, we get a competent and strong candidate who also satisfies the demands for diversity. Unfortunately, she has made clear she has no desire to ever run for any elected office.

  3. Just last week the compliant MSM and White House operatives were putting the spin on a spate of recent videos evidencing Biden’s physical and cognitive decline, falsely saying the vids were somehow “altered” or “edited”. The debate last night clearly confirmed the continued  mental decline of the president of the United States can no longer be denied, and this morning there is a growing chorus of Democratic operatives, office holders, and even those Biden apologists in the MSM who  just last week were discounting the obvious that Biden should be replaced as the Democratic candidate.

    Given Biden’s current state and that a further decine is inevitable, and should he be re-elected, the prospect of Biden serving another four years is indefensible and should transcend partisan politics to consider the good of the country and the American people.

    The challenges we face domestically as a nation as well as the current perilous international issues demand a president fully cognizant and demonstrably capable of understanding and effectively dealing with these challenges and possessing the mental and physical capacity to do so. The American people deserve no less.

    1. At best, a vote for Biden is a vote for President Harris, when Biden inevitably has to step down. I like Joe Biden well enough, but if you believe that the presidency requires mental acuity, the current version of Biden, let alone the version in 1 – 4 years, is not cutting it. 

      1. Maybe what the Biden campaign needs to do is acknowledge the elephant in the room, and try to convince voters that if he died in office or become completely disabled, Harris is ready to take over.

        Maybe have them publicly campaign together. Maybe have her talk more about national security stuff (dealing with Putin, N. Korea, China, Ukraine) but no Dukakis-in-the-Tank photo op.

        Get people comfortable with the idea of her as president.

        I'm old enough to remember 1980 when people joked about 69-year old Reagan was too old. The joke was:  "Reagan in '80, Bush in '81."


    2. Electing trump is indefensible.  But if you love fascism, too, you do you.  I'll be fighting the fascists, just like my grandfathers did in the 40s.  

      1. Something I read recently likened the choice between Biden and Trump as similar to being on a flight and being offered the slightly overcooked pasta or shit with broken glass in it for your in flight meal.

    3. "…a president fully cognizant and demonstrably capable of understanding and effectively dealing with these challenges"

      Those words DO NOT describe Donald Trump.

      Consider for a moment…the narrative delivered by the President is based on facts, actual events, and real world truths. It can be confusing at best, especially if you are a little bit over-coached and trying to provide as much real information as possible. 

      By contrast, lying through your teeth and representing a phony, made-up version of reality is easy. If Joe Biden required a walker, a caretaker, and needed help with his memory, he would still be a better choice than the self-obsessed, mendacious thief across the stage.

      1. It's not what we think, Duke. It's what the great unwashed think in their attention span of perhaps ten minutes. Uncle Joe lost it there. Watch it again. 

  4. debates or not….trump is still a convicted felon, a liar, and the leader of a failed coup…and facing a prison term…whereas, President Joe Biden is an honest and humble servent of the people….there is really no choice…if we want to continue as a Democratic Republic, Joe Biden MUST be re-elected….it is a simple choice…Trump=convicted felon….Biden=honest and a wise leader…there is no argument there…unless these criminals want to fight…and at this point in time…I am eager for a fight…bring it on scumbags…

    ps…I would encourage all republicans, living in Colorado, to get the fuck out of my state…I consider the repubicans as a gang…a violent gang…, GET OUT…LEAVE….move to your favorite shithole country, GET OUT…

    1. Trump is also a sexual predator but all of that is old news. In some cases, very old news.

      Bill Maher put it best …..

      Opinion | Bill Maher: Democrats Will Regret Passing Up an Open Convention – The New York Times (

      Least you accuse him of giving aid and comfort to the MAGA world, Maher has promised to vote for Biden even if Biden's head "is in a jar preserved in blue liquid" come November.

      The problem is that our side is running Hillary's 2016 campaign strategy again only with an 81-year old nominee. 

  5. "our side is running Hillary's 2016 campaign strategy again….." Likely using some of the some mah roons who ran Mark Udall's Senate re-election campaign in 2014. You Dems really do need a housecleaning.

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