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June 26, 2024 08:07 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”

–Oprah Winfrey


27 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. Unsurprisingly, those 3 male Republicans are willing to go along with their colleagues, so the next session will likely pass a harsh(er) anti-abortion law — unless Democrats win enough to block the Republican supermajorities. "The Republican women had forced a compromise, and the state eventually implemented a ban once cardiac activity is detected, typically around six weeks after conception."

      • The current House membership is made up of 88 Republicans and 36 Democrats
      • The current Senate is 30 Republicans, 15 Democrats and 1 Independent.  [It appears the chamber "may end up without a single Republican woman in the chamber in 2025. There are just two Democratic women among the 46 members."]  Shealy was the only Republican woman to survive the night, but she got just 40% of the vote. She will face attorney and political newcomer Carlisle Kennedy in the June 25 runoff.


  1. CD-4: from Hank Brown to Handjob Barbie. This puts us in the political  ‘biblical plague’ category. I’m genuinely surprised Jerry didn’t fare better, I thought he’d give her a more competitive run. 

    1. Sonnenberg is far right, but he can be reasonable on stuff. That multi-way split of the anti-Boebert vote killed any chances of keeping her out. I don't see Boebert changing for the better. Maybe if it's only Jerry running in 2026, if he remains interested…………

      1. Cheers Polsters !

        Well, they didn't get rid of Handjob Barbie, but "punchable face" Dave Williams lost. The silver lining is that all of her future embarrassing behavior will be a constant reminder of MAGA stupidity and uselessness.

        Ron Hanks gone, and the Trumper lost the senate primary for Romney's Senate seat. If Dump himself loses this fall I see a lot more MAGA attrition, which is a great thing. All in all not looking too bad…

      2. I imagine Jerry is content with his Logan County Commissioner gig. He could play the MAGA and moderate roles well, as needed. He’s a far better reflection of the Republicans in CD-4,  but far too out-of-step with the electorate to be a statewide contender. He’s a good guy chained to a poisonous cult. 

      3. CHB – remember when they promised us Orange Jesus would “grow into his position”?  (I’m not talking about the event with the porn star)

        On a happier note, today is the 40th anniversary of the release of Prince’s Purple Rain album.

      4. It does seem unlikely that Boebert will lose in November, as it would take a full Democratic effort, adequate anti-Boebert participation from the 253,052 Unaffiliated, AND some support from Republicans willing to allow a term to go to a Democrat.  Calvarese's 34.47% in the Vacancy contest and the primary vote of 48k Democratic votes and almost 120k Republican votes doesn't provide much reason for Democratic optimism.

        I guess we will need to see in 2026 if anyone is willing to primary a sitting Republican, even if that incumbent is Rep. Boebert.

        1. The fact that the anti-Trump/Boebert wing in the GOP could not organize down to one opponent for Boebert in the Primary (as opposed to a gazillion) is an indicator of how weak the old-time portion of the party is. The MAGAts will have their way in November in CD4, sadly.

          1. That is the same exact circular firing squad the RINOs organized in 2006 when they nominated Doug Lamborn with a plurality primary win.

        2. Boebert has that seat for as long as she wants it.

          The only way that changes is in 2032 if the redistricting commission decides to do something creative to make CD-4 competitive. But that would probably violate the sacred "communities of interest" requirement.

          Other than that – or a really lucrative gig at Fox News – I don't see her leaving that seat for any reason. 

      5. Sonnenbeg’s Epitaph:

        “He could be reasonable on stuff”.

        I wonder what “stuff” we’re talking about.

        • Women’s right to an abortion?
        • January 6th Rioters?
        • Transition to renewable energy?
        • Trump is a fascist psychopath?

        He might be a MAGA Republican, but he didn’t shoot his dog.

        He might support the January 6 freedom fighters, but he dresses nicely.

        1. Kiwi once mentioned that Sonnenberg has actually votes for some public education funding bills in the legislature. That makes him a socialist especially when up against Lauren Boebert who so opposes public education that she declined to finish high school. 

  2. The real winner is Kyle Clark, who is collecting accolades on TikTok and Twitter/x etc for his tough as nails debate moderating the GOP clown show primaries.  Hope Ch 9 can hold onto him 

  3. I'm already tired of the Presidential debate tomorrow and it hasn't even happened yet.

    I can't imagine anyone being convinced to change their mind from the debate.

    1. I have an old friend who has been living out of the country for the past 10 years who is excited to come over to my house tomorrow and watch it with me.  Honestly I wasn't planning on watching. I think my friend, for being out of the country so long, dosen't recognize how much Fat Donnie fatigue we all have…

    2. It is ridiculous that either Biden or Trump thinks that a debate in June will reset the election.

      If both candidates manage to make it through the debate without doing anything seriously stupid, folks will have forgotten about the debate by Friday morning.

      If either does something stupid and memorable, the story will have a shelf life of 72 hours.

      Then it's back to stalemate.

      1. If Biden makes a gaffe, it will be repeated 24/7. If Trump is his usual incoherent self, it will be relegated to page 66 in the next day's paper.

        1. Repeated 24/7 where? On Fox, they've been doing that since 2020. Sleepy Joe is hiding in his basement.

          What difference does it make? Are any of the viewers of Fox going to consider voting blue in November?

          I'm guessing that MSNBC and CNN will briefly acknowledge any Biden gaff and then move on. 

          Trump can start talking about electric batteries and sharks, and start making armpit fart noises and Fox News will applaud him for his genius. 

          My point is that none of this will make any difference by October.

    3. There is a great deal of description that says that many have NOT been paying attention to politics at all, and are only now beginning to tune in the reality of a contest that will result in a win for Biden or Trump.

      My guess — if Trump without teleprompter shorts out and then drops back to some of his usual tales, there will be many who say "Huh???"  Electric boats and sharks.  Electric tanks (the shooting kind).  Government not allowing water use or mandating toilets demanding 10 or 15 flushes. Milwaukee “a horrible city,” Detroit “like living in hell,” and Philadelphia “one of the most egregious places anywhere in the world.”  Or something entirely baffling, like being elected by beating Obama, or having to worry about the coming World War 2.

      1. Or his complaints about the low-pressure showers. (Unlike the kind he allegedly received from those full-bladder Russian hookers.)

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