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(R) J. Sonnenberg

(R) Richard Holtorf

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(D) Jason Crow*


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(D) Brittany Pettersen


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(D) Yadira Caraveo

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September 29, 2023 10:55 pm MST

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“An infallible method of conciliating a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured.”

–Konrad Adenauer


22 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. The House vote of the Colorado delegation:

      Supports: Jason Crow, Yadira Caraveo, Diana DeGette, Doug Lamborn, Joe Neguse, Brittany Pettersen Colo.

      Opposes:  Lauren Boebert & Ken Buck

      WAPO says the Senate vote happens after no more than 2 hours of debate, around 6:30 pm Eastern,

      1. I wonder how much Russian money our traitorous
        “patriots” took to further Russian interests by trying to undermine Joe Biden and shut down the government.

        They wanted nothing else; they had no policy agenda. Only this….Putin’s priority.

        The Russians pay in cash, cryptocurrency, electronic funds transfers and lavish gifts, the document said. They move the money through a wide range of institutions to shield the origins of the financing, a practice called using cutouts. Those institutions include foundations, think tanks, organized crime groups, political consultancies, shell companies and Russian state-owned enterprises.

        New York Times

            1. I remember hearing her say the reason she ran for congress was she was tired of being ignored. She reckoned that as a congresswoman, people would have to listen to her.

    1. The short-term CR passed, so no shutdown. They can continue wrangling over the budget for another 45 days. The money for Ukraine will have to be in a separate bill TBD. 

      1. FWIW, McConnell committed to getting Ukraine funding through the Senate (I believe that is what Sen. Bennet was aiming for). 

        However, the puss-filled tail of the GOP dog will continue wagging the House with their reign of chaos.  Until McCarthy grows a pair and amputates that diseased, unneeded member, we will be subjected to pointless drama and uncertainty for the next 6 weeks.

  1. Colorado GOP rejects proposal to opt out of 2024 primary election

    Apparently, they came up 10% short of enough witless nincompoops willing to disenfranchise almost 1 million Republican voters.  But they are optimistic they'll eventually round up enough one day!

    Chuck Bonniwell, a leading supporter of the opt-out proposal and member of the state GOP's executive board, told Colorado Politics after the vote that the results show the party is "moving in the right direction."

    1. Chuck Bonniwell is the same crackbrain who lost his job by wishing for “a nice school shooting”. 

      Colorado GOP, keep tottering down the road to oblivion, guided by your brain trust of blithering idiots.

    2. This time they got 65%. They seem to be getting closer to the magic number of 75%.

      Was this the last chance they had to vote on this before the primary takes place?

    3. Article has a fascinating theme:  ""The reason we continue to lose at the ballot box is we allow watered-down candidates to infiltrate our ballot. That is why Republicans don’t vote.""

      "The opposition used a statewide initiative to overwhelm our majority by using unaffiliate votes and Democrat votes to overwhelm to handcuff us," he said. "We need to get these handcuffs off. I ask this body to stop complying with our enslavement."


      Meanwhile, in the real world of election returns, the 2022 general election showed voting participation by Republicans was above Democrats or Unaffiliated.

      Democrats 72.32%  Republicans 75.50%   Unaffiliated 59.10%  All Voters: 66.61%

      1. "The reason we continue to lose at the ballot box is we allow watered-down candidates to infiltrate our ballot."

        Watered down? Is that how they describe Heidi Ganahl?

        1. I think, LB, if you're polite, though addled, don't open carry, and are not outraged and obsessed by public urination (right, I didn't forget about litter boxes in schools) you are watered down. The implied threat of violence is the thing. Her very first commercial, that I saw, was a direct personal threat and assault of Nancy Pelosi. For our girl, "in your face!" is the only delivery she has.

      2. “The reason we continue to lose at the ballot box is we allow watered-down candidates to infiltrate our ballot”.

          Errr…Umm….  How about because your policies suck, and in order to get elected you have to lie your ass off, and disguise your agenda or the voting public won’t let you get within artillery range of the capital.

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