House GOP Pulls a Tancredo on Hurricane Sandy Relief

UPDATE #2: Under fire, Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor release a statement promising a quick vote on Hurricane Sandy relief…later:

“Getting critical aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy should be the first priority in the new Congress, and that was reaffirmed today with members of the New York and New Jersey delegations. The House will vote Friday to direct needed resources to the National Flood Insurance Program. And on January 15th, the first full legislative day of the 113th Congress, the House will consider the remaining supplemental request for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.”


UPDATE: A blistering joint statement hammering House Republicans from Govs. Andrew Cuomo (D) of New York and Chris Christie (R) of New Jersey:

“With all that New York and New Jersey and our millions of residents and small businesses have suffered and endured, this continued inaction and indifference by the House of Representatives is inexcusable,” the governors said. “It has now been 66 days since Hurricane Sandy hit and 27 days since President Obama put forth a responsible aid proposal that passed with a bipartisan vote in the Senate while the House has failed to even bring it to the floor. This failure to come to the aid of Americans following a severe and devastating natural disaster is unprecedented.”

“The fact that days continue to go by while people suffer, families are out of their homes, and men and women remain jobless and struggling during these harsh winter months is a dereliction of duty. When American citizens are in need we come to their aid. That tradition was abandoned in the House last night.”


USA TODAY, as we’ll explain:

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio indicated late Tuesday the 112th Congress would end its term without voting on federal emergency aid for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

“The speaker is committed to getting this bill passed this month,” Boehner’s spokesman, Brendan Buck, said in an email…

“I think it’s unprecedented for the United States Congress to walk away from a natural disaster,” [GOP Rep. Peter] King said, adding that he was not given a reason for the postponement. “This to me is just walking away from responsibility.”

King and Republican Rep. Michael Grimm of Staten Island, who represents some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods, joined Democrats at an impromptu news conference to publicly plead for Boehner to reconsider.

Grimm described himself as “somewhat in disbelief and almost ashamed,” adding that he’s “not proud” of the decision his party has made.

Back in 2005, then-Rep. Tom Tancredo became the only member of the Colorado delegation, and one of only 11 representatives in the House to vote against the bill funding assistance for Hurricane Katrina victims. It’s a pattern we observed last year, when House Republicans led by Rep. Eric Cantor demanded cuts to offset emergency funding in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Here at home, we’ve got Rep. Doug Lamborn, who eagerly badmouths President Barack Obama’s “politicized” disaster declarations…until he needs one himself.

Each time this happens, we marvel at the political cluelessness on display–perhaps a popular move with a small percentage of, you know, heartless people, it’s a terrible attitude with which to win over soccer moms. In this case, Speaker John Boehner says he wants the bill to come to a vote, while conservative House members decry its “pork,” thinly concealing what appears to be a temper tantrum over the totally unrelated “fiscal cliff” compromise passed last night.

So ends the 112th Republican Congress.

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  1. Sir RobinSir Robin says:

    been so shredded and tossed in the trash heap here in this country?

    The Koch whores and decontructive tea party pissants need to be relegated to the sidelines of the playing field. They don’t belong in the game.

  2. dwyer says:

    The Boehner election for Speaker should be interesting.

  3. rocco says:

    As we go further into the process of this whole messy fight, the childishness and tomfoolery that is the red party, both politicians and the uninformed and mindless base, becomes clearer by the day.

    boehner apparently told Harry Reid to go f__k himself as the pinko coalition fractured and the Majority Leader accurately called him a dictator.

    As a result of boehner’s tantrum, the Vice Predident had to come in and soothe the redleg hurt feelings.

    Now this.

    Are you kidding me?

    This is why the former republican party is what it is now. A bunch of whining, sniveling, mean spirited school yard bullies that lash out at helpless victims when they get their collective nose bloodied.

    So the victims of Hurricane Sandy bear the brunt of redleg shitbaggery and sore loser mentality.


  4. gaf says:

    their anti-tax, deficit reduction, drown-the-government ideology is directly opposed to the government being able to provide help in disasters. Unfortunately, it is the public, not the politicians, who suffer. They will never acknowledge they are the cause.

  5. Danny the Red (hair)Danny the Red (hair) says:

    Visiting my family.

    There is debris all over the neighborhood.  There is still a giant uprooted tree right across the street (the powerline has been fixed). People went without heat and power for a month.

    Even now they cannot repair heating units because they can’t find replacements: new or used.

    The businesses I worked at during my summers on long island are shuttered and people are wondering if they should rebuild.

    This is shameful and shocking that the federal government once again demonstrates its incompetence.  Check that the Republican controlled house is incompetent. the immediate response was fairly competent, which is why there was little loss of life.

    BTW my dad is a Republican and a former elected (school board).  The Republican House demonstrates everything people think is wrong with government.

  6. bobhues says:

    And this, my friends, is just another reason why I predict that Chris Christie will be the DEMOCRATIC nominee for president in 2016!

  7. ProgressiveCowgirlProgressiveCowgirl says:

    Apologized to a constituent because he has to follow FEMA process to remove a giant tree stump from a public roadway that was left there by Sandy. He didn’t give details, but one would think that FEMA might be able to find a way to empower local mayors to clean their city’s roads without waiting for FEMA approval…

  8. dwyer says:

    Why didn’t he schedule the vote on Sandy Relief, as both he and evidently Cantor promised Representatives from N.J., N.Y. and Conn? There are 14 Republican Representatives from those three states and enough tea partiers to make up the three more to make the 17 that Phoenix Rising cited.

    None of this makes any sense.  Cantor would be horrible…who would trust him???  The Speaker position is critically important because the person who holds  it decides what legislation can be schedule for a vote…..if the Speaker does the “majority of the majority”

    meaning a majority of the Republicans must approve a bill for vote….then little or no legislation is going to get passed…

    If however, the Speaker, whomever he/she is, does what Boehner FINALLY did last night (Monday ?)…and allow the whole House to vote up or down…..then bipartisan legislation coming out of the Senate or the saner heads in the House has a fighting chance….

    This whole thing in the House is just crazy making.  At least, I can’t figure it out.

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