At Least He’s Not Your Landlord

KRDO-TV Colorado Springs:

John Obringer sent out a letter to his tenants at the Casa Adobe Apartments on Wednesday.  The letter was addressing cutbacks on staff and maintenance issues.

“Due to the stupidity of the U.S. electorate, the Obama-administration’s continued assault on small business is resulting in increased taxes, regulations and mandates that are forcing the management company (B&J Enterprises, Inc.) for Casa Adobe Apartments to modify its operation to survive.  This has resulted in layoffs, work-time reductions and decreased pay for workers.  Consequently, the business hours are now Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Please plan accordingly … We are working hard to maintain the field, cleaning and maintenance personnel in place without raising rents, but that too is inevitable due to the upcoming inflation and market forces,” writes Obringer…

Then he added, “BTW: If you voted “Democrat” on Nov. 6, please notify me ASAP so I can raise your rent first to help pay for what you asked for.”

We’re pretty sure that no law is violated unless the landlord in question actually raises rents on tenants who voted for Barack Obama, which implies that he would know who they are–not the easiest thing to do with a secret ballot. So this likely gets filed with other such mindless ventings of hot air after last month’s tough election for Republicans: harmless, unless you count the source of the “threat” himself, who comes off looking kind of stupid.

We’d suggest John Obringer move to Canada, but he might not like the housing code.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    that would be affecting him already and I wonder if he knows he has no right to demand anybody tell him how they voted.

    I’m not sure he hasn’t broken any laws by demanding tenants tell him who they voted for and threatening them with being singled out for consequences if they voted the “wrong” way.

    In our system we have elections, live with results and don’t retaliate against those who  voted with the majority of the electorate if we don’t like the winner of the majority of the votes.

    Bet this guy thinks he’s a patriot who loves his country and the constitution, too.

  2. parsingreality says:

    ….(many? most?) wealthy Republicans are delusionary assholes.  

    Nothings changed for him in the last 30 days, nothing will change for him, at all, in all probability for years.

    Those fucking 47%’ers……paying me rent.

  3. Craig says:

    The reality is that because of the housing bust and all the foreclosures, in general apartment complexes are thriving with very high occupancy.  The only exception to this is apartment complexes who cater to illegal aliens.  I’m guessing one of two things.  Either this guy is the worst businessman ever and has somehow managed to lose money managing and owning apartmentw or he was renting to a lot of illegals.  While there’s nothing illegal about this, seems kind of hypocritical.  So as usual with Republicans, either he’s lying, he’s stupid or he’s a hypocrite.  As usual, probably all three.  

    PS I know whereof I speak, the bulk of my legal practice is in advising owners and managers of less expensive apartment housing.

    He’s lying.

  4. your landlord could be Doug Bruce.

  5. ProgressiveCowgirlProgressiveCowgirl says:

    John Obringer isn’t important, no matter how many letters he sends his tenants to try to convince himself he is.

    I’m sure he does a lot of talking about loving the free market, so I hope he’ll send another letter to tenants applauding them for moving to a competing apartment building offering better maintenance and customer service when their leases are up.

  6. TruthProclaimer says:

    Looks like most of the commenters here are mindless robots who will cheer when Fuhrer Obama finishes stripping our rights away. It’s also obvious that you know very little of business. Mr. Obringer is obviously like many businesspeople across the country. He has been holding on as long as he could, hoping for a reprieve from the oppressive policies of this Statist Regime operated by a known Marxist–Barack Obama.

    It is also obvious that Mr. Obringer probably is a patriotic American, unlike most of you, who look to Big Brother government to supply all of your needs. Your mindless spouting of the Democrat talking points is mind-boggling. There’s not an ounce of common sense or facts in your ludicrous comments.

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