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June 09, 2023 06:22 AM MDT

Holy Shit! Unsealed Trump Indictment is Devastating

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #3: Here’s the entirety of the statement made by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who said, “We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone.” Smith said that Trump’s actions “put this country at risk.”


UPDATE #2: Via The Washington Post:




Via The New York Times (6/9/23)

The criminal indictment against former President Donald Trump that Trump himself announced on Thursday has been unsealed. We wrote about some of the reaction to the news earlier today, but now that the official indictment has been released, this story requires a new headline altogether.

It is so much worse than anyone might have imagined — 38 separate counts worse.

After seeing the unsealed indictment, it is no wonder that Trump’s primary attorneys, Jim Trusty and John Rowley, abruptly resigned from the case on Friday morning. You can CLICK HERE to read the full indictment.

Here’s the rundown, via The New York Times:

The 49-page indictment gave the clearest picture yet of the files that Mr. Trump took with him when he left the White House. It said he had illegally kept documents concerning “United States nuclear programs; potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attack; and plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack.”

Prosecutors presented evidence that Mr. Trump shared a highly sensitive “plan of attack” against Iran to visitors at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. in July 2021 — and was recorded on tape describing the material as “highly confidential” and “secret,” while it admitting it had not been declassified. In another incident in September 2021, he shared a top secret military map with a staff member at his political action committee who did not have a security clearance. [Pols emphasis]

It is unusual for prosecutors to unseal an indictment before a defendant shows up in court for an initial appearance. But the decision to release the document in this case came as Mr. Trump and his allies had been aggressively attacking the investigation and, in the view of federal law enforcement officials, distorting elements of the case.

The Washington Post notes that prosecutors allege that Trump also repeatedly tried to obstruct the investigation.

Special Counsel Jack Smith will make public remarks about the indictment this afternoon (scheduled for 1:00 pm Colorado time).

For more details, check out this Twitter thread from CBS News reporter Robert Costa.

As for the many Republicans who immediately spoke out on Thursday about Trump’s indictment being some sort of “witch hunt”… let’s just say they probably wish Twitter had an ‘edit’ function:

This did not age well.

We will update as more information becomes available.


48 thoughts on “Holy Shit! Unsealed Trump Indictment is Devastating

  1. It's a damned entertaining read, I tell you what!

    Also entertaining, for large enough values of the word, is the fact that trumpanzee maniac Aileen Cannon is assigned to the criminal case. She's the one who told federal law enforcement authorities not to look any any material seized from PAB's trash palace in Florida until a special master reviewed everything and ruled on PAB's crackheaded privilege claims. A unanimous court of appeals panel consisting of two Trump appointees and William Fucking Pryor ultimately told Cannon she had no authority whatsoever to do what she did, and ordered her to dismiss PAB's lawsuit.

    1. Will she be able to protect him? Trump's primary (and possibly only) successful legal strategy in the past is delay, delay, and delay. The longer this drags on, the more time he has to scream about political persecution, secure the Repub nomination and potentially win an election. If he wins, he will try to pardon himself. If he loses, he will beg for pardon (for the good of the country?)  

      1. He doesn't need to pardon himself. (And it is questionable whether he can.) He simply needs to instruct his new Attorney General ("Who will be my Roy Cohn?") to move to dismiss the indictment after he and the new AG take office in January 2025.

  2. Holy hell. It just can't be any more evident that Trump has committed several serious crimes that jeopardized the national security of our country, and yet spineless assholes like McCarthy continue to defend him. Be an American, do the right thing, and disown this goddamned traitor!

  3. The very good news for Ttump is that if he doesn’t fart around with a bunch of half-assed second stringer attorneys and his usual delaying tactics, he now has plenty of time to be fully exonerated and declared not guilty before the 2024 primaries begin!

    “Dr. Giuliani and Professor Ellis to the emergency room, Code Orange Orange, stat!”

    1. Jim Trusty and John Rowley – " uhhh, we're out…". No top tier lawyer will touch Dumpy.  The chances of not getting paid, getting completely embarrassed in front of your peers, or being pushed to commit a crime are just too high. 

      We're getting the Kracken back together man!

  4. The wide span of the document date stamps shows a pattern of selectiveness and collection. This isn't Biden's last-minute scramble to pack up while documents flew across his desk while working.

    The level of detail on the coverup is damning, and his repeated "it's secret!" caught on audio shows knowledge of the nature of the documents.

    I'm not sure even Judge Cannon could dig him out of this without getting a pre-emptive smackdown.

    1. What's that old saying: "Follow the money."

      The Saudi's paying Jared $2 billion dollars for something something says a lot about who got to see those documents. There was nothing accidental about their selection.

  5. I was just thinking about Senator Susan "the Ditz" Collins' famous statement when she voted to acquit Trump in the first impeachment trial: "I think he's learned his lesson."

  6. The decision to prosecute in South Florida and before Cannon is a genius move by Smith. IF they can get a conviction there (and I think they can given the severity of crimes committed under the indictment and the fact that respectable lawyers are bailing) it will have much more credibility than if it were prosecuted before a DC jury.

    1. Agreed. It puts a HUGE spotlight on Cannon. Is she going to be like the Jan 6th rioters and throw away her career to protect Trump or will she recuse herself and take an early exit from this case?

  7. $rump was apparently prepared to sell US nuclear secrets to the highest bidder. He will go down in history as a traitor. I hope that he spends his final years in prison for this, and his other crimes.

      1. I seriously doubt they will put him in prison. The logistical nightmare of providing security for a former president under those circumstances seems insurmountable to me. The worst they will do to him is house arrest, though perhaps for a long time, which at his age could be the rest of his life.

        1. Yes, but house arrest must NOT be at Mar-A-Lago or Bedminster with golf course privileges and room service.

          Maybe they could provide upgrades for a half-way house for white-collar criminals.

          Wherever he ends up, I seriously doubt that Melania will be seeking conjugal visit privileges.  frown

        2. It’d have to be someplace safe, secure, private, and very exclusive . . . .

          . . . I hear the Magadonian Suite at Supermax (formerly the Robert Hannsen National Security Risk Inn) recently became available?

          (Can’t imagine anyplace he’ll ever be earning time off for good behavior.)

          1. Ted Kaczynski's cell just opened up today.

            And if the Woke Mob have their way (and this is one of those time I hope they do) to try to treat Trump's racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia, they should put him in Florence with Joaquin Guzmán Loera a/k/a El Chapo and the Blind Shiek from 1993 WTC bombing.

        3. it would be a long time off before that decision would need to be made  Guess that one person familiar with federal courts and "security" charges said there will be an indictment, then a flurry of motions, litigation on those motions, and THEN a trial date will be set. 

          Politico goes into some detail on various reasons for a lengthy schedule, concluding:

          So the ball is in Trump’s court. He could easily delay this trial past the election — and there is every reason why he would, from fundraising advantages to avoiding a distraction from the campaign trail to the very real risk that a conviction might present.

          The end result is that the proceedings of this unprecedented case will hover over the electoral landscape through all of next year and potentially well into the administration of the next president, whoever that is.

  8. It was would have been such a perfect phone call:

    “Hey Bibi, old pal, how’s my all-time favorite ever Israeli Prime Minister?!!

    Say, you know, you’re probably going to find this bigly amazing, but I just heard from Jared, yeah Jared, my very anazing jewish son in law (so proud of how jewish he can be — he loves wearing his special beanie, it’s almost like a religion for him), Jared says that some very interesting documents somehow wound up in one of my showers. Wild, huh?

    They’re probably not all that safe here, might even get found by Melania or her sneaking loser brat; even by some of those Prince’s friends of Jared’s always poking around everywhere.

    Anyway, I’d really like to get those papers back into a completely and yugely secure White House vault, soon? I’m hearing your Jewish intelligence guys and those computer science Rabbis are right now the very, very best in the world. Top notch! Maybe you could think of a way we could help each other here, some? — friends helping friends, you know?

    By the way, don’t you think it’s so sad what happened to Zelenskyy and his country. I really thought we once had a chance of becoming great friends. I remember he and I even talked about that, once.

    Anyway, really great talking with you, again. We maybe should plan on getting together after I finish being so busy with winning this next election?

    Muscle tuff to you, buddy! And, Slalom!”

    1. Absolutely, however, I will say there is no differentiation between a MAGA republican and a so-called 'normal' republican they are one and the same.

      If someone still considers themself a republican after all the shit donnie has put this country through the past 7 years then they're okay with being fascists.

      1. Agree! If one decides to stay in a MAGA controlled GOP you are helping them win. Kinda like joining the NAZI party but not caring if "defectives" are being euthanized, sent to work camps and snuffed in gas chambers. Because that's where all this points to in extremis.  Ask my ancestors from Mississippi how that worked for them during and after the war of northern aggression.  

        1. “there is no differentiation between a MAGA republican and a ‘so-called’ normal Republican…..”

          “kinda like joining the Nazi party, but not caring if ‘defectives’ are being euthanized.”

          Yes, sportsfans, it really is a steaming pile of barnyard manure from a couple of nattering ninnies and nincompoops who should know better.

          I’ll point out one thing and leave it at that. Anyone who compares actions of a political party of today with the actions of the Holocaust is not just way out in right field, they’re not even in the parking lot for the ballpark.

          1. I wouldn't take Gator too seriously, CHB. 

            That moron overlooks the risks taken by people like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Charlie Baker, Larry Hogan, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, etc., etc. 

            I'm not a Republican but I'm unaffiliated. Unless Dave "Brandon" Williams gets his way and closes the GOP primary to Magadonians only, I'm planning to vote next year for the most anti-Trump candidate in the field. (Right now that looks like Chris Christie.)

            Some on the left want a one-party state just as many on the right would like that.

            IMHO, a vibrant two-party system with one center-left and one center-right party. I'm more comfortable in a center-left party but I'm willing to vote in a GOP primary if it helps you guys (i.e., the non-Trump Republicans) regain control of your party.

            1. Thanks for your thoughts. And you're right. On this issue, I don't take either one of them seriously. But when stupid comments get made, whoever is making them needs to be called on them.

              As for next year's R primary, that's too far ahead for me. Too much good stuff to enjoy in the upcoming months. Cheers!

            2. Keeping in mind how far to the right the "center " has moved in recent years. Who gets to define that center anyway? The people with the money?

              The center…home of Mugwumps.

  9. Here is an idea.
    The Feds offer Fat Donnie a deal.
    He renounces his US citizenship, they arrange for Andorran citizenship, and immediately fly him to Andorra. No extradition treaty, so he can stay there and be safe.

    I don’t know if this is possible, I am just asking the question—for a friend.

    1. Andorra does not have an airport for fixed wing aircraft. It does have several heliports that connect to airports in France and Spain.

    2. "The Feds offer Fat Donnie a deal.
      He renounces his US citizenship, they arrange for Andorran citizenship". 

         Still recommending Saint Helena. The climate is crappier, it's 1200 miles to anywhere. No internet or social media in whatever deal forged, plus a rich historical precedent. Real Hard Time if he leaves. Bye,bye Combover Caligula.

  10. All joking aside I seriously doubt he is ever convicted in the Florida case.

    1.   A motion to dismiss based on prosecutorial misconduct is almost always denied. There is like one state court case in Colorado where the judge got away with granting it. People v. Auld, 815 P.2d 956 (Colo. 1991).

    That said we have a judge on Trump's case who has a track record of climbing out on a limb for him. I would not be surprised if she did so again. (Now the Ct of Apps could reinstate the charges.)

    2.   The venire pool for jury selection will weigh heavily in Trump's favor. He carried the state twice. Dantis won in a landslide last year. He only needs one out of 12 to refuse to convict and he ends up with a hung jury. There is a real possibility that half the jury will Magadonians. 

    In addition, Florida has been very unkind to federal prosecutors going after corrupt pols. Feds want a slam-dunk in Trump’s Florida case. Think again. – POLITICO 

    3.   If the trial is delayed until after '24 election and if he wins, he'll just instruct Attorney General Jenna Ellis to move to dismiss the indictment once she is installed at the head of DOJ. He doesn't even need to pardon himself – although he may try to do that any way.


    1. The Atlantic has an article by someone who was senior counsel in the investigation of President Bill Clinton, then a Bush43 Homeland Security (Secret Service) poobah, now a cybersecurity prof at a law school.  He says the indictment is solid (or more), but says conviction is not a sure deal, at all.  Judge Cannon is assigned, unlikely to recuse, and has a variety of ways to delay or derail the trial.  Jury pool will be Southern District citizens, so not quite as bad as the state as a whole, but still has a substantial set of RWNJs.  If even one juror holds out, it means a mistrial and the winner of 2024 can direct the Justice Department to drop the case.

      Elsewhere, I read timing is a bit weird,with judges (of ALL sorts) would likely be sympathetic to extensive discovery (so waiting until 2024) & if Trump is the nominee, wanting to avoid election interference by holding court after Labor Day and before the end of the voting.

  11. This indictment does leave out some egregious actions by tfg/sfb, the gifting to the russians the names of agents.  With the result of those agents being killed or going missing.  These may be held back in case he skates from the first charges.  These types of indictments are not common due to the spy stuff.  But, he could be an exception.

  12. The rule of law doesn't matter (psst.. it never did) to republicans all they care about is being loyal to their cult leader in a desperate attempt to remain in power.

    We may never know the true extent of donnie's betrayal to America and it astounds me that people still support this traitorous fuck. If donnie or any other republican now running for the presidency get into power in 2024 Democracy in America will die and we will become a fascist state.

    So, in short vote for republicans if you want fascism or vote for Democrats if you want Democracy. It is really that simple.

  13. There is a lot of redacted info in the 37 count indictment. I suspect that the real damage to US is under those black marks. Will that sway a S Florida jury? 

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