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June 09, 2023 11:37 AM UTC

Trump's Federal Indictment Prompts Reax From Two Realities

  • by: Colorado Pols
Making history.

AP reports in case for some reason you still haven’t heard the news:

Donald Trump has been indicted on charges of mishandling classified documents at his Florida estate, a remarkable development that makes him the first former president in U.S. history to face criminal charges by the federal government that he once oversaw.

The Justice Department was expected to make public a seven-count indictment ahead of a historic court appearance next week in the midst of a 2024 presidential campaign punctuated by criminal prosecutions in multiple states.

The indictment carries unmistakably grave legal consequences, including the possibility of prison if Trump’s convicted.

Much like Donald Trump’s earlier indictment in New York on charges related to his “hush money” payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, the first word of this historic development appears to have come from Trump himself yesterday:

The timing and source of the news of this indictment are important because a fake version of events is already being circulated by Colorado’s principal source of MAGA misinformation, Rep. Lauren Boebert:

We’re not sure who exactly “they” are in this case, since Trump broke the news of his indictment himself, and the full contents of the indictment are not expected to be released to the public until next week. We haven’t seen a response yet from Colorado’s other two Republican members of Congress Reps. Ken Buck or Doug Lamborn, but we expect them to fall in line with Trump’s Republican primary challengers and continue defending him. It’s politically inexplicable why those who have the most to benefit from seeing Trump rendered inert continue to prop Trump up as his legal troubles deepen, but that was again the response from Gov. Ron DeSantis and the also-rans bringing up the rear.

For an honest Republican assessment of the federal indictment against Trump, we’re obliged to look west, where Utah Sen. Mitt Romney seemingly alone has the courage to call it like it is:

“By all appearances, the Justice Department and special counsel have exercised due care, affording Mr. Trump the time and opportunity to avoid charges that would not generally have been afforded to others.

“Mr. Trump brought these charges upon himself by not only taking classified documents, but by refusing to simply return them when given numerous opportunities to do so. [Pols emphasis]

“These allegations are serious and if proven, would be consistent with his other actions offensive to the national interest, such as withholding defensive weapons from Ukraine for political reasons and failing to defend the Capitol from violent attack and insurrection.”

The dean of Colorado’s congressional delegation Rep. Diana DeGette agrees:

We’re in an unprecedented moment in history in which the rule of law is itself on trial due to the actions of a man with no respect for the law, and who once declared he could shoot someone in the street and not lose support. If Trump really is immune to criminal accountability, that’s a far worse situation for the country in the long term than the short-term drama of holding a former president accountable for crimes he is alleged to have committed. In short, we’re either a nation of laws, or we’re a nation where political will can override the law.

For the sake of the country’s future, we need it to be the former.


5 thoughts on “Trump’s Federal Indictment Prompts Reax From Two Realities

  1. Forget who "they" are, I don't even know what "walls" Boebert is even imagining? Fucking whataboutism at its worst.

    If Republicans want to make America great, then trust in America's systems (courts, laws, etc.) and dump Trump. If they want to make America Trumpfuckistan then they should keep supporting Trump.


  2. This is all part and parcel of the Republican philosophy and policy today. They climb up on the Christian cross, wrap themselves in the American flag, proclaim they are here to save America from some nebulous straw man evil, and then proceed to tear down all the institutions we have built and nurtured for our health and safety over the past 250 years.

    Boebert’s tweet is only the latest example. To the so called conservatives, all our public institutions are evil and must be destroyed. The examples abound. Heidi Ganahl’s “furies” was nothing more than a way to undermine public confidence in our public education institutions. Trump is the master of this technique but it has been going on since the early 1980’s in Republican circles. The internet and outlets like FOX News has allowed this cancer to metastasize. Boebert is now telling us we cannot believe in the integrity of the courts. This morning Speaker McCarthy and other Republican House members joined her and broadened the attack to include the executive branch (DOJ and the FBI). In other words, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors can no longer be trusted. Of course all of this – the “furies,” Boebert’s previous statements about Biden, her statements about Trump’s indictment yesterday and McCarthy’s – have been made without offering any proof to back them up. 

    This behavior and mindset is the problem not our public institutions. Unmoored from objective facts, their assertions become delusions and their singular defense is “you can’t prove this isn’t happening,” thus, relieving themselves of any responsibility for offering substantive proof, and worse, for the consequences of their behavior. They have constructed a moral world in a vacuum where the only acceptable outcome is the destruction of our public institutions without the corresponding responsibility for that destruction and the consequences. The rest of the United States should follow Colorado’s lead and destroy the Republican Party at the polls. It no longer serves a legitimate purpose in American society.



    1. "To the so called conservatives, all our public institutions are evil and must be destroyed"

      Reminds me of the Cultural Revolution under Chairman Mao. Or what the Khmer Rouge unleashed in "Democratic Kampuchea." 

  3. They climb up on the Christian cross, wrap themselves in the American flag, proclaim they are here to save America from some nebulous straw man evil…                                             
    “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” –Attributed to Sinclair Lewis

  4. Mark Sumner of Daily Kos opines:

    The Department of Justice on Friday afternoon unsealed the indictment against Donald Trump and his “body man” Walt Nauta. The contents of those documents include 38 counts, including 31 charges of willful retention of national defense information in violation of the Espionage Act. Many of the documents involved appear to be presidential daily briefs that included classified information concerning multiple nations. Many of the documents are so classified that the names are redacted, but one of those not redacted shows that it included classified details about the nuclear arsenal of the United States. It’s an amazing list. ….

    But that’s just the charges.

    The details inside are … something else

    The 49-page document includes some stunning details.  Probably my favorite:

    Once the FBI opened an investigation, the concern about finding a place to stash the boxes increased, but it’s hard to say they got more “serious” when an effort to keep material hidden from both the DOJ and Trump’s attorneys included the possibility of hiding classified documents in a shower.


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