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It’s me, Ian Silverii, the co-host of the Get More Smarter Podcast.

We’re trying something new and hope you come along with us. We’ve set up a Substack so you can get new episodes of the show right in your inbox, because chances are you don’t get enough email these days and are just aching, begging, pleading for another weekly email. We are happy to deliver. What follows is about half of our most recent post, and a plea that you smash that subscribe button (it says you can give us money, we don’t want your money, we just want your inbox space). And without further ado, here’s like half a Substack post with a link to the rest of it so we can tempt you to subscribe, but if we can’t, you should just go ahead and listen to the latest episode anyway, THANKS:

This week we’re bringing you some FIELD REPORTING from the State Capitol where friend of the pod Dave Young, Colorado’s State Treasurer let us see some of the more interesting artifacts that are in the State of Colorado’s Unclaimed Property Vault, think of it is a really, really fancy lost and found. Special thanks to Sheena Kadi, Communications Director and Bianca Gardelli, Director of Unclaimed Property for the State Treasurer’s office for showing us around and letting us into their office in the first place!

Roughly $8 bajillion dollars of stuff

We got to see some pretty cool stuff, including a giant silver ingot, a gold coin collection worth tens of thousands, a six carat canary yellow diamond, a one dollar silver-backed bill from the 1800’s, and the world’s smallest gun. Longtime listeners will remember the conversation we had with Treasurer Young in 2022 about the world’s smallest gun from Episode 115 titled, you guessed it The World’s Smallest Gun.

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  1. spaceman2021 says:

    Nice McKinley $500 bill.  I almost bought one at a coin shop a few years ago

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