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June 02, 2023 11:50 AM MDT

New Book from NotASkinnyCook

  • by: Dano

(Shout out to the Pols’ community! — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Thank you to Pols for inviting us to post this diary. Speaking with the author, she asked that I toot her horn for her.

Regular Colorado Pols contributor notaskinnycook wrote a self-help book for the spouses of transfolk about a decade ago and it was published by a small press owned by her wife, Thursday Night Press. My company, DX Varos Publishing, acquired TNP last year and with it came this book, It’s Not All About You: Living with a Transsexual Spouse or Partner.

So much has happened for and to the trans community in this past decade, I felt it was time for her to write an updated version. Though the legal and political stage has changed vastly over the past decade, the core issues of the book remain: dealing with the emotional, marital, and societal upheaval such a change will bring to not only the person going through transition but also their spouse or partner. The new edition was published just a week ago.

In this book, “Cook” delves not only into the “now what?” gut punch that such a change can bring to people in this situation, but also how to help guide any children of the relationship through not to mention all the other relatives that will likely run the whole gambit of acceptance or not.

She also gives advice about the right way and wrong ways of coming out as trans at work, and other societal situations.

This book is available wherever books are sold, however it is available at the publisher’s website for a discount and even free shipping (just for this month):

Here are a few snippets from recent reviews:

“I greatly enjoyed reading this book and I think you will as well, even if you just read it out of curiosity!” – Laura, CelticLady’s Reviews

“…a crucial piece to the self-help genre And is sure to help many people going through having a spouse or even friend coming out as transgender. Bravo!” – Gud Reader, Goodreads

“Morrissey is a talented writer… in how she adds personal anecdotes that create a kind of narrative structure for the book.” – Linda Lu, Goodreads

“This is a wonderful and extremely helpful resource for anyone who may be dealing with their spouse coming out as transgender” – Mike Murray, Goodreads

“I greatly enjoyed this book, and found it to be an informative, interesting read that gave me a lot of perspective on the trans community.” – BookGirl86, Goodreads

“If you know of someone going through this change or involved with someone, I suggest you get this book, it could help you both” – Cat, TTC Books and More


4 thoughts on “New Book from NotASkinnyCook

  1. Great to read of a successfully published (or republished) book. 

    Any chance for a companion book for fossils like me?  I'm not a spouse or partner of a transexual person, but am experiencing the difficulties of old habits of language that no longer serve well for those among my relatives, friends, and others in my communities who are creating their new public transexual identity.

    1. You still may find something useful in this one, John. And after you've read it, you could pass it along to another member of your family who might also find it of value. 

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