New Poll Shows Pace, Tipton in Dead Heat

According to results of a poll released today by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Sal Pace is running neck-and-neck with incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton. From a news release:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released a new Grove Insight poll that shows Sal Pace (CO-03) and Congressman Scott Tipton statistically tied. Despite being an incumbent, Congressman Tipton garners only 42 percent in the initial head to head vote while Pace is close behind with 39 percent.

Almost half, 46 percent, give Congressman Tipton a negative evaluation of his time in office and only 37 percent approve.

Anytime a poll is conducted by a partisan organization, you have to take the results with a certain amount of salt grains. But it’s unlikely that the numbers would be significantly different in either direction depending on the pollster.  


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  1. ClubTwitty says:

    There is very little enthusiasm for Tipton.  

    What happens when Casida is in the mix I wonder?  GJ Results–which likes to image itself as Mesa County’s ‘original’ Tea Party–has endorsed Tisha.  

    Then there is this…which–although not scientific–shows some traction on Tisha’s behalf.

    So, if it is this close…a couple of points siphoned off to Casida can matter.  

    Go Tea Party!  

  2. BlueCat says:

    3 point deficit “statistical tie”. Those hardly ever pan out for the one trailing.  Casida would have to take a much bigger chunk than 3rd party candidates usually do to turn that around.  I would guess that 19% who don’t go for either already includes Casida supporters along with undecideds if Casida wasn’t included in the poll.

  3. OrangeFree says:

    …which alone doesn’t give much weight to the numbers.

    However, if it’s anything like the Dtrip poll I got last night about Perlmutter/Coors, it’s a fair poll but a tad worrisome that Pace is behind.

    DCCC Poll for 7th District, just to show what I got:

    Q1 – Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Ed Perlmutter

    Q2 – do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Joe Coors

    Q3 – Are you Very Likely/Somewhat Likely but could change your mind /Not Likely to vote for Ed Perlmutter

    Q4 – Are you Very Likely/Somewhat Likely but could change your mind /Not Likely to vote for Joe Coors

    Q5 – did you vote for Barack Obama or John McCain in the last election

    Q6 – demographic question

    Q7 – Party affiliation

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