Gov. Romney throws the Tea Party under the bus!

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Yesterday, I received a campaign flyer from Gov. Romney’s campaign. In part he said:

Repeal Obamacare

On Day One, Mitt Romney will begin his efforts to repeal President Obama’s costly takeover of the health care system that costs nearly $1.7 trillion in new spending and intervenes in a matter that should be left to the states.

That was yesterday. Today, he said he will keep parts of the President’s health care law, including allowing children to stay on their parents insurance until they’re 26 and the law that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage based on preexisting conditions.…

In short and contrary to yesterday’s brochure and the wishes of the Tea Party, he is endorsing federal government intervention in health care. You can’t put these two together and make sense of them. He is either for the federal government involvement in health care or he isn’t but he can’t say on Saturday he is for leaving health care policy to the states and twenty-four hours later he endorses federal intervention in the same policy area. I wonder what the Tea Party and Republican right is saying tonight.…

On top of that he, in essence, rips Ryan, his running mate, for voting for sequestration and by some odd arithmetic he said he will cut taxes across the board but will make up the revenues by taking away exemptions and deductions from the rich but, according to Mr. Romney, that isn’t a tax hike on the rich. I guess he agrees with President Obama that the rich should pay more but he just doesn’t want to say so.

He may be imploding.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    why this is a desperate criticism and how Romney is actually being completely consistent and has, in fact, never flip flopped on anything at all. I could save Arap the trouble and write his replies for him, don’t you think?

    • harrydoby says:

      But to clarify Romney’s actual intent:

      …trying to analyze Romney’s comments about preexisting conditions as though they’re a genuine policy goal misses the point. It’s a campaign ploy. Romney is committed to fully repealing Obamacare. But since Obamacare contains a lot of popular provisions – indeed, most of them are popular – that puts Romney in the position of wanting to let insurers exclude people who are sick and do all sorts of other nasty things he’d rather not have to defend. His solution is to come up with a line that sounds like a promise to protect people with preexisting conditions, but isn’t. Indeed, it sounds so much like a promise to protect people with preexisting conditions that Romney himself forgot to add the requisite wording that rendered the pledge meaningless.

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