Sad Trombone for Brandon Shaffer

UPDATE: Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper reports that the ad was temporarily taken down after questions stemming from the lack of a required note disclaiming the use of a photo of Brandon Shaffer in a Navy uniform. Here’s the corrected video, now back online:


This 2012 just isn’t Brandon Shaffer’s year. The Senate President was hoping for good redistricting news to give him a shot at taking out incumbent Republican Rep. Cory Gardner in CD-4, but that didn’t work out. Nevertheless, Shaffer has gamely plowed ahead with a Congressional campaign that has all the momentum of that car on blocks sitting in your neighbor’s lawn.

Thus it was sadly fitting that a press release today announcing Shaffer’s first TV ad linked to this YouTube page:

Here’s that sad trombone to set the mood. Full press release from Shaffer after the jump, where you can at least read a text description of the ad (it’s the least we could do).

Shaffer Goes Up On Television

With First Candidate Ad in Colorado’s 4th CD

LONGMONT – On Wednesday, voters across Colorado’s 4th Congressional District will see the first candidate ad in this race.  Brandon Shaffer’s new ad draws a distinct comparison between Brandon Shaffer, a Navy veteran and pro-education public servant, and Cory Gardner, special interests’ favorite Congressman.

“Being the first candidate in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District to have an ad on television is important, because according to our most recent poll, 20% of voters are undecided, and they need to know that they have a real choice in November,” said Kim Howard, Shaffer’s campaign manger.  “After voters hear about Congressman Gardner’s coziness with lobbyists and Brandon Shaffer’s dedication to education, our poll has the race down to a 3 point margin: Gardner 40% to Shaffer 37%.  Clearly, the more voters learn about Brandon, the closer this race gets.”

Shaffer’s ad references a CBS undercover camera exposé that revealed Cory Gardner giving special interest lobbyists “the type of access that ordinary Americans can only dream of.”  On March 16, 2012, CBS aired their report on several GOP freshmen, prominently featuring Gardner, who joined these lobbyists for a high-dollar weekend fundraiser at an exclusive Florida seaside resort.

Shaffer’s ad opens with footage of Cory Gardner hobnobbing with lobbyists from the CBS exposé and the screen reads “GOP Freshman, Big-Bucks Donors Hobnob At Resort.”

Reporter: In Key Largo, Gardner appeared to offer special interests lots of face time.  Here, he’s talking to an attendee who says he works for a bank.

Then the scene changes to Shaffer in his living room, speaking to camera.

Brandon Shaffer: Congressman Gardner’s relationship with lobbyists is what’s wrong with Washington.  

I’m Brandon Shaffer.  In the Navy, I learned the importance of honor and character.  In Colorado, I stood up to special interests and balanced our budget responsibly to create jobs and protect education.

I approve this message because I’ll bring honesty and integrity with me to Congress.


Brandon Shaffer is a third generation Coloradan and former Naval officer. He was elected to represent Longmont in the Colorado Senate in 2004 and was unanimously elected President of the Colorado State Senate in 2009. He is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District against Cory Gardner.

The 4th Congressional district incorporates Longmont, Weld County, Douglas County and the Eastern plains from Holyoke all the way down to Trinidad.  This district borders 5 states and includes part or all of 22 counties.

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  1. Looks like whatever incorrect/funny/sad YouTube video to which it was linked, has been removed. Bummer!

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