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September 04, 2012 02:19 PM MDT

Sal Pace: On the Air

  • by: ClubTwitty

Sal Pace is out with his first ad buy.

In an email to supporters announcing the ad–and to potential supporters to help keep it on the air–the campaign touts the campaign’s efforts to cover the sprawling district:

Campaign Ticker

31,318 miles, 461 days, 427 events, 1 New Fuel Pump for the Trusty Old Ford Pickup, 1 near collision with a moose

Although the ad is a soft sell introduction to Pace, on the trail Sal is going after his opponent pretty hard.  

Pueblo state legislator and democratic challenger in the 3rd Congressional District, Pace has been working hard covering what will be the 3rd CD in the 113th Congress.

In Carbondale, Pace met with ranchers and conservationists representing the Thompson Divide Coalition, as reported in the Aspen Daily News.

There were 14 people representing various interests who participated in the roundtable discussion on Friday. Attendees included Thompson Divide Coalition members Zane Kessler, Laurie Lindberg Stevens and Dorothea Farris; Aspen Skiing Co.’s vice president of sustainability Auden Schendler; Pitkin County Commissioner George Newman and commissioner candidates John B. Young and Steve Child; Wilderness Workshop Executive Director Sloan Shoemaker, and Aaron Kindle of Carbondale’s Trout Unlimited.

If Pace wins Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District this year, one of his top priorities will be to address the Thompson Divide issue by holding another roundtable discussion between the local stakeholders and representatives from the oil companies to see if they can find common ground, he said.

“My philosophy is we’re given false choices too often,” said Pace, who is running against incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton. “And it’s an option of economy and jobs versus environment. I think people try to force you to choose one or the other and those are false choices.”

Tipton, during a campaign visit to Aspen last month, declined to take a position on Bennet’s bill until it had received more public comment.

In Telluride he met with small business owners, where he talked about his support of the popular San Juan wilderness proposal, according to the Daily Planet.

“The guy I’m running against signed an industry pledge saying he wouldn’t support any wilderness under any circumstances,” Pace said. “I think that’s the wrong approach. The way I view it is in an area like San Miguel County, the San Juan Wilderness means jobs. When people come to San Miguel County, they want to bike and fish and hike and ski in a beautiful environment. There’s a broad consensus that creating wilderness designations will help grow recreation in a tourism-based economy.”

In Craig, Pace attacked Tipton on his support for the ‘Ryan budget,’ noted by the Craig Daily Press:

Tipton has twice voted in support of the Ryan Budget.

“Tipton’s multiple votes for the Ryan Budget show he’s lost sight of Colorado priorities in Washington, D.C.,” said Pace during a press call Wednesday. “We have to address the budget. But we have to do so in a fair, deliberate and responsible way.

“The Tipton-Ryan Budget goes against Colorado priorities, and I intend to work, as I did in the state house, in a bipartisan fashion to really address the deficit concerns this country faces.”

Pace also unveiled Wednesday his “Baker’s Dozen: The Worst Things for Colorado About the Ryan Budget” and an interactive online map that localizes his criticisms of the Republican proposal to cities in CD3.

And while Pace has been showing up all around the District, Tipton’s appearances have been more limited. And the crowd Scott’s been running in seems split between him and his unaffiliated challenger Tisha Casida, who has lots of the ‘real’ Tea Party support.  

Rep. Tipton has yet to go on air–and its not yet clear which direction he would be running in…toward Sal and away from Tisha…or toward Tisha and away from Sal.  

But now that Sal Pace is up, maybe we’ll see.  And since all three will be at the upcoming Club 20 debate, Tipton won’t be able to dodge the question for long.  The 3rd CD is about to heat up.  



17 thoughts on “Sal Pace: On the Air

  1. Was sort of pleasantly surprised to see him up on air, particularly up in my neck of the woods.

    I love this ad–makes him an extremely likeable, average family guy that you can relate to. It is a soft sell. And a really smart one.

  2. Colorado politicians must have some good advice this time around.  Given the tone of the ads we have been seeing from the presidential race, this is a great contrast and a great introduction to Pace for a lot of people.  I think people will notice.  And the inclusion of the prayer “circle” when getting ready to eat….great touch.

      1. Dear ArapaGOP,

        As a Democrat, I have no problem with expressions of Faith. Spirituality and faith are not the sole domain of Republicans, but belong to anyone who wants them.

        The problem as I see it is the use of Religion to deny liberty and rights to others.

        For instance, claiming that Civil Unions destroy marriage and families. Denying the rights that citizens in a “traditional marriage” automatically are granted. Only because some folks love other folks of the same gender.

        Or caring more about fetuses more than babies and children.

        Or making the faith of Islam out to be evil, when in truth, Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God. We can’t blame the few bad actors of terrorists and claim that all of Islam are terrorists. As I recall, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicols were seeking revenge on the US Govt for the actions taken at Waco against an extremist sect of “Christians”. I have as much in common with the Branch Davidians as the average Muslim has with Osama Bin Laden.

        I have heard in a church that the budget is a moral document. That what we do for the least of us is a reflection of all of us. All I see of Republicans for the least of us is to deny them any help up. Greed is the principal motivator. This is not at all Christ like. As Christians, we should strive to be as Christ like as humanly possible.

        So ArapaGOP, practice your humility and strive to be Christ like. Do something for somebody else and stop worrying about who can watch over your second house.

    1. the GOP has dropped God from their behavior. Their budget is immoral, their tactics are dishonest, and they worship Mammon.

      Try reading Matthew, Chapter 6, Verses 1 through 6.

      1. Unlike John Kerry who was “reporting off duty”, Wasserman-Shartz sharted on live TV when asked why the Democrats had removed God from their platform, she then sharted again on the removal of Isreal from the platform.

        Y’all really need to consider replacing Wasserman-Shartz…..she can’t even explain to CNN friendlies the changes in the D platform. You’d think she’d be absolutely familiar with it at this time.

        Turns out she wasn’t prepared or didn’t know the Dem national platform.

        1. Do you think voters give a damn about what the state party platforms are, let alone the national ones?  The vast majority of citizens vote for the candidate, then the party ideals and don’t have a clue about what the actual platform for either party is.

          Anyway, it’s a good ad that resonates with the majority of people in the 3rd CD.  I’m glad to see that Sal is finally making a charge and I’m surprised that for some reason Tipton is largely absent.  Call it 3rd CD incumbent disorder.  

    2. that godless Democrats would drop a single reference to “God-given” from their platform . . .

      But, I’m betting you’re completely appalled that CBN employs a Chief Political News Correspondent who doesn’t know that “God” isn’t God’s name?

      The Brody File has calls into DNC to explain why God’s name has been dropped from the platform.  Some critics will suggest that when you have planks in your platform that support abortion rights and gay marriage then it’s no wonder that God’s name would be dropped as well.

      BTW and FYI, I didn’t find God’s name anywhere in the 2012 Republican platform, either, . . . although the term “God-given” does appear nine times.  I guess that’s a your party’s big platform improvement from 2008 — when “God-given” didn’t appear once and the word “God” only appeared twice?

    3. god is or isn’t. He/she if he/she is won’t care because platforms are very temporal and would have no impact on anything he/she might do. If he/she isn’t then it matters even less.

      I’ve noticed over many years that the more references one makes to their “religious” values the less trustworthy they are likely to be

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