“Big” Art Carlson Back in the Game (but probably just to plug his show)

Art Carlson is apparently anxious to lose his third state legislative race and doesn’t want to wait another two years, so he’s filled the vacancy to run against Jovan Melton in House District 41.

Wasting no time, his first statement about the race spins a conspiratorial web (pun intended, wait for it) wherein former HD41 candidate Andrew Bateman got into the race six months before Melton in order to upset Terry Todd at Assembly nearly a year later, solely for the purpose of depriving him of the top line on the ballot, which he knew would be the deciding factor in the June primary yet another 3 months later. And here’s the kicker, both Bateman and Melton did it at the bidding of former Mayor Wellington Webb. No, seriously.

“The outsider Democrat won the primary when Webb had 2 of his candidates run in the county assembly to make sure the local favorite Terry Todd didn’t get top line in the primary.”

More below the line…

Before you all jump on me for my headline (in case you didn’t know, Carlson is only 4.5 feet tall), understand that I didn’t make it up. It’s a nickname he not only applies to himself, but seriously abuses: (from his website)

BIG Art Carlson talks about BIG topics that effect his world, such as Occupy Wall Street, National Debt (that’s REALLY BIG), Debt Ceiling, GOP Presidential Debates, Photo ID, Islamic Terrorism, Balanced Budget Amendment, Congressional Redistricting, State Legislature Reapportionment as well as non-political topics.

Big Art Carlson believes his honor and principles make him a BIG giant among men.

The BIG Art Carlson show airs every Saturday 3 to 5pm mountain time.

Art offers many services and activities right here on his website, including speaking engagements where he offers motivation, promotion, encouragement and the BIG picture of life.

His challenge is to entertain, amaze, and challenge his audience to understand that in the BIG world we live in, our only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves.

Oh yeah, did I mention that in his free time he runs an internet radio show and moonlights as a “comedian”? I put comedian in quotes because I haven’t met anyone who thinks he’s funny. Here’s a gem from 1990:


Or another from May 2009:


In which he says that President Obama was the first US President to be born in a manger, whatever that means.

Earlier this year, Carlson lost the Republican primary for Senate District 28 to John Lyons (by about 63-37) where he would have been up against Rep. Nancy Todd. Perhaps his loss can be attributed to this campaign video in which an animated character delives this line:

Wow! I am a liberal and I’m not happy with Obama. Art is on the open space board so he must like animals and beautiful open space trails. I’m going to vote for Art.

If he had won that primary, it would have been the second time he ran against Nancy Todd, the first being in 2010, when he lost by nearly 20 points. Any bets on whether he can increase his spread record again and lose to Melton by more than 30 points?

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