Aren’t we glad this guy isn’t a judge in Colorado

Another example of the what the Republican Party has come to in the United States. County Court Judge Tom Head (R-Lubbock, TX) is campaigning for a local tax hike, in part, to win the coming  civil war if President Obama is reelected. Watch the video!…

He believes President Obama will turn over our sovereignty to the United Nations if he is reelected and the Judge proclaims he will stand in front of the armored personnel carriers sent in by the UN with the county sheriff backing him up with his seven new deputies. He is going to lead the civil war against the President and the UN next year.

This isn’t political philosophy, ideology or policy. When I started in Republican politics years ago these kind of people were literally laughed out of the room. Now they lead the Republican Party – Judge Head, Rep. Akin, Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan – four peas in a pod.

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  1. droll says:

    I scanned the first couple of diaries, but didn’t come far enough down. It’s amazing how fast news becomes old.

    • Republican 36 says:

      I’m just glad its on the main board. Forty years ago these kind of people were laughed out of Republican meetings but today they are welcomed with open arms. Its scary and sad.

      • dukeco1 says:

        snarky when I say I feel for you R36. While I know we disagree on some policy issues, you have always impressed me as someone who actually uses their brain for thinking.

        It must be very difficult to deal with the freak show the GOP has become. It used to be the Dems who were “out there”, so I kinda understand.

        Hopefully, Rmoney and R(Ayn) will take your party so far out on a limb, you can cut it and watch them fall. Every Republican who cares for the people of this country MUST help to defeat the corporatist “greed agenda” by re-electing President Obama. It is your only chance to get back your party.

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